AEW Dark Results – September 13, 2022

AEW Dark Results – September 13, 2022

Penelope Ford vs. Alice Crowley

Match begins with Penelope Ford & Alice Crowley locking up. Ford chokes Crowley on the ropes before Crowley fires back with a chop. Crowley sends Ford to the mat but Ford rolls out to the apron. She delivers a kick, followed by a clothesline. She kicks Crowley’s face, then delivers a shin across Crowley’s neck.

Ford delivers several kicks in the corner but Crowley fires back with a forearm. Ford delivers an elbow, then sends Crowley into the ropes. She delivers a dropkick to Crowley’s back, followed by the back handspring elbow and a high boot then she locks in the Indian Deathlock for the win.

Winner By Submission: Penelope Ford

We then head backstage to Hikaru Shida’s locker room. Noises coming from behind the locked door before Rebel comes out and says to Alex Marvez that Shida needs a moment. Britt Baker then comes out with a kendo stick in hand and says that if she can’t have her tag partner of choice then neither can Toni Storm. She tells her to look around for a new one before the pair walk off. Marvez opens the door and calls for medical personnel. He says things don’t look good for Shida.

Tag Team Match
The Wingmen vs. Dante Martin & Matt Sydal

The Wingmen waste no time going after Dante Martin & Matt Sydal. Martin delivers a dropkick to Ryan Nemeth as Sydal takes down Cezar Bononi, both men go flying off the apron before Sydal tosses Nemeth back in the ring. He goes for a pin, but Nemeth kicks out. Nemeth delivers a dropkick then goes for a pin but Sydal kicks out.

Bononi tags in and delivers a couple of kicks. He tosses Sydal face first into the top turnbuckle, then whips him into the opposite corner. Nemeth tags in and delivers several knees, followed by a fist drop then he goes for a pin but Sydal kicks out. Nemeth looks for a forearm, but Sydal moves out of the way and delivers a hurricanrana. Bononi tags in and Sydal hits a DDT then he makes the hot tag to Martin.

Martin delivers a dropkick, followed by an enziguri and a crossbody off the top rope. He goes for a cover but Bononi kicks out. Nemeth tags back in and Sydal delivers a kick to Nemeth’s jaw. Martin tags in and he connects with the Nose Dive for the win.

Winners: Dante Martin & Matt Sydal

Tag Team Match
Skye Blue & Queen Aminata vs. Diamante & Emi Sakura

Skye Blue & Diamante starts us off & they go after one another. Diamante delivers a German suplex then rains down some right hands. Emi Sakura tags in and delivers several Mongolian chops. She follows it up with a backbreaker, then sits on her.

Diamante tags back in and Blue delivers a kick to her head. Queen Aminata tags in and takes down Sakura. She delivers a flatliner to Diamante then goes for a pin attempt but Diamante kicks out.

Sakura tags back in and delivers a series of machine gun chops. She hits a diving press before Diamante tags back in. Sakura hits a Vader Bomb then goes for a pin but Aminata kicks out. Blue tags back in and delivers a crossbody off the top to the outside. She tosses Sakura back in the ring and hits a thrust kick. She delivers her finisher for the win.

Winners: Skye Blue & Queen Aminata

Danhausen vs. Peter Avalon

Peter Avalon delivers a kick to Danhausen, followed by a bodyslam. Danhausen delivers a northern lights throw followed by a back elbow and a jumping knee. Danhausen hits a shoulder to Avalon’s midsection, followed by a German suplex. Avalon delivers an enziguri but Danhausen fires back with a kick. Danhausen curses Avalon then locks in the Juji Gatame for the submission win.

Winner By Submission: Danhausen

Matt Hardy vs. Angelico

Matt Hardy & Angelico lock up to start this match off then they exchange some submissions before Hardy sends Angelico repeatedly into the turnbuckles face first in all 4 corners. Hardy delivers a right hand to his jaw then hits a powerbomb. He goes for a pin, but Angelico kicks out. Angelico sends Hardy onto the apron, then follows it up with a kick. He delivers several stomps, followed by a snapmare and a kick to the back of his head then he goes for a pin but Hardy kicks out.

Angelico targets Hardy’s arm and locks in a submission. Hardy escapes and delivers the Side Effect. He goes for a pin but Angelico kicks out. He hits a drop toe hold, then goes for a pin but Hardy kicks out. Hardy manages to pull out the Twist Of Fate for the win.

Winner: Matt Hardy