AEW Dark Elevation Results – September 19, 2022

AEW Dark Elevation Results – September 19, 2022

Zack Clayton vs. Conan Lycan

Zack Clayton tricks Conan Lycan into posing for the crowd, then kicks his leg out of his leg. Some strikes from Clayton then he poses. Lycan tries to fight back with strikes, and hits a back elbow then fires up with some clotheslines. Clayton avoids a corner rush and Lycan posts himself. Release northern lights suplex from Clayton gets a 2 count then a suplex from Clayton then a jumping knee drop.

Lycan lands a back elbow then jumps off the second rope but Clayton catches him with a powerslam for a 2 count. They hit the ropes then Lycan hits a spinebuster. Lycan heads up top, that’s a mistake as Clayton avoids a 450 splash then hits a spinning Torture Rack Bomb to pick up the win.

Winner: Zack Clayton

Nyla Rose vs. Becca

Nyla Rose with a quick mat return and smirks at Becca then a knee from Rose, then she misses a corner attack and Becca lands a running kick that annoys Rose who cuts her in half with a spear then a Beast Bomb for the win.

Winner: Nyla Rose

After the match Vickie Gurrerro demands quiet so Marina can speak. Marina introduces herself to the crowd, bringing up that her family welcomed her parents in the 90’s when her parents immigrated here from Moldova. She calls all of the fans part of the problem. She then loses her place in the script for a moment, then yells about people not knowing her. When the violins play, violence is on the way.

Tag Team Match
Private Party vs. Danger Kid & Aidden Agro

Marq Quen & Danger Kid start us off then Isiah Kassidy tags in but eats a side headlock from Kid. Aidden Aggro tags in and Kassidy takes some tandem offense for a 2 count. Kid tags in, Kassidy avoids a back suplex and Quen lands a kick then takes a tag and hits a springboard crossbody.

Kassidy tags back in and we get a double stomp assisted neckbreaker. More isolating of Kid & Kassidy lays in chops then tags out so Quen can hit an elbow then allows Kassidy to hit a top con hilo. Quen lays in kicks then allows Kassidy to hit some cheap shots.

Kid kicks Quen off and both men tag out. Aggro runs wild for a few moments including a top rope dropkick. Kassidy with an arm drag then Quen hits some kicks, Kid is knocked off the apron then the Gin & Juice for the win.

Winners: Private Party

Skye Blue vs. Clara Carreras

Skye Blue & Clara Carreras tie up to start this match off, Blue starts out wrestling Carreras to get things going then hits a shoulder block. They hit the ropes and Blue lands a superkick. Arm wringer from Blue, Carreras fights free and starts unloading strikes in the corner before hitting a low dropkick.

Enziguri from Blue then a running knee strike and Sick Kick follow up. Botched jawbreaker from Carreras but then Blue hits a superkick then Blue connects with Skye Fall to put Carreras away.

Winner: Skye Blue

Trios Match
The Boys & Dalton Castle vs. Rick Recon,Omar & Boujii

Dalton Castle & Rick Recon start us off, Castle out wrestles Recon right away, then both men miss clotheslines before Castle hits a belly 2 belly throw. Recon tags in Omar, Brent Tate tags in and he & Brandon Tate hit a double team move.

Boujii tags in and attacks Brent but Brandon with the blind tag to set up a Codebreaker. Omar tags in and slams Brandon then Boujii tags back in. Brandon flips away from a back suplex and tags in Castle.

Castle runs wild on everyone then he tosses Brent at Omar then Brandon to Boujii. More times Castle keeps tossing The Boys onto his opponents then Bangarang to Boujii for the win.

Winners: The Boys & Dalton Castle

Frankie Kazarian vs. Jora Johl

Jora Johl starts with strikes right away, Frankie Kazarian then hits a springboard back elbow. Frankie clotheslines Jora out of the ring then follows him out for some chops before they head back into the ring. Leg drop from Frankie gets a 1 count. Jora catches a jumping Frankie to hit a sit out Death Valley Driver for a 2 count. Suplex from Jora. Frankie lands a back elbow but runs into a superkick.

Double under hook backbreaker from Jora gets another 2 count. Jora calls for the end, but Frankie avoids a pump kick and fires up with strikes of his own. Jora blocks a crossface chicken wing, then misses a pump kick. O’Connor Roll from Jora, but Frankie kicks out then grabs the crossface chicken wing to get the tap out win.

Winner By Submission: Frankie Kazarain

Mascara Dorada vs. Serpentico

Mascara Dorada grabs a side headlock right away, then they hit the ropes for some acrobatics. Serpentico lands a kick but runs into a boot then an inverted sling blade from Dorada. Dorada hops onto the 2nd rope and runs it, then hits a dropkick. Serpentico lands a kick then misses a dive and Dorada follows him with an Asai moonsault.

Back in the ring Dorada heads up top, walks the ropes then hits a Swanton Bomb for a near fall. Serpentico avoids a suplex and hits a superkick then a flatliner for a 2 count. Now Serpentico heads up top, but misses a double stomp then takes a superkick from Dorada, then a Dorada Screwdriver gets Dorada the victory.

Winner: Mascara Dorada

Tag Team Match
The Butcher & The Blade vs. Mike Anthony & Liam Davis

The Butcher overpowers Liam Davis and lays in strikes in the corner. Davis tries to fight back but Butcher just clubs him down then hits a pumphandle suplex. Both men tag out and The Blade is happy to trade strikes with Mike Anthony then levels him with a clothesline.

Snap suplex from Blade. Butcher tags back in and Anthony takes a double headbutt. A double chop for Davis, and we get a lot of stomps from Butcher & Blade.

Butcher lays out Anthony with a clothesline. Davis takes a backbreaker and elbow from Butcher. Blade tags in and then hit Drag The Lake using Davis to land onto Anthony for the win.

Winners: The Butcher & The Blade