A Pro-Wrestling Trade Deadline: What Could it Look Like?

In an idea inspired by a recent episode of “The Master’s Class” of the Busted Open Podcast on Sirus XM radio, today I am going to suggest a couple of fantasy “trades” that I think would be of major benefit to the pro wrestling companies involved. It is a very timely topic too, considering we are approximately one week removed from Major League Baseball’s trade deadline, where many deals were struck, including the blockbuster one that sent young star Juan Soto from Washington to San Diego. Also, with Fantasy Football season right around the corner, trades are bound to be on the table for many of our reader’s leagues. With that said, here are 4 trades, made completely by the subjective idea that they can help both companies involved should they ever be allowed to send superstars across the way to another promotion just like the major sports leagues do!

Trade #1: To AEW: Will Ospreay

To NJPW: Bryan Danielson

The only trade that features New Japan out of the 4, would be sending one of their most consistent and popular performers to AEW, while Tony Khan would send back everything that Ospreay is and more. Danielson has expressed a ton of interest in wrestling many of the fantastic Japanese talents that NJPW has to offer almost exclusively, and him missing Forbidden Door in June due to injury was a shame. Zack Sabre Jr. would be first up for him to right the wrong from Forbidden Door, but also the likes of Okada, Ishii, Takagi, and Naito, just to name a few, of the many talents Danielson could absolutely kill it with while in Japan. Similarly, Ospreay could very easily mesh well on American soil, having proven his ability to have a barn burner with just about anyone after his match with Orange Cassidy at Forbidden Door. A storyline with Kenny Omega, with whom he seems to have real-life heat with, could make for compelling TV. Plus, Adam Cole, “Hangman” Page, CM Punk, and Jon Moxley provide even more names that can get Will over insanely in the States, and he is more than capable of performing at the highest of calibers alongside them. Overall, this trade would allow for both men to explore new opportunities in new places with a whole crop of fresh opponents.

Trade #2: To WWE: Jade Cargill

To AEW: Charlotte Flair

Now I know this one seems a bit lopsided but hear me out. It builds more for WWE’s future while AEW locks and loads for the here and now. Flair is a proven commodity in WWE, having won more Women’s Titles than any WWE superstar in history. Meanwhile, Jade Cargill is the future of the business. A star in the making, Jade is already proving in AEW as TBS Champion that she is capable of being the champion and being undefeated for as long as she has added to the mystique. If she were to go to WWE and have their system backing her, forming her, and getting her out there with a plethora of superstars who can help teach her and only make her better, she could easily exceed what Flair has done and/or may have left to do and prove. Meanwhile, Flair could go to AEW where she brings instant star power and leadership to the roster and could be a fantastic leader for some of the more inexperienced AEW roster members who lack in-ring experience and/or TV exposure. Plus, her new husband is employed by AEW, so they could travel together, adding convenience to this one as well.

Trade #3: To WWE: Josh Alexander

To Impact Wrestling: Dolph Ziggler

This one may seem lopsided considering Ziggler’s age and the promise Alexander shows for the years to come. Alexander reminds me a lot of Dolph Ziggler circa 2011-2014. He is extremely talented in the ring, like Ziggler at that time, he is highly underrated like Ziggler was at the time, and he is filled with the promise of a big career to come like Ziggler was at the time as well. So, why not trade the modern-day equivalent of Dolph Ziggler for the man himself? Dolph would provide a veteran presence on the Impact roster, similar to what Flair would do for AEW in the above trade, and he may even get the chance for a run as Impact World Champion and face some of their up-and-coming talents. Meanwhile, Alexander in WWE would absolutely thrive in ways that have never been seen since the days of Kurt Angle in his early WWE career. That may serve him well, as he can easily pencil himself into big matches against the likes of Riddle, AJ Styles, Seth Rollins, and Kevin Owens, among others. I think this is the most mutually beneficial of all the trades on this list.

Trade #4: To WWE: Chris Jericho

To AEW: Seth Rollins

This one is called swinging for the fences. Probably the most unlikely of all the options I considered in this situation, but I figured it would be best to finish on the highest note possible. So, Jericho for Rollins, straight up. Why? Easy: they will fill the void each man would leave from the company they are traded from. Jericho is the way-too-over, funny yet annoying as anything heel who competes near the top of the card consistently and can also work as a babyface as well. Rollins remains a mainstay in the upper mid-card of WWE, breaking into the main event on a frequent basis as well. He can work babyface if needed as the face of a company in that seat as well. Neither man desperately needs a title to get over, or to be featured, and they often make something out of nothing when needed. They have theme songs that the fans love to sing/hum along to, and they are all-time greats in the business. Rollins facing the likes of “Hangman” Page, Kenny Omega, and his old pal Jon Moxley while Jericho returns to WWE to face off with Roman Reigns, Cody Rhodes, and an old pal of his own in Edge. It is a swap that would have EVERYONE glued to their TVs each and every week, and at the end of the day, isn’t that what this is all about?

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