Zeb Colter Is Having His Best WWE Year Ever

As 2013 closes, many have talked about Goldust’s remarkable comeback in WWE. The same could be said about Zeb Colter.

A legend in this business, with a career spanning more than 40 years, Colter has been an unexpected surprise on WWE.

Colter’s last stint for the company was the manager for the Blu Brothers and Justin “Hawk” Bradshaw, better known today as John Layfield. Although the veteran had some success with his superstars and an appearance at WrestleMania XI under his belt, it was never on this level.

It just goes to show you’re never too old and the old school ways of yesteryear can be effective today. His work quickly got the attention of not only in the wrestling world, but pundits such as Glenn Beck and other mainstream sources.

Colter has gotten under the fans skin with his social commentary, which can have some underlying truth to it from time to time. I think this is why Colter and his “We The People” stance has resonated with many in the WWE Universe.

Given the “We The People” chants at events, it’s becoming harder to boo Zeb and his talented team of Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro. He has brought new life in Swagger and accompanied grappler down the aisle for his world title match at WrestleMania 29.

Cesaro has also gotten to benefit from Colter’s knowledge of the business and his amazing mic work. Zeb has been an instrumental part of the Real Americans.

If you told me Colter was going to be such a fun part of WWE television in 2013, I would think you were crazy. Not because he isn’t great, but because I didn’t think he would get the chance. He made the most of his opportunity, taking the ball and running with it. I’m glad to see him rewarded with his current run.

Colter has one of the greatest minds in pro wrestling history. Any superstar today would be lucky to sit under his learning tree. He helped jump-start some of the business’ biggest names like Kane, the Ultimate Warrior, The Undertaker. Colter appears to be doing the same with some of the current crop of emerging talent, namely Cesaro.

If you are a fan of Memphis Wrestling, you also get a kick at seeing longtime rivals Jerry Lawler and Colter, then known as Dutch Mantell, working together again. It is truly amazing how things work out in WWE. Those wanting to know more about the man behind the mustache should pick up “The World According to Dutch” and “Tales from a Dirt Road”

There is no doubt Colter also deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame for the contributions he made and continues to make in pro wrestling and sports entertainment.

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