5 Tips for Assessing WWE Betting Odds

If you are a WWE fan and want to bet on the next big event, whether it’s the Royal Rumble, Summer Slam, Survivor Series, Money in the Bank, or Wrestlemania, you must start by assessing the odds to give your bet the best chance of winning. 

With that in mind, here is a closer look at how you can assess WWE betting odds when you next go online to place a bet.  

How to find the best WWE odds

Before placing a wager on any upcoming WWE event, you must find a suitable website that accepts real cash wagers from people in your country. 

Only sign up to fully licensed and regulated online sportsbooks like 10bet, which is known for offering hundreds of regular WWE betting markets with some of the industry’s most competitive odds. 

It is also the preliminary sports betting odds website for over 25 other major global sports disciplines, such as tennis, basketball, MMA/UFC, boxing, ice hockey, golf, F1 racing, rugby, and baseball, to name a few. 

5 useful tips for assessing WWE odds

After signing up here, log into your new account and deposit an amount you are comfortable with to start placing real money wagers. 

Now, head to the sports betting section and click on any of the available WWE betting markets, or type the name of the WWE event you want to bet on using their on-site search engine. 

Always remember that the wrestler with the shortest odds is the ‘odds-on’ favourite to win that event. This same rule can be applied to any sports betting market you come across.

You can now assess the odds by getting to grips with a few simple things:

  1. Where possible, choose your preferred odds format to be displayed on the website, which makes the odds easier to understand and assess (e.g., decimal, fractional or American/moneyline)
  2. Select a WWE event to see what different bet types/outcomes are available so you can start assessing the odds
  3. Understand what the odds are trying to tell you. For example, in decimal odds, the lower the decimal value, the more likely that outcome will occur. In fractional odds, the number on the left reveals how much profit that bet can make you by placing the relative stake (the number on the right). In American/moneyline odds, the minus (-) symbol before the number indicates the favourite, and the plus (+) symbol indicates the outsider/underdog/least favourite
  4. Understanding the implied probability rate percentage can also help you place more strategic bets. For example, the higher the percentage (up to 100%), the more likely that outcome will occur
  5. Remember that assessing pre-match odds is much easier than assessing live (aka in-play) odds. Although pre-match odds fluctuate, they do so at a snail’s pace compared to how often the live odds change during an event

What does this all mean?

It’s important to learn what the decimal, fractional, or American/moneyline odds are trying to tell you. Some of you might be more familiar with using fractional odds or American/moneyline odds, whereas others prefer using decimal odds. 

Only North America (mainly the United States, but also some parts of Canada) use the American/moneyline odds format, whereas the fractional odds format is mainly used in the UK, and most other places use the decimal odds format. 

Some 10bet domains allow you to adjust the odds format displayed on the website from within their A-Z menu, so if you have access to this option, and want to change how the odds are displayed, hit ‘Settings’ under ‘Information,’ and then select your preferred format. 

Remember that fractional odds are displayed as fractions. Decimal odds are displayed in numeric form, and American/moneyline odds are always displayed as a positive or negative (+ or -) number, using $/€/£100.00 as a baseline, for example. 

Here are a few quick examples, using all three formats and the implied probability rate of each outcome:

  • American/moneyline odds: –10,000 would appear as 1.01 in decimal odds and 1/100 in fractional odds, meaning this outcome is almost certainly going to occur, and has a whopping 99.00% IPR (implied probability rate)
  • American/moneyline odds: +100 would appear as 2.00 in decimal odds and 1/1 (EVENS) in fractional odds, meaning this outcome has a 50.00% chance of occurring 
  • American/moneyline odds: +10,000 would appear as 101.00 in decimal odds and 100/1 in fractional odds, meaning this outcome is unlikely to occur, and has only a 1.00% chance of occurring 

Final thoughts

The main bet types you will most likely come across in your average WWE event are things like match winner (outright/overall winner), retain title, near fall, brand winner, babyface/top heel (food guys/bad guys), props, and specials (e.g., will one wrestler eliminate another).

When betting, always gamble responsibly to keep things safe and fun. 

If you can read between the lines and understand what the odds are trying to tell you, you will be able to place more informed bets. However, it’s also important to note that just because you bet on the favourite doesn’t always mean your bet will be successful.