4 Sleeper Opponents For John Cena

It is official that the former 16 time WWE Champion John Cena is returning to WWE on June 27, 2022. Arguably the greatest of all time will be gracing everyone with his presence. It is safe to infer that we are getting another Summer of Cena.

Last year Cena came back for the summer to feud with the top guy Roman Reigns. It was a clash of eras that produced a successful Summerslam main event.

This time the options are a little more wide open on who the Hollywood star can beef with. Austin Theory has been the popular name floating around. The 2 have been taking light jabs via social media. While Theory can benefit a lot by working with Cena, it feels like right now Cena is best used for dream matches. Here are some WWE Superstars that are sleeper options.

Finn Balor: A legitimate shock just occurred on the latest edition of Monday Night Raw. Finn Balor attacked Edge and took over The Judgment day faction. Now Balor is a heel supported by Rhea Ripley and Priest. Last year during the summer of Cena, Cena technically took a world championship opportunity from Finn by signing the contract over him after Bum Corbin attacked Finn. Balor has some unfinished business with Cena and this can provide credibility to the new faction.

Seth Freaking Rollins: Seth Rollins and John Cena have feuded in the past. However, this version of Seth Rollins has yet to interact with Cena. Coming off 3 losses in a row to Cody Rhodes, Rollins defeating Cena can give him a nice rub to keep him hot during summer months.

Drew Mcintyre: It feels like Drew Mcintyre is due a big match. With all due respect to the great veteran Happy Corbin, Mcintyre needs to be around the mega stars. John Cena vs Drew Mcintyre is fresh and both superstars are established and can put on a show.

Gunther (if he beats Ricochet for the IC Championship): Gunther is a talent that can be successful in any era. The ring general is a throwback, physical no nonsense heel that can be a threat to anyone. What would make this story intriguing is Cena has never actively chased the Intercontinental Championship. The story would be Cena looking to become an official Grand Slam Champion. There would be a clear cut good guy and a clear cut bad guy. Win, lose or draw, this can be great for Gunther.

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