Abdullah The Butcher Wants To Stab Vince With Fork

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Here are some highlights of what Abdullah the Butcher said about:

His longevity in the Wrestling Business: “A lot of the people when I tried to get in to New York, a lot of the guys knocked me. They knocked me ‘He’s gonna use the fork, too much blood, too much this…’. That’s why I never got in to New York. The boys are the boys’ worst enemies.

“They try to get over with the promoters ‘Hey, don’t bring Abdullah the Butcher in here’ because I was talking to Vince McMahon Sr. in Japan and he wanted me to come in to work with Hogan. But I always did want to work in New York. I have a bad hip, but when I get in the ring, I can still move.”

Which Wrestlers’ Heads He’d Like To Stick A Fork Into: “Ric Flair would never fight me….never….he would never fight me, and I could have made a lot of money with him. But the two top guys I’d like to stick a fork in…Johnny Ace…and Vince McMahon. And then when I was stabbing him in the head, I would have said you never should have listened to the guys telling you not to bring me in.”