Adam Scherr Says You Won’t See “Dorks Choreograph Dance With Each Other” In CYN

In a post via Instagram, former WWE star Adam Scherr (Braun Strowman) commented on Control Your Narrative’s upcoming event that will take place on March 31st:

“If you missed our first sold out show don’t miss this one. As @controlyournarrative is set blow the roof of the world famous @gilleysdallas 3/31 see the essential character @therealec3 count the seconds of someone’s life away with @realkillerkross or stand in awe at the presence of The Titan!!!! And if you think that’s all wait to you see what else we have up our sleeves. This will be the only place to be 3/31 ( unless you wanna watch a bunch or dorks choreograph dance with each other for no reason at all cause we don’t do that garbage in the Narrative cause we actually fight) be a part of the future be a part of something special be a part of change. We are the future!!!! @prowtv @famedaysofficial @controlyournarrative @freethenarrator #Wrestling #ProWrestling #BigFights #NoFlippyFloppy #WhereTheBigBoysPlay #ChoppinMeat”