Abyss On Staying Loyal To Impact Wrestling, Next Hall Of Fame Inductee

Abyss recently spoke with SportsKeeda to talk about various topics. Here are the highlights.

If you had to nominate someone for next year’s Hall of Fame, who would your pick be?

“That’s a great question, man. There are a lot of people who are deserving. The number 1 name that pops out at me as the man who should go in next would be Mike Tenay. I thought Mike Tenay was the heart of this company for a lot of years. Mike’s a dear friend of mine. Mike did so much for me and helped me so much. He put me over so strong.”

What has kept you loyal to Impact Wrestling for all these years?

“What kept me loyal to Impact Wrestling over the last 16 years? I don’t even know where to begin. They took a gamble with me. There were a lot of people out there knocking on their door. When I came back from Puerto Rico in June of 2003, right before the first Anniversary…this company gave me a dark match. They gave me a tryout match.

And I was hired immediately afterwards. And they invested in me personally and professionally. Sure, the ups and downs are well documented that this company has gone through. Some of the lows and some of the trials and tribulations that occurred under past regimes. And I must emphasize past when I say that.

We fought through a lot. A lot of people were betting against us. We pulled through it together. The talent did. We did. The company did. The office did. This company has always treated me well. This company has always treated me with respect. I was one of the founding members of this company. I was one of the cinder blocks that it’s sitting on top of.

And that’s always carried a lot of weight in me being one of the original members of this company. That means more to me than going anywhere else, taking a chance and being a number. Here I always felt like I was a contributor and was always valued. Like I’ve said in past interviews, this place has been home to me for over 16 years now. And that means the world to me.”