AEW Dark Elevation Results – August 8, 2022

AEW Dark Elevation Results – August 8, 2022

Tag Team Match
Ruby Soho & Skye Blue vs. Nikki Victory & Megan Myers

Skye Blue & Nikki Victory start us off, Blue gets an arm wringer and proceeds to out wrestle Victory for a bit before tagging out. Some tandem offense from Blue & Ruby Soho then Blue tags back in and they hit sandwich punt kicks. Victory avoids a superkick and tags out.

Megan Meyers sells a dropkick that didn’t connect then lands an elbow of her own and lays in some corner offense. A series of kicks from Meyers then she tags out. Victory looks to continue the momentum with strikes, she tries to cheap shot Ruby that backfires then Blue tags out as does Victory.

Ruby runs wild for a bit then launches Meyers into the middle turnbuckle and makes Victory DDT Meyers along with a back heel trip but that only gets 2. Blue superkicks Victory, Ruby hits the Destination Unknown to score the win.

Winners: Ruby Soho & Skye Blue

Parker Bordeaux vs. Casey Kerrington

Parker Bordeaux snaps Casey Kerrington down right away. Corner offense from Parker, he hits an avalanche and seems impressed with himself. Parker tosses Casey around the ring then gets annoyed by a few blows from Casey before wiping him out with a lariat. An Ore Ga Taue from Parker puts away Kerrington.

Winner: Parker Bordeaux

Athena vs. Queen Aminata

Aminata with a quick kick then Athena fights back with an arm drag and a dropkick. Trip from Athena then Aminata rolls out of the ring to avoid the follow up offense.

Athena follows her out and kills her with a shotgun dropkick into the barricade, that looked like a rough landing for Aminata as her head cracked the barricade low on it. Back in the ring now and Aminata lands an elbow strike then a snap suplex.

Athena fires up with strikes of her own but Aminata hits a snapmare and a kick but Athena avoids a kick then drills her with a superkick. Argentine backbreaker into a Codebreaker from Athena, then nails Aminata with O Face for the win

Winner: Athena

Tag Team Match
The Baddies vs. Alice Crowley & Brea States

Alice Crowley & Brea States jumps The Baddies at the bell, this goes badly for them quickly. Lelia Grey sends Alice out of the ring while Kiera Hogan leg kicks Freya then hits a step up leg drop for a 2 count. Blind tag from Lelia Grey, Hogan disapproves as Grey lays into Freya with strikes. Freya turns things around with strikes and tosses Grey out of the corner. Grey avoids a corner attack and lands a knee strikes then a tornado DDT. Hogan tags in as does Alice, Hogan with a superkick then sliding kick in the corner. Buzzsaw Kick from Hogan puts the match to bed.

Winners: The Baddies

After the match Grey & Hogan continue bickering.

Tag Team Match
Dark Order vs. Lord Cruz & TUG Cooper

John Silver & Lord Cruz start us off, Silver shoulder blocks him and poses. They hit the ropes and Silver drops Crewe again then he hits a back body drop. Back elbow from Crewe lands then he unloads with body blows in the corner and tags in TUG Cooper. Cooper with strikes in the corner as well before Silver clocks him with a strike. Both men tag out and Alex Reynolds gets to run wild for a bit including a double stomp to Crewe. Cooper tries to get involved, Silver wallops him with a pump kick, then Crewe takes their tag team ping pong style finisher for the win.

Winners: Dark Order

Tag Team Match
Lucha Bros vs. The Wingmen

Rey Fenix & Peter Avalon start things off, Avalon avoids a tie up and celebrates with Ryan Nemeth then tags out. Nemeth also avoids a tie up and tags out. Fenix has had enough of this and starts punching both men then tags out. Stereo superkicks sends The Wingmen out of the ring then they set for dives but are tripped up.

The Wingmen stomp on Penta in the ring for a bit. Nemeth tags in and lays in strikes then tags out. A lot of quick tags from The Wingmen but eventually Penta fights back with a kick to Avalon then Sling Blades to both men and Fenix tags in.

Fenix with a ridiculous crossbody to Nemeth then Avalon takes kicks. Sandwich superkick to Nemeth from both men then an assisted splash but Fenix takes too long trying to cover. Chop from Fenix then he offers a double stomp to the groin from Penta, who hits it then Avalon has to break up the pin. Avalon lands an enziguri to Fenix then Nemeth hits a pendulum DDT for a 2 count.

Avalon tags in, and Fenix tags out as well. Penta with a thrust kick to Nemeth then he takes a sandwich superkick before Fenix takes Avalon off the top rope with a Spanish Fly then the assisted Fear Factor gets the Lucha Bros the win.

Winners: Lucha Bros

After the match Andrade El Idolo & Rush show up with Jose The Assistant in tow, they head to the ring but stop on the apron and head back out. Both teams stare off and trade words to end this week’s Dark Elevation