Yet Another Probe Into Hogan’s Past Alleged Drug Use

Yesterday, Rick Rockwell of posted an article taking a look at TNA star Hulk Hogan’s past drug use accusations. In a follow-up to that piece, Rockwell has posted a new article probing deeper into the accusations of Hogan using cocaine during his pro wrestling career, and citing testimony from the likes of Irv Muchnick and Hogan himself. Below is an excerpt:

“On Wednesday, Fight Sports Examiner unearthed a report detailing the drug issues Hogan faced back in the early 90’s which included cocaine abuse in addition to steroids. You can read more about those details in my following article:”Hulk Hogan ignores accusations of cocaine abuse, Has a long history of drug use”.

On Thursday, Fight Sports Examiner discovered more details of Hogan using cocaine. In a June 2009 interview on Bubba the Love Sponge Radio Show, Hulk Hogan admitted to using cocaine with his ex-wife in the late 90’s, which was 6-7 years after the People magazine article that claimed Hogan was doing cocaine, uppers, downers, and steroids.”