Zack Ryder Continues To Express Frustration, Roman Reigns Hypes WWE Raw, Mick Foley

– Zack Ryder continues to express his frustration of not being on Raw, writing on Twitter, “SPOILER ALERT! Tonight LIVE on @WWE #RAW…Long Island Iced Z vs. Catering!”

– Roman Reigns commented on tonight’s Raw, writing on Twitter, “Justice lives! The fight moves forward! #RAW #WWEDallas #BelieveinTheShield”

– Mick Foley appeared on The Nerdist Podcast, which you can check out here. The episode is almost two hours long, and Foley discusses how he found his love for wrestling, breaking away from his wrestling persona, and his work with RAINN.

  • Kayfabe Report

    Oh screw off Ryder, you don’t get a push because you’re not a serious wrestler, you’re a comedy dork real life Justin Beiber fan.