Zack Ryder Talks About Being Featured Heavily On Raw

Monday’s RAW SuperShow saw Zack Ryder team with Jerry “The King” Lawler in a tag match agains former tag team champions Dtavid Otunga & Michael Mcgillicutty. Ryder got plenty of ring time and scored the win for his team, which got a tremendous pop from the live crowd.

Ryder was featured on camera several times on RAW (including with John Cena), got a new video package and was filming footage for this week’s edition of his Z! True Long Island Story video series.

Zack Ryder wrote the following to his Twitter followers last night –

“29 weeks of hard work has finally been recognized…now it’s time for me to make it pay off. THANKS BROSKIS! WWWYKI #RyderRevolution”

Dolph Ziggler congratulated Ryder for his tag team win with Jerry Lawler last night and called it a “re-debut” for the self-proclaimed WWE Internet Champion.