11/13 Ultimate NWA Results From Scottsboro, AL

PWMania.com reader Scott Hensley sent the following:

Things have really been heating up lately as Ultimate NWA battles back against The Devil’s Rejects that have absolutely decimated and dominated the competition by causing injury upon injury to the Ultimate NWA roster. A crowd of 117 fans witnessed an action-packed night at the Jackson County Fairgrounds in Scottsboro, AL located at 220 Cecil St.

1) Kent Reznor d. Phil Macchio in 7:24 by pinfall after a rollup

The Devil’s Rejects: The Rev, Shaun Tempers, Se7en, Patrick Bentley, and Rufus Black all come to the ring immediately after the match. The Rev sarcastically says it was mighty brave of Cecil Plezing to challenge the Rejects to a War Games match when they weren’t even there at the last show due to their suspension for attacking Ultimate NWA referee Justin Envy, as well as ring announcer Scott Hensley.

Cecil’s music hits and Ultimate NWA fan favorite Cecil Plezing makes his way to the ring to a huge ovation. The Rev asks Cecil who he would even get to face the Rejects IF they did accept his War Games challenge. He says The Rejects injured the ankle of Tank so they know he won’t be on Team Ultimate NWA. Tank’s music hits and the crowd goes crazy as Tank joins Cecil at ringside. The Rev says they injured Adam Jacobs and he can’t be on the team. Adam Jacobs’ music hits and the people of Scottsboro are on their feet cheering the hometown hero, Jacobs. The Rev then says the only other person he could even think of that might be brave enough to face them is the Ultimate NWA Heavyweight Champion Adam Roberts, and they handcuffed him to the ropes and beat him down to the point that he hadn’t been back in Scottsboro in over a month either. Adam Roberts’ music hits and he completes Team Ultimate NWA to a thunderous ovation from the crowd in Scottsboro.

The Rev says The Rejects don’t back down but they also don’t walk into traps, and the only way they’ll accept the challenge is under the stipulation that if they win they get control of Ultimate NWA for 90 days. Cecil says that’s fine BUT if Team Ultimate NWA wins then they get 5 minutes in the cage alone with The Rev! So it’s set that on December 11, 2010 at Ultimate NWA’s annual Clotheslines & Candycanes event that it will be The Devil’s Rejects vs Team Ultimate NWA in a WAR GAMES match!

Commissioner Chase D comes to the ring and says he’s tired of people doing whatever they want in Ultimate NWA and he’s restoring order, starting NOW! He says he hasn’t even seen Rufus Black or Tank in action and orders a match to begin with all other members of the War Games teams to go to the back or be fined $500 & suspended. Chase rounds everyone up and points them to the back. Cecil shoves Chase D as D gets in his face to tell him to go to the back.

2) Tank d. Rufus Black in 11:12 by pinfall after a chokebreaker

3) Jeremiah Flynt d. Jarek Tyler in 12:33 by pinfall after Chrisjen Hayme ran out to provide a distraction, allowing Flynt to hit Tyler with his ridiculous “Rookie of the Year” trophy(Flynt has been wrestling for over 10 years…)

A video airs of the Devils Rejects circling Chase D in his office. The Rev tells Chase that Cecil stepped over the line when he shoved him earlier and that it would be in his best interest to suspend Cecil for 30 days. Chase D, intimidated by the Rejects, says he’ll draw up the papers and scurries away. The Rev tells his Rejects that after Cecil is officially suspended, they know what to do….

4) Adam Jacobs d. Chrisjen Hayme in 13:45 by pinfall after a flatliner. Jarek Tyler returned the favor to Hayme in this match as Hayme was close to hitting his 450 splash on Jacobs and Tyler squirted water into his eyes, providing enough time for Jacobs to recover.

It’s announced that Commissioner Chase D has officially suspended Cecil Plezing…. this takes Team Ultimate NWA back down to three members. It was also announced that the main event would be a lumberjack match and when Ultimate NWA returns to Scottsboro on November 27, there will be a coin toss to determine which team will have the advantage in the War Games.

5) The Devil’s Rejects(Se7en & Shaun Tempers) w/ The Rev d. Corey Hollis & Mike Posey to retain the Ultimate NWA Tag Team Championship in 21:31 by pinfall after Rufus Black distracted Corey Hollis long enough for Se7en & Tempers to hit the Hell’s Hammer on Posey for the pinfall

Adam Roberts, Adam Jacobs, and Tank are shown backstage discussing who might be a suitable replacement for Cecil in the War Games. Adam Roberts suggests maybe Kent Reznor. Corey Hollis walks in and tells Roberts that he’s the #1 Contender for the Ultimate NWA Heavyweight title now but he isn’t going to cash it in until The Rejects have been dealt with. A loud commotion is heard and the four fan favorites run into Chase D’s office where Chase & Kent Reznor have both been laid out….

6) Adam Roberts retained the Ultimate NWA Heavyweight title vs Patrick Bentley w/ The Rev when it was ruled a No Contest in 15:29 after the lumberjacks hit the ring and began to brawl, leading to a huge sequence of finishers that saw Patrick Bentley give Adam Jacobs a Canadian Destroyer, Tank give Patrick Bentley a chokebreaker, and Corey Hollis hit a huge dive off the top tope to the outside. Only Se7en and Tank are left in the ring for one of the most intense confrontations ever seen at Ultimate NWA. The crowd went wild as these two giants stared each other down and appeared to be ready to kill each. The Rev grabbed Se7en at the last second and they retreated with the other Rejects.

Corey Hollis, Adam Jacobs, Tank, and Adam Roberts stood in the ring and Roberts announced that Team Ultimate NWA will have a 4th member but since the Rejects are placing targets on potential teammates, the 4th member will be a mystery teammate!

Ultimate NWA returns to the Jackson County Fairgrounds in Scottsboro, AL on 11/27 with the coin toss to determine who will have the advantage in the War Games match at Clotheslines & Candycanes on 12/11. Don’t forget to vote for Ultimate NWA’s own Corey Hollis for Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s annual Rookie of the Year award by sending an email to pwiawards@yahoo.com with the message “Corey Hollis for Rookie of the Year”. Hollis is the only nominee that doesn’t currently have a WWE contract, so this would be a big deal and great exposure for the hard-working, up-and-coming Hollis.

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