AEW Dynamite Fyter Fest Results – July 8, 2020 (Night 2)

It’s Wednesday, we’re at Daly’s Plaza in Jacksonville Florida and it’s AEW Dynamite’s second night of Fyter Fest! Our announcers are Jim Ross, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone and a rundown of the upcoming matches as it’s time to get started!

First to the ring are Private Party with Matt Hardy. They are followed by Adam Page and he gets right in the face of Private Party before Kenny Omega makes his entrance.

Kenny Omega and Adam Page (Tag Team champions) vs. Private Party

We start with Omega and Marq Quen in the ring. The hook up, trading arm bars. When they hit the ropes, Quen get a drop toe hold on Omega, flips him and goes for a moonsault, Omega gets his knees up and then gets up to put the boots to Quen. Quen is taken to the Champs’ corner when he meets Page’s boot and Page tags in.

Page takes Cassidy off the apron with a clothesline and then attacks Quin with chops. Page tosses Quen with a Fallaway slam and a cover for a two count. Omega is tagged in They double team Quen,who is then able to avoid to Kotaru Crusher and hits Page and Omega with drop kicks. Quen tags in Cassidy and they hit the silly string on Omega. Page grabs Quen off the apron and power bombs him into the people by the barricade, and Page gets kicked into the barricade. Cassidy leaps on the ropes and flies on Page as he recovers.

Cassidy climbs the ropes and hits a Senton on Omega, but Omega gets his knees up. Quen comes in to take a snap Dragon suplex follow by a big boot by Page, returning to the ring. Private Party is stacked in the corner for clotheslines and an assisted German suplex. Private Party are able to hit a double Spanish Fly on Omega and cover Omega for a two count.

Cassidy and Onega trade blows in the middle of the ring. The sequence ends with Cassidy getting a side drop on Omega for a two count. Cassidy tags in Quen, and after his punches Page off the apron, Omega starts fighting his way out from both of them. Cassidy is able to hit an enziguri Omega reverses it and then hits a You Cannot Survive on Cassidy, and then suplexes Quen on top of him. Page is tagged in and Page slams Quin onto Cassidy as well.

Page covers Quen for a two count. Cassidy gets tossed out of the ring, Page gets caught between Private Party for kicks. Omega comes to their side and Cassidy hits a moonsault onto him outside the ring. Quen leaps onto Page, but Page moves and Quen lands on his feet. Page goes outside the ring on the ramp, but is attacked by Cassidy. Page is tossed into the ring and Quin hits a shooting star press for a two count, broken up at the last second by Omega. They set up Page for Gin and Juice, but Omega interrupts with a V Trigger on Cassidy. Page hits Quen with a Liger Bomb from the ropes, Page and Omega hit Cassidy with the Last Call and Page covers for the three count.

Your winners and still champions Page and Omega.

We get a rundown of the matches coming up later tonight.

When we come back, we find out Cody will be on a game show where he eats hot sauce on TruTV, and then Joey Janela comes out by himself. Next out is Lance Archer carrying Sonny Kiss and tossing Kiss at Janela.

Joey Janela vs Lance Archer with Jake Roberts

Archer starts beating on Janela outside the ring. He tosses Janela into the ring and Janela is able to run the ropes and hit Archer with a kick through the ropes. He then leaps onto Archer outside the ring. Janela starts to get a table from under the ring. Janela rains down blows on Archer after the table is set up and Janela grabs a chair and goes to the top; The Ref tries to take the chair from him and Archer is able to toss Janela off the turnbuckle.

Archer chokes Janela on the top rope, then pummels him onto the rope. Archer tosses Janela around the ring in between strikes. When they stand to toe to toe in the ring, Janela comes up to Archer’s shoulders. We then go to commercials.

When we get back we see that Archer kept attacking Janela and Kiss. Janela gets in a few palm strikes and then he tries a bunch of shoulder blocks. Arc her grabs Janela for a Black Out finisher and Jenala reverses it for a two count. Janela a gets in a few kicks and Roberts gets up on the apron with his bag to distract the ref. As he does that, Janela climbs the ropes and hits a drop onto Archer, followed by Kiss with a 450 splash and a cover by Janela for a two count.

Janela goes to the top for an elbow drop, but Archer catches him and hits the Black Out through the table that was wet up earlier. He rolls Janela into the ring and covers him for the thirteen count.

Your winner, Lance Archer!

We then get another video from Darby Allin and he says he has not forgotten that Brian Cage put him out. He hits a Coffin Drop from a perch into a swimming pool full of foam.

Next out is Taz with Brian Cage. TIME FOR A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Tony Schiavone is in the ring to hold the microphone. Taz says this will be an iconic moment and he has an orange towel on his shoulder and a black piece of cloth in his hand. Taz says it is something he created with his blood, sweat and tears, and and he reveals the FTW championship belt. He gives the FTW championship to Brian Cage.

Taz says that this is some renegade sh** and who better than the Machine, Brian Cage.

We’ll be back after these announcements.

Showing up next in FTR’s truck is Butcher, Blade and the Lucha Bros. Next out are FTR and out last are the Young Bucks.

FTR and the Young Bucks vs Butcher, Blade and the Lucha Brothers

Lets’ be blunt here, there is no way I will be able to keep up with this match and get this done by Friday, so I will just be going over the big story elements of the match.

The match starts with Pentagon stalling, but once it starts, FTR takes over with quick tags and keeping Pentagon in their corner. Once Ray gets tagged in, Lucha Bros hits a lot quick double team moves. FTR takes over with their strength and slow the pace again.

The Bucks get a blind tag, irritating FTR and it’s time for Blade and Butcher to get their stuff in with the Bucks. The Lucha Bros take over and Nick Jackson and Rey Fenix do some fun work together,. During the commercial, the baby faces are kept from their corner.

We come back to Blade holding Wheeler to keep him from tagging out. Wheeler is able to fight his way free and it’s Matt Jackson Offense. We get FTR and the Bucks working together on their specific tag team moves and for the end, all four of the baby faces work together to get the near fall. We gety a bunch of EVERYONE JUMP TO THE OUTSIDE moves, including a Canadian Destroyer to the bodies outside the ring. When Matt goes for a kick onto Pentagon, he ducks to that Wheeler gets a superkick from Matt. The Lucha Bros get the LB driver and pin Matt for the win/

Your winners Blade, Butcher and the Lucha Brothers

We then go to commercial.

As we get back, Big Swole is not allowed in the building because she’s been served by Britt Baker. Swole asks that they could have told her before she drove three and a half hours to the venue and she has been suspended.

Coming to the ring is Nyla Rose and already in the ring are Kenzie Page and Kilynn King and the banner reminds us that neither one has won a match in AEW yet, and are now a tag team.

Nyla Rose vs. Kenzie Page and Kilynn King

Rose starts with Page and Rose runs right through her. Rose then hits a slam, a leg drop and then works her over in the far corner. Page is tossed back to her corner and King is tagged in. King gets in a few shots on Rose and looks to be as tall as Rose, Rose backs into the corner, and when she comes out, Page tried to charge Rose from behind and instead runs into King. Page gets tossed away.

Rose hits a few more blows on both, then power bombs Page onto King and then pins King for the three count.

Your winner: Nyla Rose

Rose grabs the stick for her MAJOR ANNOUCEMENT. Rose says she has hired a manager, but she won’t tell us who it is yet. But she promises us everyone with a manager is a champion (guess Tully isn’t a manager) so she will be win the title back soon!

We get a video update on Colt Cabana, and Colt is heavily bruised but can wrestle tonight. Mr. Brodie Lee says that with him watching his back, these accidents won’t happen any more.

Back to ”live” action and Colt, Mr. Brodie Lee and Stu Grayson come to the ring and we go to Commercial.

When we come back, SCU is out and Colt starts to talk to Daniels, but Lee gently guides Colt back to their corner.

Colt Cabana, Mr. Brodie Lee and Stu Grayson vs SCU

We start with Daniels and Lee, and Grayson tags in and ties up with Daniels. They run the ropes and Daniels is able to lock in an arm bar,. They run the ropes again and this time Grayson is in control,. He is able to get a one count before Daniels’ kicks out. Daniels hits a tilt-a-whirl back breaker and Kaz is tagged in. Kaz gets a drop toe hold into a kick by Sky from the outside, into a German by Kaz and a cover for a two count. Kaz works the arm and tags in Sky who does a foot stomp to the head and a cover for a two count. They run the ropes, Grayson dodges a punch and kips up for a kick to Sky.

FTR gets in his Dick Grayson reference, so Grayson tags in Cabana. When Sky locks in a waist lock, Colt cries out in a pain from the bruising shown. They run the ropes and Cabana hurts his waist again as Grayson kicks Sky and everyone comes into the ring. Lee hits Sky with a power bomb, and everyone leaves the ring. Cabana looks confused and almost tags, but Lee motions for him to pin Sky, which he does for a two count and wee go to commercial.

On the picture in picture, Lee tags in and beats down Sky during the commercials.

When we get back, Cabana hits the Butt Butt on Sky in the corner, followed by a power bomb by Lee and a frog splash by Grayson for a two count and Cabana and Lee guard the pin. Grayson tags in Cabana. They whip Sky to the corner, Grayson gets toss tot he outside and when Cabana comes in he gets a kick to the bruised side. Sky gets a neck breaker and they crawl to their corners.

Lee is tagged in as is Kaz and Kaz attacks with punches and drop kicks. Kaz hits him with a DDT. He stop an attack by Grayson with a guillotine leg drop, allowing Lee to get in a mule kick. Kaz leaps at Lee and gets caught, and Daniels drop kicks Kaz’s back so that he’s on to[p of Lee for a two count. Daniels is tagged in.

Lee is up and takes out Kaz and Daniels, Grayson comes in and fights with Sky, and Kaz tosses him out of the ring. Lee gets a kick knocking him out of the ring. Grayson is brought in the hard way by Kaz with a cutter. Lee comes in gets a slam on Kaz, Lee is out fo the ring again to take the Topi by Daniels. Daniels plants Grayson and hits the Best moonsault Ever for a two count, dragged off by Cabana. Daniels and Cabana talk and Lee nails Daniels with a clothesline. Grayson is told by Lee to tag in Cabana and Cabana pins Daniels for the three count as Lee offers Cabana the pin

Your winners Colt Cabana, Mr. Brodie Lee, and Stu Grayson

We get a rundown of next week’s Fight for the Fallen

Britt Baker sends a note that every time JR’s book is plugged, her merch needs to be plugged. When then see a masked Big Swole show up and Baker says she is to leave as Reba tries to keep her away from Baker. Swole wads up the court order, throws it as Reba who is knocked into Baker, who starts screaming like a SCALDED DOG. A short and great bit. Commercials start up again and we see Cody drinking hot sauce.

When we get back, Orange Cassidy comes out with the Best Friends. He sends them to the back because this is His Fight Next out is Chris Jericho and his bat with Ortiz and Santana carrying orange juice.

Orange Cassidy vs Chris Jericho

Cassidy goes for hands in the pockets and the right into a head butt and running the ropes. Jericho goes out of the ring and Cassidy follows with a tope and they are fighting outside the ring into the barricades. Jericho is not getting any offense and Cassidy keeps beating him up. Jericho is rolled into the ring and Cassidy leaps onto him from the top rope. Jericho reverses a swinging DDT and puts Cassidy into the Lion Tamer.

assidy makes it to the ropes for the break and Ortiz nails Cassidy with a Madball. Jericho covers Cassidy for a one count. Jericho takes control of the match and keep Cassidy under control with kicks and slams. Jericho picks up Cassidy and works him over in the corner. Cassidy is able to escape, run the ropes and leap over Jericho for a roll up and a two count. Cassidy is able to get an arm drag, flip over Jericho for another two count. Cassidy is whipped to the corner, dodges an attack by Jericho, goes for a Superman punch that Jericho dodges and Cassidy’s momentum rolls him outside the ring in front of Santana and Ortiz.

Jericho hits Cassidy with a baseball slide and we go to commercial and Jericho beats him down on picture in picture.

When we get back Jericho is in control in the ring and puts Cassidy in an abdominal stretch. Jericho grabs the rope and when the Ref sees it and forces him to give up the hold. When she does, she kicks his hand and Cassidy hits Jericho with a hip toss. Cassidy gets him up and starts landing punches. Cassidy almost goes out fo the ring with Jericho pulling down the top rope as Cassidy runs toward him, but as Cassidy gets up, Jericho hits him with a shoulder tackle to the outside.

Ortiz drops down to the floor in front of Cassidy to taunt him. Jericho goes to the outside and starts working over Cassidy. He tosses Cassidy back into the ring, and stands on him for a pin and a two count. Jericho then starts punching Cassidy’s injured ear. Cassidy gets up and starts fighting back with shots to Jericho’s head.

They run to the corner and and Cassidy hits a Frankensteiner. As Jericho recovers, Cassidy’s hands go to the pockets. When they get the Cassidy kicks and for the final kick he gives an actual super kick and pins Jericho for the two count. They climb to the top turnbuckle and fight. Jericho is tossed to the mat and Cassidy comes off onto Jericho for a two count.

assidy is dumped over the top rope and dodges a leap by Jericho, and follows up by leaping onto Jericho on the floor. Jericho is tossed into the ring, and Cassidy hits him with a diving DDT and a two count. They both struggle to get up and Cassidy takes off his elbow pad for the Superman punch and Jericho catches him in the Lion Tamer again. After a struggle, Cassidy rolls through and gets a two count on Jericho. Cassidy is able to hit Jericho, knocking him down, but Ortiz throws the orange juice into Cassidy’s face.

The Best Friends show to attack Ortiz and Santana and they fight through the crowd.

When they get up, Jericho hits Cassidy with a bat then the Code breaker for a two count. Cassidy runs into a Judas Effect, misses a Lion Sault and Cassidy follows up with a Michinoku driver and a two count. They get up and trade blows, and Cassidy is able to get a Stundog Millionaire and a swinging DDT for a two count. Cassidy runs into a Judas Effect when going for a Superman punch and Jericho covers for a three count.

Your winner: Chris Jericho

We’re out of time!!!