AAA Triplemania XXVIII Officially Postponed

Earlier this week, AAA held a virtual press conference. In it, AAA owner Dorian Roldan revealed that Triplemania XXVIII has been postponed. The event was originally scheduled to take place on August 22nd at the Arena Ciudad de Mexico. Roldan said,

“I think when it comes to the celebration of TripleMania XXVIII, due to the sanitary situation going on around our country, it won’t be possible to do the show on August 22. It’s important to note that we are still exploring other alternatives to have this TripleMania event happen in 2020 and it will be in accordance with how the pandemic develops in the coming months. I want to reiterate that August 22 is not possible, but that we are looking to do TripleMania XXVIII with the proper health guidelines in 2020.”