Zeb Colter Teases Change On Raw, Jim Ross’ New Movie Role, SNME On The WWE Network

– Zeb Colter tweeted the following teaser for tonight’s RAW from Washington, DC:

– As PWMania.com reported, Jim Ross is currently in Los Angeles filming a role in a comedy movie that has pro wrestling elements to it. Ross tweeted the following update today:

– WWE will be adding those episodes of Saturday Night’s Main Event to the WWE Network in the next few weeks.

  • JaG

    Hopefully that tweet is hinting at the start of the Swagger/Rusev feud, as both men have become very open to new opponents as of late (seems like Swagger/Rose has fizzled out and Rusev is running out of people to destroy in 30 seconds).

  • thesmarktank

    I’m hoping for a new Real American. Also, I do want Swagger/Rusev to happen. I don’t know why, but I feel it offers some good promos with Zeb and Lana, and more than that, I think Swagger and Rusev would put my butt in a seat if they let Swagger be as physical as I have seen him in the past. Granted, I think Rusev would still go over, at least in the overall feud, but I miss slobberknockin’ Jack Swagger.

    • Necro

      Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter are the perfect faces lol, they’re straight up Real Americans xD

  • theripperdannyb

    Two insanely good athletes paired with two insanely good mic pieces? Please dont rush this one WWE, Swaggers face turn is long overdue and him and Rusev could put on a wrestling clinic!

  • jmull

    Goddammit Swagger is boring. He is only still halfway relevant because of Colter.

    • thesmarktank

      You think everyone’s boring! Maybe you are just stupid and nothing can entertain you.

      Also, I don’t Swagger to go face, necessarily. I’d like to see as Heel v Heel, or even Tweener v Heel. Swagger should only SEEM face in terms of Rusev.

      • jmull

        I do think most of the current characters are boring. Maybe I am stupid, but if everything entertains you then maybe you’re stupid.