Zack Ryder Forming New Stable With Two Other WWE Stars?, Colt-Compton 2?, WWE Meeting

– We noted several weeks back that there was a plan in place for The Miz and Dolph Ziggler to form a new “disgruntled” tag team. Now there’s an idea for Zack Ryder to be thrown into the mix.

– KFC teased on their Twitter that due to the success of the first one, we may see a part 2 of the Colt Cabana vs. Cliff “Domino” Compton commercial that debuted this past week.

– WWE will hold their 2014 annual shareholders meeting on Friday, April 25th at WWE headquarters in Stamford. We will have full coverage here on the site that day.

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  • Yoyo

    Brilliant idea! A mix of the JOB squad and the BroMans!
    Feud with 3MB would be epic ;)
    All jokes aside, good idea, they’re doing nothing on their own, may as well give it ago! Another addition to the WWE’s 3 man stables, giving Shield and Wyatts another feud when WWE run out of ideas for them!

  • Bryan Thomas

    I guess they will job to the wyatts

  • theripperdannyb

    Truth be told people are behind the idea of three man teams at the moment, there is even an article on WWE,com asking about six man tag titles. Throw these three together, attempt some credibility for 3mb and it could work out, plus, Zack and Miz really need some TV time.

    The idea for three man teams could extend down to Superstars exclusive guys like JTG, Hawkins and Gabriel, and actually give them some TV time without taking up too much space. Might help create some decent midcarders in the process.

  • Latoya

    Not crazy about this idea, but I guess if their not going to use them right or at all, then putting them together to have them lose makes sense….Yea it doesn’t make sense either way.

  • Dev9h

    This could be great…if done correctly. Could be like the summer of punk….but then again creative don’t know their arse from their anything could happen.