Abyss Reflects On Working With Kurt Angle In TNA

Impact Wrestling released a video of Abyss reflecting on his match with WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle in 2008 in TNA. Here is an excerpt (transcript via WrestlingInc.com):

“Kurt and I wrestled a lot. I was Kurt’s very first match when he came over from WWE over to Impact. I was his first match on television, and that was a proud moment for me. Any time I had an opportunity to wrestle and work with Kurt, it was a special moment. One thing about Kurt, if you didn’t match his intensity, then he’d eat you alive. And that’s one thing I learned really quickly with Kurt. You better match his emotion, you better match his passion, you better match his fire in the match, and we did on several occasions.

“And that was one of them in 2008. To do that match was special for me, just because it was Kurt Angle, and it was special for him because it was an opportunity for him to kind of step out of being just Kurt Angle, and to be able to fight and brawl and do some of the stuff we did. And if you go back and look at that match, he fits right into that philosophy. I mean, we beat each other all over that building that night, it was Falls Count Anywhere. We went through walls, we came out of walls, it was a hard-hitting match.