Zack Ryder Discusses His Dream Match, Austin, WrestleMania

– WWE Superstar Zack Ryder did a Q&A session with The Topeka Capital-Journal this week. Here are highlights:

Q: In the recently released “WWE12” video game, I can pound on Zack Ryder with Ricky Steamboat, Jack Swagger or even the Legion of Doom, but of the guys who came before you, who would your dream match be against?

A: I would say Stone Cold Steve Austin. I was huge Steve Austin fan. We kind of missed each other. Zack Ryder would like to see that match, anyway.

Q: WrestleMania is the World Series of Sports Entertainment. What kind of WrestleMania moment should be expected from Zack Ryder in 2012?

A: Hopefully, I get my first WrestleMania match this year, being able to walk down that ramp with thousands in attendance, and millions of people watching me. That would be my moment.