A Storm for Cargill?

Since making her debut on the March 30, 2022 edition of AEW Dynamite, Toni Storm has been booked relatively well. A workmanlike victory over the Bunny to qualify for the women’s Owen Hart Tournament, a couple of promo segments with Jamie Hayter to build tension for a 1st-round match, and a dominant win over enhancement talent on the 4/19 AEW Dark has put her on solid footing so far. With an interview segment coming up on Rampage involving Hayter and former champion Britt Baker, it appears Tony Khan is serious about booking Storm well.

Considering the subpar treatment she received with WWE, including a short loss to Zelina Vega (a considerably less talented wrestler) and a pie in the face from Charlotte Flair, it’s little wonder why she left a company run by the whims of a 76-year old man widely considered to be out of touch with what pro wrestling should be. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, though, as some AEW fans and pundits point to the near disappearance of former star Ruby Soho from television. So far, Khan is booking Storm well, but will it last?

Having a bonafide star with wrestling talent, good promo ability, and charisma, such as Toni Storm, is a potential boon for AEW to really elevate its women’s division, seen by many as the main weak point of the promotion. There is one booking avenue the AEW President could take that would cement the young Aussie as a top draw and power player in the division.

The idea is for Storm to be the one who ends Jade Cargill’s undefeated streak and win the TBS Title. Building on her momentum by having her win the Owen Hart Tournament would frame her as a legitimate star in the eyes of the fans. The solid win over Jaime Hayter Wednesday night was a step in that direction, although the constant placement of women’s matches late on Dynamite shows resulted in the crowd being dead for the match. If Storm is going to get the buzz needed to challenge Cargill, her matches need to be put earlier in the show when the crowd isn’t so tired. Also, allowing her to have a bit more promo time and video packages would help to raise her profile considerably, such as what’s happened with Serena Deeb. A good scenario for a storyline with Cargill to play out might be for Storm to be interrupted by Jade and her “Baddies” (Kiera Hogan and Red Velvet) while cutting a promo about what it means for her to have won the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament. Jade could put over being the TBS Champion makes her the premier female wrestler in the company, while Toni hints at challenging for the belt.

Subsequent weeks would involve both women winning matches over mid-card talent while watching each other’s matches from the commentary table or ringside. The slow build continues with an-ring confrontation/promo between them, where Jade walks away from Toni’s challenge as if to imply she isn’t worth her time. Eventually, a tag match could take place with Hogan and Velvet vs. Storm and possibly Hayter (perhaps teaming out of mutual respect for each other). After the match, Cargill could ambush Storm and lay her out, accepting the challenge for a title match at All Out in a short promo. The following week could feature a brawl between the two with security breaking it up, followed by a contract signing on the go-home Dynamite before the PPV. At All Out, the match would feature Jade controlling the majority of it, with Storm getting in some offense at various points before finally gaining the advantage. The Baddies then try to interfere on Cargill’s behalf, resulting in Jaime Hayter coming out to even the playing field and solidifying a face turn. With the distraction of Hayter fighting off Hogan and Velvet, Jade could attempt to finish off Toni with the Jaded electric chair drop. Storm could reverse it into the Storm Zero piledriver, winning the match as Cargill kicks out right after three. This would result in a TBS champion with Storm cemented as a superstar by ending Cargill’s undefeated streak, but keeping the former champion strong by having her nearly kick out of the finisher.

As for what Tony Khan has in mind for both women, I can only speculate. Here’s to hoping his plans result in good things for both wrestlers.

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