Adam Page Explains Why He Chose AEW Over WWE

“Hangman” Adam Page recently did an interview with Busted Open Radio. Here are the highlights.

On Picking AEW: “I’d like say it was difficult so it would look like I’m level-headed and played my options well but, at some point, you feel like you’ve made it far enough in your career and you feel financially stable enough that, maybe money isn’t the most important thing. With All Elite I felt that I had the opportunity to do something huge for my career and just to have fun with my friends and provide something for a ton of other guys, who, this kind of exposure would not have existed without us committing to it. It was something we decided to do together. It was an easy decision.”

On People Thinking He Would Be Boosted to The Main Event: “That wasn’t part of my decision making at all. Going into All Elite Wrestling and committing, [being in the main event] wasn’t part of it for me. I honestly didn’t expect to end up [in the main event]. It certainly is not why I decided to do this. [Joining AEW] just felt like the right thing to do. It was a cascading sequence of events that have gotten us here. I didn’t think, ‘Oh, if I sign up to do this with my buddies, I’m sure to be a top guy.’ That wasn’t a thing at all and the least of my concerns, really.”