Zack Ryder Says He’s Frustrated, Bruno Sammartino Turns 77, Dixie Carter Turns 48

– WWE Superstar Zack Ryder spoke with Smacktalk Radio Live this week. Ryder confirmed rumors that he’s frustrated with his current role in WWE:

“I mean, absolutely but I think with every superstar, not just me, you can never be satisfied with your position, you can never be satisfied with where you are on the card. If you get in this business, you should want to be at the top, and I’m not at the top yet. So, I’m going to be frustrated until I’m there, and when I’m there I’ll probably want to be even better so I’ll be frustrated then, but that’s how it works, that’s how you get better, that’s how you become the best.”

– Former WWE Champion Bruno Sammartino turns 77 years old today while former WWE star Barry Darsow turns 53 and Afa Jr. turns 28. TNA President Dixie Carter turns 48 today.