Zack Ryder Left Off Hometown WWE Event, Dolph Ziggler, Hulk Hogan At MITB?, Steve Austin

– It’s worth noting that WWE did not book Zack Ryder on their live event in Long Island this past Saturday night. While that event was going on, Ryder was a few hours away in Reading, PA losing to Bo Dallas. Ryder told fans he was sorry he couldn’t make the hometown show and wished he could have been there. At the show in Long Island, Ryder’s buddy Dolph Ziggler paid tribute to him by hitting a Broski Boot on Alberto Del Rio and doing the “woo, woo, woo” catchphrase.

– Hulk Hogan will be in the Boston, Massachusetts area next Saturday afternoon for two appearances. WWE’s Money In the Bank pay-per-view is the next day in Boston and a Hogan appearance is always possible.

– Steve Austin noted on Twitter that his new podcast interview with Vince Russo will be posted on Tuesday.

  • jmull

    Good for Ziggler, but this is probably the kind of stuff that pisses Vince off.

  • Mike Knox

    Probably better for Zack that he WASN’T in Long Island knowing how Vince likes to humiliate a wrestler in front of his friends and family.

  • cj

    Idk why but I feel bad for Ryder . He’s like another Ziggler as far as being over with the crowd but just buried and unused unless being fed to someone as a jobber . Can’t even get a match in your hometown where he’d be even more over. Everyone they released like Bourne, Hawkins, JTG , Yoshi in addition to stars like Ryder, Kofi , Sin Cara , Justin Gabriel , Tyson Kidd, Santino, even Ziggler to an extent is all they needed to reignite the Cruiserweight division . That’s why these men have nothin to do in WWE because WWE nowadays is no place for the “small guys” and that sucks .