AEW All Out Results – August 31, 2019

AEW All Out Results – August 31, 2019

battle Royal in progress.

Allie eliminated by Nyla Rose. Sadie Gibbs gorilla presses Bea Priestly. Mercedes Martinez tries to eliminate Britt Baker, Baker avoids it. Baker and Mercedes working together. Mercedes eliminated by Nyla. We’re down to three (Britt Baker, Bea Priestly and Nyla Rose. Nyla over the top but she skins the cat and meets Britt and Bea with double kicks on the way in. Standing destroyer by Britt to Priestly and immediately goes to work on Nyla . Bitt with a suplex. Baker eliminates Priestly and Nyla Rose immediately tosses Britt Baker over the top. Nyla overcomes being in the first wave to take it

WINNER (Advancing to the AEW Women’s Championship match: Nyla Rose

Unfortunately, Bleacher Report is not working for me so I cannot give a real assessment of how good this was.

Goldenboy and Excalibur are handing the commentary on the pre show.

WE go to video of the build to the AEW World Title match between Hangman Page and Chris Jericho.

Private Party (Kassidy and Quen) vs Angelico and Jack Evans

Evans with an impressive handstand walk to the ring! Kicking it off with Angelico and Kassidy. Collar and elbow into chain wrestling . KAssidy with the arm twist reversed into a headlock. Angelico with a snap mare, Kassidy lands on his feet. One foot dropkick by Kassidy, Evans tags in, as does Marc Quen. Hurancanrana by Evans, Quen lands on his feet. Back and forth kicks. Quen mocks Evans’ handstand. Tag by Private Party, series of forearms by Corkscrew kick by Evans for 2, tags in Angelico. Action is moving fast.

Evans rolls an inverted armbar on Quen. Evans with a series of knee strikes, crowd coming alive for Private Party. Quen tries a springboard but Angelico pushes him off, right into a tag to Kassidy. Kassidy with the hot tag. Rana to Evans on the outside. Reverse atomic drop by Kassidy followed by an enziguiri by Quen. Spinning DDT by Kassidy. Corkscrew plancha by Kassidy . Shooting star by Quen. Quen rolls the legal man Kassidy in for the pin but only a two count.

Spider german suplex off the top by Evans on to Kassidy. PK across the face by Angelico for 2.

Quen with a Pele kick. Both Quen and Kassidy hit reverse ranas on Evans. Another reverse rana into a stunner (Gin Juice) on Angelico for the pin in about 11 minutes

WINNERS: Private Party

Post match: the two teams congratulate each other but Angelico and Evans double cross Private Party. Angelico with a kneebar to Quen

Video package highlighting Wardlow. Well filmed street fight type but a bit cheesy

Interview with MJF. Asked why he doesn’t have a match and he informs us idiots at home that he didn’t want a match. MJF declares he’s in Chicago only to help his best friend Cody deal with Shawn Spears. MJF finds it laughable that he might not gets picked to be Cody’s corner.

Jim Ross joins the broadcast booth and the three give a run down of the evening. Cameras are following the crowd. Everyone seems very excited to be there.

We start the PPV with the National Anthem

Video package highlighting the main attractions.

Your announcers are Jim Ross, Excalibur and Goldenboy

Match 1: SCU vs a Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus and Marko Stunt.

To nobody’s surprise, this is the worst town SCU has ever been in. Daniels on the mic bragging about selling out All In a year ago and that they’re back to sell out All Out. The camera shakes as Luchasaurus makes his entrance. Jungle Boy on the shoulders as usual. Crowd is alive for this. Kaz and Jungle Boy start off. Headlock by Kaz, rollup for 2 by Kaz. Arm twist into a rollup for 2. Jungle Boy and Kaz trading pin attempts. Spinning kick and lariat by Kaz, tags in Daniels. Reverse atomic drop by Daniels. Chops in the corner by Daniels. Step up hurancanrana by Jungle Bot into a dropkick, here comes Luchasaurus.

Suplex by Luchasaurus, tags in Stunt. Ranas and dropkicks by Stunt. Tope Suicida by Stunt followed by Jungle boy and Luchasaurus hitting over the top dives onto all 3 members of SCU. Back in the ring, Stunt with a dive off Luchasaurus’ shoulders for 2. Jungle Boy tags in along with Sky, blind tag by Kaz and a big dropkick to Jungle Boy. Sky tags back in and hits a stomp. Daniels back in. Daniels mocks Stunt. Double team hangman neck breaker by Kaz and Daniels. Sky comes in and hits an elbow, Kaz comes in with the dropkick in the corner. Daniels with an lhbow for 2.

Hot tag to Luchsaurus, he cleans house on all three members of SCU. Roundhouse kicks to Sky and Daniels followed by a standing moonsault for 2 on Kaz. Chicago is in love with this. Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy help Stunt deliver a spinning DDT. SCU takes the advantage and gets the opposition out of the ring. KAz delivers a rana to Luchasaurus driving him into Jungle Boy and Stunt. SCU throws Stunt and Jungle Boy in the ring and deliver a Best MEltzer Ever on both for the pin.

WINNERS: SCU (Frankie Kazarian, Scorpio Sky and Christopher Daniels.)

Handshake by all 6

Kenny Omega vs PAC

Neither man comes out to a big reaction until the bell rings. PAC with some stalling. Crowd comes alive with a “Kenny” chant. Lock up into a headlock by Omega. Shoulderblock by Omega. Omega tricks PAC into dropping to his stomach and Omega showboats about it. Collar and elbow tie up. Single leg take down by PAC and he is able to showboat in the same way Omega did. PAC with punches but Omega attempts a leg drop that PAC avoids. PAC to the outside and Omega goes for a dive but PAC hits a rana. Omega to the outside and PAC also attempts a dive but Omega also tries to counter but PAC is ready for it. Kneestrike by PAC. PAC forces Omega to follow him out and PAC with a kick as Omega dives. PAC with a huge advantage in the outsode brawl. PAC sends Omega into the barricade. PAC mocks Omega and a boot to the face.

Back in the ring, PAC with a top rope dropkick. Omega is trying to fight back but PAC is having his way. PAC with a 2 count. Headlock by PAC. PAC has slowed the pace tremendously. Omega powers out and hits chops and running boot. PAC attempts another headlock but Omega gets him to the ropes and clotheslines PAC to the outside. Omega hits a suicida. Omega hit his hard on the way out, he seems OK.

Back in the ring, Omega with a back of the head missile dropkick into a fisherman buster for 2. Full nelson by Omega, PAC with an elbow escape. Omega with a fireman carry, PAC counters. Omega regains the fireman into a roll. Omega gets cut off and PAC with a DDT for 2. Both men are down. Pac is up first and goes to the top. Omega rolls out but PAC hits a moonsault /, both down. Referee Paul Turner is giving leeway on the outside count. PAC to the top after rolling OMEGA in. PAC with a 450 for 2. Both men go face to face and exchange chops and punches. Crowd is doing the “yay” and “boo” thing. Omega with the better of it, PAC fires back. Omega with a buckle bomb into a spinebuster for 2. PAC pushes Paul Turner into Omega and tries a dive but Omega counters. Omega with a V Trigger and tries the one winged angel. PAC blocks it but Omega hits a German Suplex for 2. PAC with a cutter , tries a German but Omega counters. PAC hits second attempt on German for 2. PAC tries a rana off the top but Omega hits a face drop. Full nelson snap dragon by Omega. V Trigger for 2. Omega tries a V Trigger but PAC blocks. Kicks by PAC. Superkick by PAC. Omega with another V trigger, PAC hits a reverse rana. Bac and forth with chops. Omega tries a One Winged Angel but PAC reverses it into a brutalizer. Omega passes out from the brutalizer and referee Paul Turner calls for the bell.


Crowd seems confused and shocked by the ending.

Darby Allin vs Joey Janella vs Jimmy Havoc

Janella came out a decent reaction. Havoc bails and immediately grabs multiple chairs and the requisite table and his staple gun. Havoc staples himself twice. Action goes to the outside where Havoc gets double teamed. Elbows by Janella to Havoc. Allin tapes Havoc to a chair. Hacoc spits on both. Allin forces Havoc to put thumbtacks in his mouth while Janella tapes Havoc’s mouth shut. Janella and Allin one on one now. Armdrag into a stunner by Allin. Allin with a tope over the turnbuckle onto Havoc, freeing him from the chair. Janella with a spike tombstone on the apron to Allin. Janella pulls out a tennis racket and mocks it. Janella put up a table. Havoc spits out thumbtacks into Janella’s eyes. Havoc with another staple gun. This gets accompanied by an AEW photo that Havoc gives a series of paper cuts to Janella with. Havoc throws Cracker Barrell rolls at Janella and then brings a barrell into play. Low blow by Janella. Clothesline by Janella. Allin comes back in with skateboard covered in tacks. Janella goes facefirst into the skateboard for 2. Allin with a shoulderblock into Havoc through a table. Havoc tries to shoot staples. Allin attempts a coffin drop with a wooden barrel onto Havoc, who is laid out on stairs. Havoc moves. Allin may be dead.

Havoc is back in the ring. Janella gets the edge and delivers an elbow off the top for 2. JAnella lays a barrel on Havoc but Havoc turns it into a superplex. Havoc then hits the Acid Rainmaker through a barrel for the pin.

WINNER: Jimmy Havoc

The Dark Order (Evil Uno and Stu Grayson) vs. Best Friends (Chuckie T and Trent Baretta)

Grayson locks up with Chuckie. Grayson in the corner, tags in Evil Uno , Chuck fights out of the corner. Baretta with a blind tag. Best Friends with a HUG!!!! Double team on Uno, legdrop for 2. Uno tags in Grayson. Chops by Trent. Uno with a blindside kick from behind. Dropkick by Grayson forces Baretta to the outside. Uno tags in and delivers chops in the corner. Grayson tags in. Stomps by Grayson, Trent fights back with chops. Grayson hits a senton over the rope onto the apron on Trent. Trent counters an irish whip into a clothesline. Dark Order prevents the hot tag. Dark Order with stomps on Baretta in their corner. Baretta almost gets the tag but Uno pulls Chuckie off the apron. Grayson and Uno are playing old school tag team wreslting. Trent counters a charge into a swinging DDT and finally gets the tag.

Chuckie T a house of fire. Standing power bomb on Grayson for 2. Chuckie tosses Grayson out and Chuckie takes to the sky and hits a tope. Uno holds Chucks leg, allowing Grayson to get the edge. Trent gets the blind tag and hit a German. Chuckie tags back in. Awesome counter by Grayson and he hits Pele kicks on both. Uno with a senton cannonball off the top on Trent for 2. Kneestrikes by Grayson. Cannonball by Uno and a 450 by Grayson for 2. Dark Order goes for the fatality but Grayson gets pushed off the top rope. Chuckie with a tombstone for 2 (Uno was late on the save). Outside the Creepers attack Chuckie T. Dark Order hits the Fatality on Baretta for the win.

WINNERS The Dark Order (earn a first round bye in the AEW Tag Team Title Tournament)

The Creepers carry Trent away but the lights go out….ORANGE CASSIDY IS IN THE RING. Cassidy with a suicida (sunglasses and hands still in pockets) and takes out the Creepers. Best Friends HUG with OC in the middle.

Hikaru Shida vs Riho

High stakes here with the winner facing Nyla Rose on Oct 2 for the AEW Womens Title. Collar and elbow, Shida with a waistlock. Shoulderblock by Shida, Shida blocks an armdrag. Riho with a dropkick. Riho with kicks in the corner, Riho struggles but eventually makes the ropes. Shida is in total control. Over the shoulder back breaker by Shida. Shida puts Riho in the corner and hits a running knee. Riho with a spinning headscissors off of an irish whip reversal. Riho climbs the ropes but Shida catches her. Riho fights her off and connects with a double stomp onto the apron. Riho hits a flying bodypress for 2. Riho with forearm strikes. Riho tries for 619 but Shida catches her and hits a knee flex over the shoulder. Riho with a surpise roll up for 2. Another stomp by Riho but Shida stops the momentum with a knee. Shida with a deadlift suplex, Riho blocks a knee strike. Riho can’t block a second and Shida connect for 2. Vertical Suplex attempt blocked by Riho into a rollup for 2. Shida hits a super plex for 2. Riho grabs Shida’s leg to stop her and connects a Norther Lights Suplex. Riho to the top but Shida with a punch. Shida falls off the corner and Riho with a stomp. Double knee strike by Riho for 2. Riho hits a double knee but Shida moves momentum into a back breaker for 2. Riho spins out of a crucifix into a sunset roll up for the 3 count.

WINNER: Riho (advances to AEW Championship match vs. Nyla Rose)

Nyla Rose comes out to stare Riho down.

We see a video package of what led to Spears vs Cody

Shawn Spears (managed by Tully Blanchard) vs. Cody

Spears brings out a chair and walks slowly to the ring. Spears with the contact lenses ala Mysterio. Brandi, DDP, MJF all walk backstage with Pharoh, teasing who will be in the corner. Cody and Co are dressed in Star Trek gear. All three accompany Cody down the aisle. MJF has drawn the assignment as Cody’s corner man and the salt of the earth is thrilled. Cody with a suicida on Spears and a series of hard rights to Blanchard. Fighting on the outside Cody is in control. Chicago is on fire for Cody. Cody forces the action to the ring and they go back out. Poweslam by Cody on the outside and Spears begs off. Blanchard grabs Cody and Spears hits a low blow. Earl Hebner missed this as MJF was arguing something with him.

Back in the ring, Spears is in control, but favoring his back. They exchange chops. Cody with a rana off the top turnbuckle. Spears gets out side and suplexes Cody into a tree of woe. Spears with a kick to an upside down kick. Spears with an atomic drop into the corner. Back in the ring, Spears with a big clothesline and kicks. Spears is antagonizing MJF. Chop sends Cody to the out side. Cody slipps back in and hits the Dustin uppercut. MJF again causes an “accidental” distraction, allowing Spears and Blanchard to get the advantage. Spears gets the weight belt. Spears and Hebner with a back and forth. Spears gets Blanchards belt and throws some whips on Cody. Cody is firing up and hits punches followe dby a cutter off the 2nd rope. Cody with an Alabama slam. Cody with a Figure-4, immediately reversed by Spears. Blanchard assists the leverage for Spears. Cody to the outside. MJF tries to put himself between Cody and Spears. Spears with a running death valley driver on Cody. Blanchard is telling Spears to get back in the ring. MJF is loudly encouraging Cody and Cody gets back in the ring at 9.

Spears tries a GTS but Cody with a Cross Rhodes. Tully distracts Hebner. Tully tapes the fist and he and MJF go face to face. MJF and Tully choke each other and Spears hits a running boot on MJF. Tully attacks MJF and, out of nowhere, ARN ANDERSON hits the ring and nails Spears with a spinebuster. Chicago is excited!. Blanchard follows Anderson to the back. Spears grabs a chair. Cody stops him with an odd looking facebuster. Cody threatens Spears with the chair but instead throws the chair and Spears catches it. Cody with a disaster kick into another Cross Rhodes for the pin on Spears.


Cody and MJF celebrate together in the ring. Honestly surprised that MJF didn’t turn on his best friend.

We get a video package for the Lucha Bros vs The Young Bucks

Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr & Rey Fenix) vs the Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)- Ladder Match for the AAA Tag Team Championship

I shall do my best to describe this. WE begin with a staredown and each teams gets their turn with insults. Bucks spit on Lucha Bros and we’re off and running with back and forth fists. Bucks go for Meltzer driver early but it gets stopped . Pentagon off the top into a dropkick on a fallen Matt Jackson in the testicles. Bucks get the advantage with a ladder. Bucks with a bucle bomb into a Nick Jackson spin kick. Young Bucks pose and Pentagon knocks them down. Fenix with a springboard tope off the ladder on to the Bucks. Lucha Bros introduce a ladder to the ring. Chops by Pentagon to the Bucks. Fenix tries to climb the ladder but the Bucks stop them. Jackson and Fenix trade punches on the ladder. Matt Jackson and Pentagon do the same. Both met with cutters. Matt and Fexix both with topes on their counterpart through tables.

Back in the ring, Matt and Pentagon trade blows. Pentagon avoids the ladder but Nick Jackson dives off the rope to the out side. In the ring, Matt hits three Northern Lights suplexes until he gets Fenix to crash on the ladder. Bucks advantage does not last and Fenix hits a rana on Nick. Pentagon with a bodypress. Lucha Bros play to the crowd a bit. Lucha Bros bring a bigger ladder into the match. Matt with a spear under the ladder on Fenix. Nick to the ladder, gets knocked off, lands on the top rope and nails a moonsault on Fenix. Matt and Pentagon at the top of the latter. SLING BLADE OFF THE TOP OF THE LADDER by Pentagon. Pentagon in the ring sets up the ladder but goes after Nick Jackson. Nick does a tope through the ladder onto Pentagon. Fenix, on the other hand, dives back in the ring through the ladder and hits a Canadian Destoryer on Matt Jackson. “Fight Forever”. Table in the ring, Matt fights Fenix on top but Pentagon intervenes and hits a Destroyer off the top of the ladder through a table. “This is Awesome” chant. Somehow Matt Jackson is alive. On the outside Nick hits a splash off the top of a ladder onto Pentagon and Fenix hits the same move on Matt.

On the outside, Nick sets up tables next to each other. In the ring Fenix tries to climb but Nick stops him. Fenix with a superkick. Matt Jackson, not dead, hits a superkick on Fenix. Nick with a sharpshooter on Pentagon but Pentagon holds Nicks leg so he can’t climb. Fenix trues to climb but the Bucks set him up for a Meltzer Driver. Nick gets pushed off and goes through a table at ringside. Matt pulls off Pentagon’s mask to stop momentum. PEntagon gets the mask back and the Lucha Bros hit a spike stuff piledriver through a ladder. Lucha Bros both climb the ladder and retrive the belts

WINNERS: The Lucha Bros (retain AAA Tag Team Title)

Two masked men hit the ring and lay out the Lucha Bros and The Young Bucks. The unmask and its ORTIZ AND SANTANA

Words cannot describe the insanity we just witnessed. Matt Jackson has no business being alive at this moment.

We have a video package about the AEW World Championship

AEW World Title Match: Chris Jericho vs Adam Hangman Page

Page is riding a horse on his way to the ring. Nice reaction. Jericho is out to a slightly better reaction. This crowd may be burnt out. Aubrey Edwards has drawn this historic assignment. Jericho is preening to the crowd. Lock up into a rope break. Arm drag by Jericho. Another arm drag by Jericho, Page immediately repsonds with chops and a fallaway slam. PAge with a clothesline send Jericho over the top. Page follows and hits series of punches, Jericho avoids him and gets back in the ring to be met by a boot to the face. Chop by Page. Jericho punches him and hits a dropkick off the 2nd rope. Action moves outside, Page forces the action back in and hits a clothesline off the top for 2. Jericho tries a dropkick and misses and retreats to the outside. Page attemtps a running moonsault but Jericho hits a codebreaker. Jericho tries for a countout win but Page makes the apron. Jericho with a blow knocking Page into the barricade.

Outside the ring Jericho works over Pages arm. Jericho with a mic shot and sends Page back to the ring. Jericho and Page to toe to toe and Jericho with an armbar DDT. Jericho goes back to work on the arm. Jericho stomps the arm. Crowd is chanting “stupid idiot”. Page responds with chops but Jericho regains the advantage with a clothesline. Armbar by Jericho slows things down. Dropkick by Jericho. Dueling chants now, crowd is officially back to life. The two exchange chops. Jericho to the top . Page rolls through and hits a fallaway slam, although he struggled mightly. Page has a second wind. Standing shooting star press by Page for 2. Page misses a dropkick. Jericho goes for a Lionsault and Page catches him and converts the attempt into a Russian Leg Sweep.

Jericho attempts a victory roll into the Walls of Jericho. Page powers out. Discuss forearm by Page. Jericho to the outside and we have some blood . Jericho looks to be hardway from that forearm. The cut is directly over the left eye. Page gets Jericho back in the ring. Page with stomps in the corner. He charges and Jericho backdrops him out of the ring onto the apron. Both men on the top rope. Page with a cutter off the rope for 2. Page going after the cut with elbows and Aubrey Edwards is checking on this situation. Page with a suplex attempt but Jericho reverses it into a top rope drop. Jericho goes for a dropkick, Page counters with a kick and hit a buckshot lariat. Page goes for the finish but Jericho reverses it into the Walls. Page makes the ropes. Jericho and Edwards get into an argument. Jericho charges but Page backdrops him to the outside. PAge with a moonsault to the outside. He connects but bangs his knee on impact. Jericho in the ring, Page tries a buckshot but Jericho hits the Codebreaker for 2.

A series of knees by Jericho. A rolling elbow by Page. Another shooting star press attempts meets Jerichos knees. Jericho goes for the codebreaker but a Deadeye for 2. Jericho nails the Spinning Back Elbow for the pin.


That’s all from Chicago…we go to credits