AEW Dark Results – August 2, 2022

AEW Dark Results – August 2, 2022

Tag Team Match
Trustbusters vs. Tayshawn Price & Logan Cruz

Slim J got a side headlock takedown on Tayshawn Price. Ariya Daivari then tagged in and struck the rib cage of Price. Price found a breakthrough and tagged in Logan Cruz. Once Cruz gets in the ring Daivari decks him then Trustbusters double suplex Cruz. Trustbusters hit a neckbreaker combination on Cruz to score the victory.

Winners: Trustbusters

Willow Nightingale vs. Harley Cameron

Harley Cameron locked in the left arm of Willow Nightingale to start the match. Nightingale caught Cameron in a brief sleeper submission. Nightingale hit a senton and a low crossbody.

Nightingale dropped Cameron with a spinebuster. Cameron escaped out of a Doctor Bomb attempt. Nightingale countered with the.

Nightingale connects cannonball senton and then plants Cameron down to the mat with the Doctor Bomb on her second attempt for the win.

Winner: Willow Nightingale

Diamante vs. Rocky Radley

Diamante shoulder tackles Rocky Radley and rolled her up early on. Diamante planted herself with a low hanging dropkick in the corner.

Diamante drove her knees in the lower back of Radley, who came back and hit Diamante with a kick to the jaw. Diamante regrouped and locks Radley in the straight jacket submission for the submission victory.

Winner By Submission: Diamante

Tag Team Match
The Factory vs. KC Rocker & Caleb Teninty

The Factory dominated Caleb Teninty early on. KC Rocker tagged in and targeted Nick Comoroto with a crossbody attempt but Comoroto hoisted him up and slammed him down in the middle of the ring.

Aaron Solo rejoined in the ring and planted himself with a leaping knee drop to Rocker. Teninty also returned to the ring and fired away at Solo. Solo hipped toss him into the corner. Solo hit a diving foot stomp for the victory.

Winners: The Factory

Shawn Dean vs. Jonathan Hudson

Jonathan Hudson suplexed Shawn Dean and took advantage of early momentum. Dean then regained momentum with strikes and plants Hudson with a sit out powerbomb then hits the Frog Splash to put Hudson away.

Winner: Shawn Dean

Parker Boudreaux vs. Serpentico

Parker Boudreaux manhandled Serpentinco shortly after the bell rang. Boudreaux continuously lifted up Serpentinco and hit a back suplex for the victory.

Winner: Parker Boudreaux

Tag Team Match
The Acclaimed vs. The Wingmen

Anthony Bowens hits Ryan Nemeth with a shoulder tackle and followed up with a dropkick. Bowens took down Nemeth with an arm drag.

Max Caster tagged in and while still in the ring, Bowens took advantage by hitting a sweeping neckbreaker. Nemeth broke through and tagged in Peter Avalon.

Avalon doubled stomped Caster and tagged out. Nemeth drove the knees into the midsection of Caster in the corner.Caster tagged in Bowens, who took The Wingmen down with a leg drop. Nemeth performed a hanging DDT and only received a two count. Bowens flattened Nemeth and then Caster hit the Mic Drop for the win.Winners:The Acclaimed

All Atlantic Title Match
PAC (c) vs. Connor Mills
This is from the RevPro Summer Sizzler show on July 23rd.

Connor Mills wasted no time targeting PAC with strikes to the midsection.PAC used a headbutt to gain momentum. Mills struck back with a brainbuster to turn the tide. Mills launched off the middle rope with an uppercut and got a two count. Mills hit a moonsault and landed on Pac on the outside. Mills also hit a missile dropkick on PAC.

PAC threw a punt kick to the jaw of Mills to slow his momentum. PAC brought Mills to the top of the stage and dropped him with a Tombstone Piledriver. The ref began his count but Mills beat it by getting back inside the ring. PAC launched off the rope with a knee drop and and followed up with a brainbuster.

Mills dropped PAC with a big back heel kick. The match slowed down a bit before Mills missed a moonsault. PAC hits Mills with a thrust kick. PAC missed a top rope splash. Mills hit a 450 splash and nearly got the upset victory. Mills struck with a cutter to PAC and once again almost got the victory. PAC got back up and put Mills down with a brainbuster then the Black Arrow gets PAC the win.

Winner & Still All Atlantic Champion: PAC (STILL CHAMPION!!!)