AEW Double or Nothing Results – May 23, 2020

AEW Double or Nothing Results – May 23, 2020

Excalibur and Taz are working the booth for the Buy In. I see the Gunn Club, Pineapple Pete and The Librarians as fans at ringside. We get a little PPV run down and throw it Tony Schiavone as he speaks with Jake the Snake Roberts preparing Lance Archer. Archer is destroying a dilabitated house with a sledgehammer.

Private Party (Marq Quen & Isiah Kassidy) vs Best Friends (Trent and Chuck Taylor)- #1 Contenders Match

Trent and Kassidy with a little pushing a shoving to start things off but we do end with a handshake. Taylor and Quen kick us off with a lockup. Headlock into a wristlock by Taylor, Kassidy kip ups out but Taylor hits a headlock takeover. Kassidy breaks free. Trent and Quen tag in. Lockup, headlock by Quen. Quen with a standing moonsault for 2. Trent with abackdrop to the apron, Quen tries a dive but Trent hits a northern lights. Tag in to Taylor, double elbow by the Best Friends, Trent tags back in. Quen avoids the backdrop and all four are going at it. Trent actually LOSES HIS HEADBAND!

Snap mare by Trent, he then hits a belly to back on Kassidy and gets the mighty headband back on. Trent blocks the Silly String but Kassidy hits a DDT, Trent came down really hard on his his knee. Quen tags in and goes to work in the corner. Quen puts the headband on and tags in Kassidy. Spear by Trent on the outside on Kassidy but Quen with a tope takes Trent out. Quen rolls Trent in and goes to the top but is stopped by Taylor. Best Friends hit thir Doomsday Superplex for 2. Taylor tags in and gets a 2 after a suplex. Chops in the corner by Taylor. Another vertical suplex by Taylor for 2. Trent with the tag but Quen immediately forearms out of the corner. Big dropkick by Quen. Kassidy tags in. Series of kicks, Kassidy with a moonsault on the floor to Taylor.

Forearms byt Kassidy, Quen tags in and they hit an atomic drop/enziguiri combo for 2. Kassidy back in but a pair of snap belly to backs by Trent, he tags in Chuck. Double team by Private Party. Taylor gets out the way and we get the Sole Food/suplex combo. Best Friends with the big hug. Quen hits a shooting star press on Trent as Kassidy hold him down. Quen tags in and they hit the G-9. Sling blade by Kassidy. Big shooting star by Quen, Taylor pulls him out and hits a piledriver on the floor. Lariat by Trent for 2. Side enziguiri by Quen, double team by Private Party into a Gin and Juice attempt but Taylor prevents Kassidy from making the rotation. Strong Arm by Best Friends and Trent gets the pin on Quen.

WINNERS: Best Friends

Tony Schiavone interviews Arn Anderson, who is immensely unimpressed by Archer destroying toilets with a sledgehammer. Toilets don’t hit back. Anderson reminds us that Mike Tyson has free reign on the building. Cody will build on his legacy.

We get a video package on the Jon Moxley vs. Brodie Lee match.

We begin the PPV portion of Double or Nothing with AEW thanking out First Responders and we have an “In Memory of Shad Gaspard”

Vickie Guerrero, Butcher and Blade are also at ringside.

Casino Ladder Match for a Future Title Match: Scorpio Sky vs. Frankie Kazarian vs. Darby Allin vs. Joey Janela vs Colt Cabana vs. Kip Sabian, Orange Cassidy vs TBD vs Luchasaurus

Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian will kick us off. No time wasted as they both run to ringside for ladders but think better of nit. Lockup, Sky with an armtwist. Reverse by Kaz into a shoulderblock. Headlock by Frankie. Sky misses a stomp, they avoid each other until a mid ring collision.

Kip Sabian is in next.

Jimmy Havoc in from behind with a ladder takes out SCU. Michinoku Driver/Dropkick combo by Sabian and Havoc. Havoc goes for a rana but misses and lands on the ladder. Frankie with a nornern lights on Havoc onto a ladder. Kaziarian tries to climb the ladder but Sabian stops him. Kneelift by Sabian, he gets taken out by Sky.

Darby Allin is in next.

Tope suicida on Havoc and Sabian, cutter on Kazarian. Allin is setting up ladders at ringside, bridging one. Allin throws his skateboard into Kazarian. He lays Kazarian on the ladder and tries to stomp him from a much higher ladder but KAzarian gets out of the way. Allin goes through the ladder and is in some serious pain

Orange Cassidy is next. He asks Excalibur how he wins the match and Excalibur reminds him. Cassidy is taking his sweet time getting to the ring. Everyone is laid out and Cassidy is trying to reach the casino chip without a ladder. As guys try to tackle him, Cassidy lazily avoids them.

Colt Cabana is next. Cassidy seems to have no idea how to set up a ladder. Cabana shoves Cassidy out and tries to climb the ladder, SCU takes the ladder out and bounce Sabian off of it. Cassidy clears the ring with his hands in his pockets. He is STILL wearing his sunglasses. SCU finally put the boots to him ouyside.

Joey Janela comes in and cleans out the ringside area and nails Cabana with a dropkick off the top. Kazarian shoves him out and tries to clims the ladder. Sky takes out some guys with chair as Sabian hits a DDT on Kazarian to knock him down. Sabian struggles up the ladder.

Luchasaurus is in next. I would avoids those chops at any cost. He takes out SCU and power bombs Sabian on to the rest of the competition on the outside. Kazarian gets chokeslammed. Darby makes a comeback with a Code Red off the middle rope on Luchasaurus.

Mystery Man BRIAN CAGE (with Taz) is out next. F5 by Cage on Alin. Sabian gets powerbombed. Cage and Sky swaure off. German by Cage. Cage suplexes Janela from the apron. Kazarian troes to climb the cage but gets laid out. Cage climbs the ladder and Cassidy piggy backs him. The others pull Cage down and gang up on him. SCU with a ladder to Cage. Everyone lays the plunder (ladders, the guard rail, the prop chip.

Sabian with a dropkick to Cabana, Sky throws him oot and lays a ladder across Colt. Sabian pulls the rope down and Sky flies over the top. Sabian nails a cost to coast on Cabana. Elbow by Cassidy, he and Sabian battle it out on the top of the ladder. Kip gets knocked off and Penelope Ford trirs tp stop him. Here comes Jimmy Havoc to knock Cassidy off and Best Friends come out to stop him. Now Luchasaura and Cassidy square off. Cassidy wiggles out of a chokeslam and tries one of his own. Marko Stunt interferes and he and Luchasaurus hit a double choke slam. Janela hits a running Death Valley Driver on the plunder encasing Brian Cage (Cassidy was the victim there). TKO on Janeka by Sky. SCU battle it out on the ladder. Luchsaurus knocks the ladder down. He kicks Cabana out of the ring and Brian Cage emerges.

Cage and Luchasaurus with heavy strikes and a Buckle Bomb by cage. Allin enters the ring and he slaps Cage. Lariat by Cage. Drill Claw by Cage. Taz directs traffic. Cage lays Allin on a ladder and press slams Allin while still on the cage to ringside. Cage, with no opposition at all, climbs the ladder and retrieves the chip.

WINNER: Brian Cage

What an amazing debut for Cage.

The announcers give us a rundown of the rest of tonight’s card.

MJF with Wardlow vs Jungle Boy Jack Perry

Headlock/shoulderblock by MJF he grabs his junk to taunt Perry. Perry reciprocates. Perry flips MJF to the outside. Test of strength, monkey flip by MJF, they maintain the fingers and Perry hits a body scissors. MJF counters and both men face each other while standing on their heads and exchange slaps. Perry with chops. MJF claims a knee injury and the trainer hits the ring. Clearly faking, MJF leaps up and nails Perry from behind and grabs a chinlock. MJF with a TBone and a hard back elbow. Perry tries a Reverse rana but leaps forward into a victory roll for 2.

MJF works over Jungle Boy in the corner, whips him across with an arm twist, sending Perry upside down into the corner. MJF going to work hard on the arm with a twist into a chop. JB with a kick, and elbow and a discus forearm to slow MJF down. Chops by Jungle Boy all across the ring. Jungle Boy heavily favoring the left arm. MJF side steps a charge and Perry goes to the floor. MJF mouths off to Pineapple Pete, allowing Jungle Boy to hit a trio of Topes. Swinging DDT by Jungle Boy for 2. He had to hesitate on the pin due to the arm. Perry charges and eats a back elbow. Stomp on the arm by MJF. The two dare each other to hit chops and they oblige. MJF finally decides to just punch the arm. Destroyer by Perry, MJF immediately counters with a knee strike but Perry slaps a crossface on. MJF bites his way out.

On the apron, Perry with a superkick and a reverse rana. MJF’s head hit the apron extremely hard and is laid out. Honestly, MJF has no business being conscious after that. Jungle Boy rolls him into the ring. Jungle Boy to the top but MJF shoves referee Aubrey Edwards into the corner, forcing JB to crotch himself. Power Bomb off the top by Jungle Boy for 2. Perry tries a deadlift German but his arm gives out. MJF tries a double underhook but Perry reverses. MJF with elbows on the arm. Jungle Boy with a rollup for 2. They reverse rollups and MJF grabs some tights for the pin.


I’ve been saying it for months, Jungle Boy is going to be HUGE. MJF brags that he’s the future of this company.

We get a preview of the first ever TNT Championship Match.

Cody w/Arn Anderson vs Lance Archer w/Jake Roberts for the First Ever AEW TNT Championship.

Mike Tyson is out first with the TNT Title Belt. Archer beats the crap out of a stagehand while Tyson looks on with a bit of amusement and admiration. Archer immediately hits a Blackout and Cody smartly rolls to the outside. Archer goes for the EBD Claw but Cody tries for the triangle. They exchange forearms. Cody with a uppercut. Cody goes for a cutter but Archer knocks him out of the ring with the shoulder block. Archer tries to remove the padding at ringside but Cody with a tope. Cody ascends to the railing but Archer powerslams him off. Archer mauls him on the outside. Cody is all kinds of trouble but meets Archer with a boot. Archer shakes it off and nails a lariat.

Archer with a eye gouge. Archer with a old school into a moonsault for 2. Mike Tyson likes what he sees. Archer with a big chop in the corner, this is one sided so far. Cody reverses a suplex and drops archer flat on his face. Cody goes to work on the ribs. He bends Archer across the post. Archer grabs Cody and press slams him over the corner to the outside. Archer chokes him on the ropes. Tyson looks like he’s cheering for Archer. Cody grabs a desperation headlock but Archer with a uranagi. Punches by Archer and lays the forearms down. Splash by Archer for 2. Archer slows things down with an armbar. Cody rolls out and Archer throws him into the rail. Tyson seems to mock Cody. Cody is fighting back but it has no effect. Rollup by Archer for 2, Cody with a crossface. Jake tries to distract Cody but Cody with a DDT. Immediate spinebuster by Archer, as the gamesmanship between the managers commences.

Archer allows himself to get distracted and gets nailed by a spriongboard cutter for 1. A power kick out at 1. Cody fires at Archer with knees and strikes. Final Reckoning by Cody and he nails the CrossRhodes and we get a strong kickout at 1 and a half. Stinger Splash by Cody, an immediate EDB Claw. Archer seems tired. Archer goes for old school again but Arn Anderson knocks Archer off. Cody with a reverse superplex. Paul Turner runs to ringside and orders Anderson to the back due to the interference. For some reason, Roberts is evicted as well. German suplex by Archer. Roberts comes back, presumable with a python but Tyson stopes him. Archer goes for the Blackout but Cody with 2 Crossrhoades’ for the pin.


Alex Marvez interviews the AEW Doctor, who describes Dr. Britt Baker’s injury. Baker herself will give her timetable next week on Dynamite.

Penelope Ford w/Kip Sabian vs. Kris Statlander

Lockup, hammerlock/headlock by Statlander. Ford with a leglock. Statlnder to her feet and hits a beautiful armdrag. Ford with a springboard armdrag of her own. Kris goes for the nose-boop but gets bit for her efforts. Ford with a DDT across the 2nd rope for 2. Ford with a series of forearms for 2. Fors with another pin attempt for 2. Ford with chops and forearms. Rear chinlock by Ford, she then goes for clubbing forearms. Ford misses a chop and Statlander sends her to the outside and hits a hard tope suicida on Ford and Sabian. Statlander off the top, she eats a Ford boot for 2. Ford slams Kris into her knee. They excahange forearms, roundhouse kick by Kris. Running knee and a death valley driver for 2.

Cutter by Ford, Statlander counters into a knee strike. Flying hrancanrana by Ford. Ford gets caught attempting a lethal injection and Statlander with a Big Bang Theory for the pin.

WINNER: Kris Statlander

Shawn Spears vs Dustin Rhodes

Spears come out in a suit and mocks Dustin until Rhodes’ music hits. Spears feigns fear but admits he set that up. He asks referee Aubrey Edwards to ring the bell. She does so and begins the count. Duestin hit the ring from behind and we’re off. Rhodes pulls the shirt over Spears’ head. Dustin with chops but Spears with a clothesline. Spears has lost his shoes and now he wraps his belt around his fist. Snap powerslam by Rhodes. Rhodes pulls the pants off and Spears in down to his underwear and socks with a good portion of his derriere exposed. He has a photo of Tully Blanchard on the front of his underwear for some reason. Final Reckoning by Dustin for the pin.

WINNER: Dustin Rhodes

All Out will come to us on September 5th.

We have a graphic in memory of Hana Kimura, may she rest in peace.

We have a video feature on the upcoming AEW Women’s Championship Match

AEW World Women’s Title Match: Nyla Rose (Champion) vs. Hikaru Shida

Shida with a dropkick. Rose misses a kendo stick swing but hit a clothesline and then get to go to work with the stick. Bodyslam by Rose for 1. Shida gets Rose to the apron and nails a running knee. Rose reverses a whip and sends Shida into the rails. As she chokes Shida, Rose jack-jaws with Big Swole at ringside. Rose sends Shida through a poker table at ringside. Rose goes to work with a chair. She lays Shida on a chair and goes to work, choking her with another chair.

Nyla with a bodyslam and gets the action back to the ring. Side slam by the Native Beast for 2. Rose goes for a power bomb but Shida ranas out of it. Shida tries a suplex but Nyla easily reverses it. Nyla sends Shida to the outside with a clothesline. Shida hits a crossbody and running knee after Rose misses a charge in the corner. The action spills to the prop casino chips and Shida with a biel. Shida with a running knee, Rose bounces off the poker chip. Shida retrieves her stick and goes to town on the champion. Shida with a suplex on the stick for 2. Another running knee for 2. Forearms by the challenger. Nyla catches a charge into a powerslam, the champion is too weak to follow up. Nyla drops her on the top rope and drops a knee of the top rope for 2.

Rose introduces a table to the festivities. Nyla tries adeath valley driver but it gets blocked. Rose with a clothesline and nails a powerbomb through the table for 2. Running Death Valley Driver by Rose. She nails Shida with a kendo stick hits and goes to the top. Shida tosses the stick on her. Shida nails a Michonku Driver off the top for 2. Running knee by Shida for 2. Another running knee knocks out Rose and Hikaru Shida gets the pin for the title.

WINNER: Hikaru Shida (New AEW World Women’s Champion)

The announcers put over the emotions Shida is feeling due to the loss of her friend.

AEW World Championship: Jon Moxley (AEW World Champion) vs The Exalted One Brodie Lee

The Challenger is flanked by 10, John Silver and Alex Reynolds, who he sends to the back. Security is separating the ring to avoid any pre match violence. Lee immediately goes to work in the corner. He whips Moxley and Mox avoids the charge, sending Lee outside. Tope suicida by Moxley but Mr. Lee to his feet with a suplex. Springboard splash into the ring be Lee. Chancery suplex followed by a veritcla suplex by Lee. Lee sets up a superplex but Moxley with a drokick attempt. Lee catches him and sends him out of the ring and hits a tope suicida of his own. They exchange blows on the floor. Referee Paul Turner is going to let this go.

Lee with a T Bone suplex on to the railing. Back in the ring, Lee goes for a clothesline but Mox punches him and we’ve got a slugfest. Belly to back by Lee. Lee with a running elbow but Moxley with a clothes line and a piledriver for 2. We’re back on the floor and Moxley has the steps and sets them up. Now he clears the table but eats a dropkick. On the steps , Lee sets up a powerbomb but gets backdropped through the table for his efforts. Moxley sends him into the ring and goes to the top. Lee punches him and nails a superplex but Moxley rolls him up for 2.

Moxley sends Lee to the outsode but gets caught and gets suplexed onto the large playing cards at ringside. Bodyslam by Lee onto the props. Lee pulls down the straps and nails a big boot. PowerBomb by Lee for 2. The two men are down and Mox fires up but collapses. He crawls to the stage and Lee follows. Moxley with a giant poker chip to Lee’s face. Lee blocks the Paradigm shift. Moxley with a Paradigm Shift on the ramp and the ramp collapses, swallowing the two. Referees and doctors come out.

Moxley emerges from the wreckage and rolls into the ring. Lee also emerges and is wearing the crimson mask. Paradigm Shift by Mox for 1. Mox pounds Lee repeatedlty and hits another Shift for 2. Rear naked choke by Moxley and Lee passes out. Referee Paul Turner calls for the bell.

WINNER BY REFEREE STOPPAGE: John Moxley (retains AEW World Title)

We are then treated to tonight’s highlights as we await the Stadium Stampede

Stadium Stampede Match: The Inner Circle (Santana, Ortiz, Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara & Jake Hager) vs. The Elite (Matt Hardy, Kenny Omega, Nick & Matt Jackson & Adam Hangman Page)

The ring id set up in the middle of TIAA Bank field and we’re getting Football-esque entrances. The Inner Circle is in full football uniforms. The Elite is dressed normally. This presentation is unique to say the lease. Aubrey Edwards blows the whistle and the two teams run at each other. I’ll keep up with this as best I can. The 10 are slugging it out on the field. Omega with a trash can to Sammy. Page has a horse and he runs Sammy off. Nick Jackson with a spear on Hager in the ring. Page follows Sammy to the locker room area.

Jericho in the ring misses the Judas Effect on Nick. Young Bucks, Santana and Ortiz are going at it in the ring. Omega with a snap dragon on Ortiz, then one on Santana for good measure. Matt Hardy takes Hager down and then eats a codebreaker. Sammy Guevara returns from the locker room and hits a knee on Matt “Jackson. The Jaguar cheerleaders are enjoying this, a big difference from their usual mood on Sundays, especially when the Patriots come to town.

Jericho drags Omega to the outside and Nick Jackson with a tope on to Hager. Sammy to the top and hits a shooting star press to the outsode. Matt Jackson took the brunt of it. Hager and Omega exchange punches while Santana and Ortiz work over Hardy. The Young Bucks gets thrown in to the goal posts by Le Sex Gods. The Bucks recover and introduce a huge ladder and Matt climbs to the cross bar and hits a moonsault on Le Sex Gods for 2. Omega and Ortiz are brawling in the stands. Santana comes to Ortiz’ aid. Ortiz is wielding a cone on Omega and Santana sends Omega to the concession stand.

Page is still looking for Sammy in the back of the arena. Page dismounts the horse and goes to the bar. Santana and Ortiz work over Omega and Hardy. Into he recycling bins goes Ortiz. Omega bridges a barricade and goes for a suplex but Ortiz with salt to the eyes. Omega takes a front suplex on the rail. Santana and Ortiz powerbomb Omega through the rail. This is nuts.

We’re in the pool area and Matt Hardy goes for a swim. Santana follows him but Ortiz complains that he can’t swim. They try drowing him but Matt Hardy Version 1 emerges and then I think Damascus/Big Money Matt comes out. Santana and Ortiz successfully drown him but now Broken Matt comes back. Apparently the pool has water in it from the Lake of Reincarnation. Matt wants revenge for Vanguard 1’s sad demise. Hardy sends the team formerly known as Prous and Powerful through a table. Matt Hardy dings the Jaguars touchdown bell on Ortiz’ head and duct tapes him to a random wheelchair. I swear I’m not making this up. Hardy and Santana go at it while Ortiz tries to maneuver the wheelchair over. Hardy sends Santana into the Ice Machine and locks it with a brook.

Hager is looking for Page but finds the horse. Hager approaches the bar, where Hangman is enjouing some cocktails. Hager bellies up next to Page and the 2 share a drink together, then they slug it out. Hager tosses Page over a pool table. Page avoids Hager as long as he can but eats a Rock Bottom on the pool table. Hager goes to work on Page and slides him across the bar to the floor. Gut wrench through a table by Hager for 2. Omega with a save and he breaks a bottle over Hagers head. Actually they break 5-6 bottles over his head. V Trigger by Omega and Page with a Buckshot lariat. Page pours Omega a milk and Omega pours his partner a whiskey

Matt Jackson and Sammy Guevara are fighting in the end zone and Matt hits series of Northern Lights. Jericho nails Nick with a first down marker. Meanwhile, Matt Jackson is Northern Light Suplexing Guevara the length of the field. Jericho with the Judas Effect to the Jaguars Mascot. Nick superkicks him into the field goal practice net. Jericho pulls out Floyd the Bat and nails Nick for 2. Le Champion throws a red flag challenging the call on the field. After futher review, the ruling on the field stands.

Matt Jackson completes the field wide Northern Lights trip and gets flagged for excessive celebration. Matt suuperkicks the referee. Matt Jackson wraps Floyd around Jerichos neck and lays him on the table while Nick runs down the steps and puts him through the table. Page runs over Jericho with the yard marker. Guevara, still alive, gets the sprinkler turned on him. Here comes Matt Hardy and Omega with the gold cart. It’s Déjà vu all over again. Sammy does a Lambeau Leap to escape getting run over. Have I mentioned how wonderfully insane this is yet? Sammy and Hardy go at it in the stands and we have a resurrection into NEO1. V Trigger by Omega. Omega with a One Winged Angel off the railing in the stands through a ramp for the pin on Guevara.

WINNERS: The Elite (Omega, Hardy, Page & The Jacksons.

The Elite celebrate with a Gatorade shower as we go off the air. That’s all from Jacksonville as the Fireworks go off.

We go to credits