AEW Dark Elevation Results – November 21, 2022

AEW Dark Elevation Results – November 21, 2022

Trios Match
Rush,The Butcher & The Blade vs. Doug Love,Channing Thomas & Brett Gosselin 

Channing Thomas & The Blade get us going, Blade gets an early advantage and starts laying in strikes. Thomas runs away and tags in Brett Gosselin & The Butcher wants in so Blade obliges him.

The Butcher runs wild with strikes then tags in Rush. Doug Love tags in as well and Rush clobbers him with an elbow strike. Corner offense from Rush, then he fakes out the Bulls Horns and poses. Rush with an overhand throw to Love into the corner then hits the Bulls Horns for the win.

Winners: Rush,The Butcher & The Blade

Tag Team Match
Hikaru Shida & Willow Nightingale vs. Emi Sakura & Leva Bates

Emi Sakura jumps Willow Nightingale & Hikaru Shida at the bell, Leva Bates comes over to help but Nightingale clotheslines them both down. Shida with a 10 punch to Bates while Nightingale does the same to Sakura. Sakura with a cheap shot to Shida then Bates lands a kick. That leads to an Sakura tag and she lays in chops then boxes the ears of Shida before tying her up and posing on her back.

Sakura with chops in the corner then the corner crossbody but she takes too long on the crossbody and runs into a hurricanrana. Elbow from Shida then she tags in Nightingale. Nightingale with a hip attack in the corner then a big boot then a spinebuster from Nightingale leads to a 2 count.

Shida tags back in and Bates botches taking a tilt a whirl backbreaker, then Sakura hits her own tilt a whirl backbreaker. Sakura gets up on the shoulders of Shida and rakes the eyes then hits a book shot for a 2 count.

Bates tags in Sakura & she hits the corner crossbody and Bates follows up with a double knee strike. Nightingale comes in to break up a double team move, she hits Sakura with a Death Valley Driver as Shida hits a backbreaker to Bates. Cannonball in the corner from Nightingale then she tosses Bates into a Katana from Shida gets the win for her team.

Winners: Hikaru Shida & Willow Nightingale 

Brian Cage vs. Brandon Cutler

Match starts off with Brandon Cutler tries to have a pose off with Brian Cage & it goes poorly and he runs into a shoulder block from Cage. Cage calls Cutler on, Cutler winds up and hits a chop which does nothing but get Cage to flex his pectoral.

Cage then chops Cutler to the mat. Corner clothesline from Cage, but Cutler avoids a follow up and lands a kick. Cage hits a swinging full nelson slam, Prince Nana wants to use the cold spray on Cutler, but Cutler ducks and Nana sprays Cage.

Cutler then douses Nana with the cold spray before rolling up Cage with a school boy for a 2 count. Cage lands a discus lariat then a powerbomb followed by an F5 that gets the win

Winner: Brian Cage

Trios Match
Jericho Appreciation Society vs. Tracy Williams,Leon Ruffin & Tony Deppen

Tracy Williams starts off with Angelo Parker then he no sells a chop and then chops Parker a few times. Parker with some kicks to avoid strikes but he eats a clothesline at the end of it. Matt Menard with a blind tag but Williams grabs a side headlock then Tony Deppen with a blind tag and he unloads with strikes to Menard.

Cheap shot from Parker then Menard follows up with a clothesline. Parker tags back in and Deppen takes some double team moves. Deppen avoids an attack and tags in Leon Ruffin. Ruffin runs wild before Daniel Garcia tags in. Evasive moves from Ruffin as he avoids everyone while Garcia chases him, eventually he’s caught in a double DDT from Parker & Menard then Garcia follows up with a Dragon Sleeper to get the submission win.

Winners By Submission: Jericho Appreciation Society

Mercedes Martinez vs. JC

Match starts off with a lock up then Mercedes Martinez out wrestles JC early. JC with a kick in the corner then a slap. Martinez lands a clothesline, then a delayed vertical suplex. Strikes from Martinez, then JC fights back with a jawbreaker and some leg kicks then a chop but she runs into a spinebuster from Martinez then she locks in the Brass City Sleeper & JC has to tap out.

Winner By Submission: Mercedes Martinez

Wheeler Yuta vs. Zack Clayton

Zack Clayton with a cheap shot early then strikes in the corner. Wheeler Yuta grabs the ears of Clayton and lays in strikes but he runs into a clothesline. Clayton then poses in the corner before Yuta hits an Manhattan Drop and an enziguri then a running elbow in the corner.

Yuta up top and hits a flying punch off the top rope. Yuta counters a strike with an Alpamare Waterslide then the Hammer & Anvil Elbows then Seatbelt to get the win.

Winner: Wheeler Yuta

Trios Match
The Firm vs. Trustbusters & Encore

Isiah Kassidy & Encore starts this match off before Ari Daivari distracts Kassidy and Encore lands a cheap shot then tags in Sonny Kiss. Kiss bounces on Kassidy then hits a suplex and a split leg drop for a 2 count.

Daivari tags back in and lands body shots then a knee to the back. Encore tags back in but Kassidy avoids them and tags in Marq Quen. Quen with a high amplitude crossbody then he dropkicks Kiss and dives onto Encore on the outside.

Back in the ring Quen hits a Shooting Star Press but Kiss breaks up the pin. Kick from Kiss to Quen then a military press drop and standing moonsault. Quen avoids a double back suplex and tags in Matt Hardy.

Hardy runs wild and hits a Side Effect to Daivari. Kassidy tags back in, Encore winds up on the shoulders of Hardy & Quen hits a dropkick Doomsday Device. Kassidy follows up with a Swanton Bomb to score the win.

Winners: The Firm

After the match Hardy drops Daivari with a Twist Of Fate and steals the wad of cash from Daivari.

Kip Sabian attacks Reynolds before the match starts.

Alex Reynolds vs. Kip Sabian

Kip Sabian lands a crossbody. Some corner offense from Sabian then he looks for a top rope move but Alex Reynolds bites him then lands a boot. Running elbows from Reynolds then a big boot in the corner.

Sabian avoids another boot and lands an enziguri then a running senton in the corner before Sabian hits the Anarchist Suplex but doesn’t go for the cover, instead Sabian heads up top then lands a double stomp for a 2 count and Reynolds rolls him into a crucifix pin to put Sabian away.

Winner: Alex Reynolds

After the match Sabian loses his mind and stomps on Reynolds a bit before he heads out.

In the back Ethan Page gets an interview, he wants to talk about the big win The Firm had but Lexi Nair wants to get his reaction to Matt Hardy landing the Twist Of Fate after the match. Matt Hardy walks up and hands the 50K he stole from Daivari to Page, and he says it was worth every penny to hit that move. Kassidy says it was orgasmic.

Trios Match
Best Friends vs. The Factory

Trent Beretta & Lee Johnson kick this match off then some stomps from Johnson then a few strikes. Beretta tries to fight back but Johnson tags out and Aaron Solo winds up in as Beretta takes a few double team moves then a tornado kick from Solo. Chuck Taylor takes some abuse now then The Factory with a group hug.

Beretta & Taylor start their comeback, Solo eats a Sole Food into a half nelson suplex then Nick Comoroto comes in behind the refs back and runs over both Beretta & Taylor. Orange Cassidy has come up on the apron and wants the tag, which Beretta gives.

Cassidy with a cross body to Solo then a dive onto Comoroto. Johnson eats an around the world DDT from Cassidy, then a Orange Punch for Cole Karter & Johnson. Solo tries to cut off Cassidy but Cassidy clocks him with an Orange Punch. Triple set of moves as Cassidy hits Solo with a Beach Break while Karter & Johnson each get a piledriver to get Best Friends the win.

Winners: Best Friends

After the match Best Friends hit the group hug.

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