AEW Dynamite Bash At The Beach Results – January 22, 2020

AEW Dynamite Bash At The Beach Results – January 22, 2020

It’s time for AEW Dynamite on TNT from the Jericho Cruise and the Bahamas for Bash at the Beach II: Electric Boogaloo. Our announcers tonight are Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Tony Schiavone. We start off with a shot of the set and a pool near the ring, so I fully expect someone to go into the pool. We get a rundown of matches we will be seeing tonight and it kicks off with a Tag Team championship match.

On his way to the ring is Adam Page, and we are shown he was hoping it would be a booze cruise. He’s followed by his partner, Kenny Omega. Next on their way to the ring is SCU with all three members coming to the ring, but Daniels heads back to the locker room as they are introduced.

AEW Tag Team Champions SCU vs. Kenny Omega & Hangman Page.

We start with Page with Kaz. They lock up and go right into the ropes. The second tie up leads to wrist and waistlocks. Kaz works a headlock on Page and when it breaks, they trade forearm blows. After their sequences ends with a lariat from Kaz, Scorpio Sky is tagged in/. They get into a shoving match and Page tags in.

They trade wristlocks. Kenny works the arm with the wristlock and they break to run the ropes. Kenny ends that sequence with a Kitaro Crushers and w two count. Page tags himself in and he runs across the ring to knock Kaz off the apron. Page throws Sky with a fallaway slam and then come up with a kip up. They trade waistlocks until Kaz tags in and takes control. He hits a guillotine leg drop from the second ropes for a two count. Sky is tagged in and they hit a double team elbow so that Sky and pin Page for a one count. Page is tossed into Kaz’s feet on the second rope and Kaz tags in for a two count. SCU follows up with a drop toe hold, a kick to the head and a back suplex on Page.

Kenny some in and breaks up the pin and attacks Kaz. The ref gets him out of the ring and Sky is tagged back in. They continue to work over Page. Kaz tags in and they start a double team but Page fights his way out and gets a clothesline on Kaz. Sky hits Kenny with a low kick to knock him off the apron, and Page is hit by a backstabber and then drives Page into the mat face first for a two count. Page recovers and they hit a double clothesline and both men are down. Page is up first and tag in Omega, and Kaz tags Sky in within the same second, and Kenny is in and taking control. He drops Sky with clotheslines. Kenny tries to get a snapdragon, but Sky fights out of it. Kenny gets a rana on Sky and a snap dragon on Kaz. He follows with a fisherman buster on Sky for a two count.

Kenny hits the “You cannot survive”, Page follows with a standing moonsault, Kenny follows with a moonsault off the ropes for a two count. Sky kicks out and Page climbs the ropes to leap onto Kaz outside the ring. Kenny hits Sky with a Buckle Bomb, and a pop up power bombs for the two count. Kenny tries for the V Trigger, misses the first time, but hits the second. Kenny sets up for the One Winged Angle, but Sky escapes. They go to the corner, and Sky hits a rana on Kenny. Sky sets up Kenny for the TKO, Kenny escapes, and Page leaps into the ring with a buckshot lariat the accidentally takes out Kenny.

Page is tossed from the ring, Sky hits the TKO for a two count. We go to commercial, and SCU maintains control through the break on the small screen. When we get back it’s Page vs Kaz in the ring and Page hits a fallaway slam on Kaz from the top turnbuckle. Kenny is tagged in, and knocks Sky off the apron, and they double team Kaz. Sky comes in and Kenny hits him with a snapdragon suplex. Kenny hits a tiger driver on Kaz for a two count. Kenny sets up for the V Trigger, but Sky hits a knee strike of him own the stop it. They hit Kenny with the SCU Later, and as Sky and Page are fighting, Sky is bumped into the pin, breaking it up. Page drags Kenny to their corner to tag in and then Page takes on both. Page hits a discus lariat on Kaz, leaps out of the ring to hit one on Sky on the ramp, comes back in the ring to hit Kaz with a buckshot lariat for the three count and the win.

The winners and your NEW Tag Team Champions. Kenny Omega and Hangman Adam Page.

The Young Bucks come to the ring to celebrate with them. Page leaves the ring on his own as the Bucks check in on Kenny.

No time to catch outbreak as the women’s match is next. Priscilla Kelly, hells’ favorite harlot, is on her way to the ring. Next, on her way to the ring, is Doctor Britt Baker, and the announcers say she has had a change of attitude over the last few weeks.

Britt Baker vs. Priscilla Kelly

They lock up and Baker takes control quickly with a side headlock on the mat. She gets a crucifix on Kelly for a one count, a second one for a two count, and the flip for another two count. It’s now time for a commercial, and they battle during the ads for chips, sammiches and phones.

When we come back Kelly is in control, working Baker in the corner and on the ropes. Baker escapes and pulls Kenny’s hair to drop her to the matt. Baker follows up with strikes and clotheslines. They miss a series of clotheslines, but Baker hits a sling blade for a two count. Kelly recovers with a pump kick and a leg sweep for a two count on Baker. Baker hits a thrust kick, a Russian Leg Sweep and tries to put Kelly in the Lockjaw. They get close to the ropes and Baker uses them to go to the center of the ring, Baker gets the Lockjaw cinched in and taps out.

Your winner, Britt Baker

Tony goes down to interview Baker, and he points out she used nefarious means to win. Baker mocks Tony for having worked at Starbucks before joining the announce team. Baker says that she is a role model, which is a lot of pressure, and she’s the hottest woman on the boat.

I don’t know, I like Kelly, but that’s just me.

Baker keep bragging about herself and we go to commercial.

We come back to a recap of the Jericho vs Jungle Boy match last month, and it’s time for the six man match. First to the ring is the Jurassic Express. After that, Santana and Ortiz are first out. We haven’t heard them being called Proud and Powerful in a while, thank goodness. Finally, Le Champion, Chris Jericho comes down with Jake Hager. They crowd seems to know the lyrics to his theme song and sings along as he comes to the ring.

AEW Champion Chris Jericho & Santana & Ortiz vs. The Jurassic Express.

Jericho starts with Jungle Boy. Jericho slaps him and Jungle Boy responds with strikes and a drop kick Jericho tags in Ortiz, and Ortiz is able to take over with a well-timed drop kick. Jungle Boy fights back with a springboard arm drag off the ropes and a drop kick of his own for a one count. Jungle Boy tags in Luchasaurus, who uses Jungle Boy for a wheelbarrow slam. Stunt tags in and leaps off the top of Luchasaurus for a splash and covers, but the ref didn’t see the tag. Jurassic Express then hits a series using Marco Stunt and ends with a spinning slam by Stunt that looked great.

Stunt tosses his life preserver to the crowd, and Jungle Boy is tagged in as is Santana. Jungle Boy works over Santana in their corner and Luchasaurus is tagged in. Luchasaurus no sells Santana’s strikes and drop Santana for a two count. Stunt is tagged in and works Santana like a weight bag. Jungle Boy tags in and gets a two count. Santana tosses Jungle Boy to his corner, where Jericho gets in some cheap shots. Santana hits a leg sweep from the second rope and gets a two count as we go to commercial. The Inner Circle works over Jungle Boy in the small screen.

When we return, Jericho has Jungle Boy under his control and Jungle Boy gets a desperate roll up for a two count. Jericho gets free, tags in Santana and they keep using Jungle Boy’s hair to whip him around. Santana hits a back breaker and hold Jungle Boy in in, drops him to the mat for a two count. Jungle Boy is tossed brutally into the corner, and then is pulled to the Inner Circle’s side, and Jericho tags in. Jungle Boy is able to get a quick roll up for a two count, and Jericho regains control, putting Jungle Boy on the top turnbuckle. Jericho tries to set up for the top suplex, but Jungle Boy tosses him off and gets a two count on Jericho. Jungle Boy is crawling to his corner, but Jericho holds him back and drags him to his corner to tag in Ortiz. Santana and Ortiz hit a series of double team moves and Ortiz pins Jungle Boy for a two count. Jungle Boy fires up and hits a reverse rana on Ortiz.

Jungle Boy is able to tag in Luchasaurus and Jericho is tagged in to take a series of chops and a Shining Lizard. He grabs Jericho for a choke slam, but Ortiz tries to break it up and eats a head butt for his trouble. Santana comes in and is taken down with a series of kick. Luchasaurus gets a choke slam on Jericho and Ortiz, covers Jericho for a two count. Hager hits a cheap shot on Luchasaurus, and Luchasaurus goes after Hager while tagging in Stunt. Stunt hits a 450 splash on Jericho for a two count.

Marco hits a series of strike on Jericho and rolls him up for another two count. Marco gets another two count and Jericho nails Marco with a Judas Effect and pins Marco for the three count.

Your Winners: Santana, Jericho and Ortiz

We go to a video package about the feud between MJF and Cody letting us know what has led to Cody accepting MJF’s stipulations.

Coming to the ring at this time are MJF, and Wardlow is not here due to training for a steel cage match with Cody on 2/19 who has yet to be pinned or submit. Commercials interrupt the entrance of MJF.

We come back to Joey Janela coming to the ring. Joey goes to ringside to pray with someone dressed as Buddy Jesus.

So far, no one has gone into the pool.

MJF vs. Joey Janela

They trade arm bars and some quick mat moves. MJF asks for a handshake, which is NEVER a good idea. Joey slaps his hand away and MJF slaps his face. Joey slaps him back, and when MJF is sent to the ropes, he leaves the ring and starts walking to the back. Joey goes up the ramp to get him and MJF rakes his eyes and goes for a running clothesline, but Joey is able to toss him into the ring. As MJF recovers, Joey goes to the top. MJF rolls away and then pulls the ref in front of him as a shield. When the ref gets out of the way, MJF hits him with a forearm and a flip into the turn buckle. He stomps Joey, then hits a slam and a two count as we go to commercial.

Joey tries to work his way back on the small screen, but MJF is able to maintain control. When we get back, Joey has been able to reverse things and hits a superplex on MJF. Joey pins for a two count. Joey climbs to the top and Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford come to the ramp. Joey goes for the elbow drop, but MJF dodges, MJF is able to get the double cross and pins Joey for the three count.

Your Winner, MJF.

MJF asks them to cut his music and asks if the crowd loves him. MJF talks about what Cody said last week was poetry. He says if Cody thinks he’s just another chapter, he’s the last one. Cody’s music hits and Cody is on his way to the ring.

MJF tells him to stop and while Wardlow’s not here, Cody still can’t touch him.

Hmmm…no one has gone in the pool yet…

They are face to face and MJF says he will let Cody have the room. MJF starts to hand the mic over and drops it, and when Cody tries to pick it up, MJF kicks it away. Cody lets MJF know the crowd is calling him an a$$hole. Cody says that he can’t touch him, as the Bucks sneak up behind MJF and hit a super kick on him. AND it’s time for MJF to go for a swim!

We go to a video package of the fun people are having on the cruise and other matches that have happened. It’s commercial time!

When we get back, Tony is with the NEW Tag Team Champions. Kenny says he had no idea a year ago he’s be champion with Page. Tony asks what Kenny thinks about Pac’s challenge. Kenny hasn’t forgotten about it, and he will get his match sometime. Now, however, the championship is his priority. The Bucks show up and Page says he’s surprised they won the titles before the Bucks. Page leaves and we go back to the ring.

We get an update on matches for next week.

Jericho comes out and he will be on commentary. Pac is first to the ring and we cut away to a commercial.

When we come back, Mox is coming through the crowd with his eye still bandaged up.

Jon Moxley vs. PAC to determine the top contender for AEW Champion Chris Jericho.

The crowd is chanting something that they need to censor, or I am having massive hearing loss. They lock up and neither gets an advantage. Pac gets a headlock on Mox and when Mox escapes, they run the ropes and the sequence ends with ox getting a release German Suplex on Pac. Pac hits Mox in the face and then puts Mox in the corner and holds his foot on Mox’s injured eye.

Mox is dropped to the mat and Pac keeps hitting cross face shots on the eye. Pac hits more stikers on Mox’s eye and when Mox recovers, he gets in a few shots but is tossed out of the ring. Pac slams Mox face first into the apron and we go to commercial.

On the small screen, Pac keeps working Mox over outside the ring.

When we get back, they have returned to the ring and Pac hits a shotgun drop kick from the top. As Pac tries to follow up, Mox hits a clothesline and turns Pac inside out. They both struggle to get up and are up before the ref hits the ten count. Pac and Mox stand in the center of the ring and slug it out. Pac hits a kick and Mox grabs him for a slam, twisting Mox in the air and he slams him and getting a tw count.

Mox pulls Pac to his feet and Pac hits a jawbreaker and follows it up with another jawbreaker, but with Mox’s eye instead. Pac and Mox go to the top and Mox fights his way out and pushes Pac to the mat. Mox follows it up with an elbow,m which misses and Pac locks in the Brutalizer. Mox rolls him onto his back for a two count and break the hold. Pac follows up with knees to Mox’s eye. He then hits a drop kick on the eye and gets a two count.

Jericho is running down Mox the entire match.

Pac hits the Black Arrow but Mox gets his knees up and grabs Pac to get a two count. Mox tries for a sleeper but Pac hits a German Suplex. They both struggle to get up again, and Pac is the first one up. Pac goes to the top for a Black Arrow and Mox gets out of the way. They get up, and Pac hits a kick on Mox, Pac tries for another kick and Mox grabs him for a DDT and a two count.

Mox goes to the top but Pac is up and grabs Mox for a superplex. Pac locks in the Brutalizer in the middle of the ring. Mox struggles to get to the rope and he breaks the hold.

Pac is first to his feet and pulls off Mox’s bandages and then starts striking the wounded eye of Mox. Mox is able to surprise with an inside cradle for the two count. Mox then hits a DDT on Pac and struggles back to his feet to hit Pac with the Paradigm shift and covers Pac for the three count.

Your Winner and the number one contender, Moxley!

We have our title match for Revolution and we will see you next week!