2010 WWE Slammy Award Results

Below are results from the 2010 WWE Slammy Awards:

Shocker of the Year!
– The Nexus showing up on Raw and taking out Cena.

The Despicable Me Award
– CM Punk sings Happy Birthday to Aayliah.

Guest Star Shining Moment of the Year
– Pee-wee Herman, accepted via tape

“Holy %&@*” Move of the Year
– John Cena’s Attitude Adjustment on Batista from the top of a car, through the stage

WWE Fan Reaction of the Year
– Little girl when The Miz won the WWE Championship

“Oh Snap” Meltdown of the Year
– Edge for destroying the Raw General Manager computer

Knucklehead Moment of the Year
– Mae Young defeats Lay-Cool

Diva of the Year
– Michelle McCool

Moment of the Year
– Shawn Michaels’ final match at Wrestlemania against The Undertaker

“And I Quote”… Line of the Year
– Michael Cole

2010 Superstar of the Year
– John Cena