A Look At Ludwig Kaiser: Cody Rhodes’ Next Opponent On The Road To WrestleMania

I love Europe. I love the architecture, the food, and the culture of various countries assembled under two ideas: diversity and unity. The same can be said about the wrestling trio of IMPERIUM. Made up of the Italian Giovanni Vinci, the Austrian Gunther, and the German Ludwig Kaiser; the joke basically sets up itself. An Italian, an Austrian, and a German walk into a bar……either to watch a soccer match, or to beat the sh*t out of everyone there.

But this particular spotlight is on the German: Ludwig Kaiser. Known by his real name Marcel Barthel. And this particular article was inspired by the sheer fact that people may not know enough about Cody Rhodes’ SmackDown opponent.

So here are some interesting facts, and the reason why I am a big fan of his (and Imperium’s).

#1. In March 2016, he defeated who is now known as Drew McIntyre in WXW’s 16-Carat Gold Tournament.

#2. He becomes champion. Later in 2016, he defeated Marty Scurll to win the wXw Unified World Wrestling Title

#3. On a 2020 episode of WWE NXT, he became a tag team champion with who is now known as Giovanni Vinci.

#4. They beat MSK later on, to recapture the NXT tag team gold for a second time.

#5. He has wrestled in 462 matches in his young but already amazing career.

#6. Last, but certainly not least is the fact that his father, the great Axel Dieter, trained him. Axel Dieter was considered to be Germany’s best professional wrestler after World War II 

So he is no stranger to the wrestling world, and no one should be shocked. He works the crowd extremely well. He has grace, presence, and impressive ring style. He is great on the mic, never missing a beat. The accent adds so much more interesting spice to the whole presentation. It really IS different.

There is a reason Gunther/Walter has kept him close all this time. Real recognizes real. There is something absolutely strikingly interesting about Ludwig Kaiser, and this is coming from someone in the entertainment industry. He, much like Gunther, has also transformed his look. The man not only belongs in the ring, but on a broadway stage. MSG is not enough.

Pay attention, Imperium will be taking over soon. And so will Ludwig.

Do not be surprised if this is the match to close out the show.

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