Ziggler Says WWE Screwed Ryder, Another Apparent FCW Release

– Many WWE fans were left scratching their heads after Monday’s RAW from Long Island, wondering why the hometown star Zack Ryder was not used on the show. WWE star Dolph Ziggler went on Twitter after RAW and expressed his frustration with WWE failing to give Ryder a much-deserved moment on the three-hour broadcast:

“You didn’t rib ‘the kid’ tonight, you ribbed the fans, Long Island, and the boys in the back. And kicked him in the nuts. #RyderOrRiot”

– Earlier this week, WWE released five people from the company, including two NXT originals and three talents from the Florida Championship Wrestling developmental territory.

It now appears that second generation star Wes Brisco is also on his way out of the company, as his profile was removed from the FCW roster page. Brisco is the son of WWE Hall of Famer and former Mr. McMahon stooge Gerald Brisco.