AEW Dark Elevation Results – August 15, 2022

Tag Team Match
Tony Nese & Josh Woods vs. Arik Cannon & Travis Titan

Josh Woods & Travis Titan start us off, Woods out wrestles Cannon early before crushing Titan with a knee strike. Tony Nese tags in and hits a suplex. Davis flips out of a back suplex and tags in Cannon, who lands some strikes and a clothesline.

Superkick from Cannon then a rope assisted neckbreaker and Woods has to break up the pin. Davis goes after Woods but Woods kills him with an intercepting knee.

Cannon sends Woods out of the ring but takes a shotgun dropkick from Nese, Woods tags in and hits a running knee in the corner then we get a combination neckbreaker and Angle Slam on Cannon for the win.

Winners: Tony Nese & Josh Woods

8 Man Tag Team Match
Dark Order vs. Adam Grace, Riley Jackson, Drew System & TJ Cooper

John Silver & Adam Grace start us off, they tie up and Silver grabs a side headlock then shoulder blocks Grace down and he poses. They hit the ropes and Silver lands a dropkick then Grace tags in Riley Jackson.

Back body drop from Silver then he tags in Alex Reynolds. They hit the ropes and Reynolds lands a flying elbow then tags Silver back in, now Evil Uno tags in and Jackson takes some triple team moves before tagging in Drew System.

System eats a neckbreaker from Uno then Uno tags in 10. 10 runs wild and wipes out TJ Cooper with a Brodie line. Silver tags in and System gets hit with the Ragnarok for the win.

Winners: Dark Order

Serena Deeb vs. Sierra

Serena Deeb & Sierra tie up, and Deeb quickly begins out wrestling Sierra then walks over her back. Deeb with an armlock takedown then grabs a front headlock. Sierra fights to her feet and lands a few rights but Deeb fights back with chops and uppercuts.

Deeb sends Sierra to the apron and hits a hangman’s neckbreaker through the ropes. Sierra fights out of a cravate and hits a superkick but Deeb avoids a corner splash and spins around Sierra with a few backslide attempts then transitions into the Deebtox which connects.

Deeb decides she’d rather lock up the Serenity Lock and forces Sierra to tap out.

Winner By Submission: Serena Deeb

Konosuke Takeshita vs. Cezar Bononi

They tie up but Cezar Bononi’s size and power overtake Konosuke Takeshita at first but Takeshita hits an arm drag and a calf kick to fight back. Bononi catches Takeshita and sets him in the corner then stomps him out of a half tree of woe position.

Takeshita blocks a suplex then hits one of his own. Elbows from Takeshita then they hit the ropes and Takeshita hits a flying clothesline. Bononi lands an elbow but Takeshita blocks a clothesline and lands a stiff elbow strike.

Bononi hits a neckbreaker then a Tiger Driver for a 2 count. Takeshita fights back with a boot then a flying knee off the second rope and follows up with Zahi to a kneeling Bononi gets the win.

Winner: Konosuke Takeshita

Julia Hart vs. Free Range Kara

Julia Hart just stares down Free Range Kara for a bit then kicks her in the face. Another boot from Hart & Kara rolls out of the ring to recover.

Hart follows her out of the ring and hits a clothesline. Back in the ring Hart sends Kara into a corner and unloads on her with strikes.

Kara tries to fight back with punches of her own but Hart catches her by the throat then trips Kara down and chokes her for a bit. Northern lariat from Hart then she locks in her arm trapped Rings of Saturn for the submission win.

Winner By Submission: Julia Hart

Tag Team Match
Private Party vs. Jah-C & JDX

Marq Quen & JDX start us off, Kassidy quickly cheap shots JDX then tags in and Isiah Kassidy cheap shots Jah-C then they hit the old Poetry In Motion on JDS. Bit of a dive from Quen onto Jah-C, meanwhile JDX hits a jawbreaker but he’s cut off with an enziguri.

Quen tags back in, as Kassidy hits a draping backstabber, then Quen follows up with a 450 splash onto JDX as he’s on the knees of Kassidy. That might have tweaked Kassidy’s knee as he’s limping a bit on the apron, meanwhile Jah-C tags in and Quen blasts him with an enziguri.

Kassidy tags back in and the Gin & Juice connects for the quick win.

Winners: Private Party

Penelope Ford vs. Heather Reckless

Penelope Ford & Heather Reckless lock up and Reckless grabs a side headlock then hits a takeover. Ford counters into a headscissors which Reckless escapes and we get a stand off.

Some kicks from Ford now then her own side headlock into a shoulder block. Ford with stomps, Reckless fights back with strikes and a back elbow which sends Ford out of the ring. Reckless follows Ford but eats a right hand then Ford launches her into the barricade.

Back in the ring Ford hits a handspring back elbow then a fireman’s carry into a double knee gutbuster. Ford then locks Reckless in the Muta Lock & Reckless had no choice but to tap out.

Winner By Submission: Penelope Ford

Tag Team Match
The Acclaimed vs. JT Energy & Justin Fowler

Justin Fowler & Max Caster start us off, Caster starts wrestling then decides against it and chops Fowler.Anthony Bowens tags in and hits his usual flurry of strikes before they hit the ropes and Fowler lands a jumping knee strike and both men tag out.

Caster dropkicks JT Energy then tags out and Energy takes some corner offense then Caster hits a powerslam. Bowens lays out Fowler with a superkick then slams Energy down to set up a Mic Drop from Caster gets the win.

Winners: The Acclaimed 

Trios Match
ThunderStorm & Hikaru Shida vs. Beast Of Burdens & Emi Sakura

Hikaru Shida & Emi Sakura get us going, things break down into a brawl right away and Shida drops Emi with a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Emi responds with one of her own then she ties up Shida and poses on her back.

Nyla Rose tags in, Shida runs into an avalanche but then avoids a senton and hits a meteora. Shida avoids a corner splash and tags in Toni Storm who flies in with a crossbody and takes out the enemy corner before dropping Rose with a neckbreaker. Emi gets ejected but the distraction lets Rose hit a superkick on Storm to take over.

Marina Shafir tags in but Rose gets low bridged. Shafir avoids a DDT but Storm drops her with a shotgun dropkick then the corner hip attack and plants her with the pendulum DDT gets the win for her team.

Winners: ThunderStorm & Hikaru Shida