Zema Ion Fundraising Drive To Cover Medical Expenses

Zema Ion’s girlfriend Jessica Recco has launched a fundraising drive to help defray the medical cost that has been stacked up since needing an emergency appendectomy. Zema is also expected to have an additional surgery in the future.

The former X-Division champion does not currently have medical insurance, so he’s out of pocket for all expenses.

Here is an excerpt from the posting:

“Michael Paris (Zema Ion of TNA Wrestling) was recently rushed to the hospital and unexpectedly diagnosed with an appendicitis. While examining his condition through cat scans, doctors discovered that the 26-year-old also has a 5 cm tumor located on his colon. While we are currently waiting for the biopsy results to determine whether or not the tumor is cancerous, Paris will soon have to undergo another surgery to remove it. In the meantime, we are trying to fight for a way to afford to keep him healthy and pay his growing medical expenses. Paris does not have health insurance, so the costs for these surgeries and hospital stays are going to be extremely expensive for him. Please help us to afford this effort and pitch in any way possible! Michael Paris is a recent graduate of West Virginia University and the oldest of three children raised by their single mother, who came to the US as a mail order bride from the Philippines. Paris began chasing his lifelong dream of becoming a professional wrestler at age 16, and after 9 years of hard work, he was signed to a contract with TNA Wrestling in 2011. Paris can currently be seen on TNA’s television show, Impact Wrestling, which airs Thursday nights on Spike TV. We are asking friends, family, fans and people of the community to reach out and help in any way possible, so he can afford the medical help necessary to get him back on his feet, back in the ring and healthy again. Thank you and God bless.”

You can make donations here.