AEW Dark Elevation Results – September 12, 2022

AEW Dark Elevation Results – September 12, 2022

Tag Team Match
Beast Of Burdens vs. JC Storm & Joelle Clift

Marina Shafir & JC Storm start us out, Shafir hits a uranage then cheap shots Joelle. Nyla Rose tags in and hits an avalanche to Storm then a corner avalanche from Rose but Storm gets away and tags in Joelle Clift.

Joelle tries to strike with Rose but it fails and Rose hits a suplex then rolls through and hits a gordbuster. Shafir tags in and they hit their 3D/DDT combo for the win.

Winners: Beast Of Burdens

Julia Hart vs Tiara James

Match kicks off with Julia Hart staring at Tiara James then stomps on the foot and face plants James. Hart bounces James’s head off the mat for a bit but James starts fighting back with a few strikes then runs into a superkick.

Hart nails a standing moonsault but she pulls up off the count at 1. Hart connects with a northern lariat then she locks in Heartless that makes James submit.

Winner By Submission: Julia Hart

Tag Team Match
Dante Martin & Matt Sydal vs. Serpentico & Zack Clayton

Dante Martin & Matt Sydal hits a double dropkick to Zack Clayton then Martin & Sydal scare Serpentico out of the ring. Clayton & Luther toss Serpentico back into the ring but he’s tossed right back out and Martin then hits a springboard dive onto Chaos Project & Clayton. Sydal with a head kick then back inside the ring Dante Martin hits Noise Dive on Serpentico for the win.

Winners: Dante Martin & Matt Sydal

Athena vs. Emi Sakura

Emi Sakura fakes a handshake then avoids a tie up and they start trading slaps and shoves then they do for the test of strength spot, Emi with the early advantage but she can’t break the bridge of Athena then Athena hits a monkey flip. Athena with some corner attacks and a front handspring elbow but Emi avoids a scoop slam and hits a Whirling Dervish.

Emi then with corner chops and the corner crossbody. Emi hits a double underhook backbreaker then she ties up Athena and sits on her back posing. Athena fires up with an elbow shot but Emi drops her with a strike. Emi tries for the Queen’s Gambit but Athena blocks it and lands more strikes. Knee and kicks from Athena then a shotgun dropkick.

Athena hits a Saito suplex, but Emi fires up and lays in chops then a clothesline to drop Athena this time Athena fires up and hits a powerbomb then a superkick. Athena heads up top & nails Sakura with the O Face for the victory.

Winner: Athena

Tag Team Match
House Of Black vs. Isiah Prince & Kubes

Buddy Matthews & Isiah Prince start us off then Matthews ties up Prince and fakes him out in the corner. Kubes tags in Matthews smirks then tags in Brody King. Both Kubes & Prince get run over by King. King with strikes to both men then corner clotheslines for each of them before he stacks them up for an avalanche.

Matthews tags himself in then King hits a cannonball senton as Matthews boots Prince off the apron then a knee strike from Matthews & a Matthews’ Law to get the win.

Winners: House Of Black

Hikaru Shida vs. Christina Marie

Hikaru Shida starts out with a pie face then an elbow strike and a Sliding D as well for a 2 count.Christina Marie grabs a sleeper to counter a Falcon Arrow but Shida slams her in the corner and then slaps her. Marie avoids a 10 punch and starts kicking Shida in the corner. Shida blocks a scoop slam and hits a suplex Shida does get the 10 punch then hits a meteora then she nails Marie with the Katana to put Marie away.

Winner: Hikaru Shida

John Silver vs. Ryan Nemeth

John Silver & Ryan Nemeth trade arm wringers and escapes, Nemeth with an ankle pick then a mat return and he poses. Silver is unimpressed with Nemeth’s antics then drops Nemeth with an uppercut. Silver with a back body drop and Nemeth takes a powder but Silver follows him and sends him back into the ring.

Silver bounces Nemeth into the corner but he tries to climb the ropes and takes too long so Nemeth lands a dropkick to the ribs. Nemeth starts working the body with knees. Silver starts firing up as Nemeth goes to landing punches, Silver lays out Nemeth with clotheslines then a German suplex.

Corner offense from Silver and an Angle Slam. Pump kick to the back of the head, then the Spin Doctor from Silver scores the win.

Winner: John Silver

QT Marshall has a mic as they’re coming down, he does the usual insulting of the host city and couldn’t think of anyone who’s come from Buffalo that matters then Buffalo’s own The Butcher & The Blade make their way down to the ring.

Tag Team Match
The Factory vs. The Butcher & The Blade

Aaron Solo & The Blade start us off, Solo lays in strikes but The Blade cuts him off and lays in chops in the corner. Another kick from Solo but he runs into a snap powerslam from The Blade. Nick Comoroto tags in as does The Butcher. Butcher tries a shoulder block but neither man goes down. Comoroto tells him to try again, again he can’t drop him. Butcher now calls for the shoulder block, and Comoroto drops him to a knee but he doesn’t really go down.

Knee from Comoroto but The Butcher lands a back body drop then runs over Comoroto with a shoulder block. The Blade tags in and Comoroto eats some tandem offense. Solo with a cheap shot to Blade & Comoroto then levels him with a clothesline. Comoroto unloads with body shots and Solo tags in. Some strikes from Solo, then Marshall lands a cheap shot.

Blade hits a fisherman’s swinging neckbreaker then tags in Butcher. Butcher runs over Solo for a bit, then hits a pumphandle suplex. Blade tags in, but Comoroto breaks up Drag The Lake then they hit their modified Decapitation but Blade kicks out at 2. Marshall goes for a cheap shot again, but Bunny makes sure the ref sees it and the ref ejects Marshall. Drag The Lake to Solo gets the win.

Winners: The Butcher & The Blade