Adam Page Talks About Which WWE Star Gave Him His Nickname, Bullet Club Changing His Career, More

“Hangman” Adam Page recently spoke with Chris Van Vliet to talk about various topics. Here are the highlights (transcript courtesy of Wrestling Inc).

Luke Gallows giving him his nickname:

“It’s something that was passed onto me from Luke Gallows by way of New Japan. I found out I was joining Bullet Club and going to New Japan and had probably two or three weeks to get ready for that. So it was something I didn’t get to put a lot thought into or a lot of time and effort into before it happened it was just something they said ‘Hey, do this’ and I said ‘Ok, cool. I’ll do it.'”

Being in Bullet Club changed his career?

“Bullet Club changed it 180 [degrees]. I think things would have picked up for me slowly more and more like they had been anyway but Bullet Club has been way bigger than anything I could have imagined.”