AEW Dynamite Results – April 22, 2020

AEW Dynamite Results – April 22, 2020

We are (maybe) LIVE on the air with AEW Dynamite. Your announcers are Tony Schiavone and Le Champion Chris Jericho.

Cody is in what I’d call the control center, sizing up the remaining entrants in the TNT Title Tournament. He talks about his place in history. Is he a mid carder? What is his legacy? Complacency is the enemy in wrestling, he says. Any one of the men left can be champion. Now we find out who has enough in them to go all the way.

Jericho is already making fun of Schiavone’s wardrobe as Tony tells us that we’ll be visiting the Hardy Compound later tonight. We are also told that THE BUBBLY BUNCH will return tonight. But first we kick things off with the TNT Championship Tournament.

We are treated to a video package on The Spanish God Sammy Guevara, as he prepares for his big match tonight. Not to be outdone, Darby Allin proclaims in his own video package that he’ll stand on his own two feet and ruin Sammy’s dream

Darby Allin vs. Sammy Guevara (Quarterfinal of the TNT Championship tournament)

Immediate tope by Guevara. Sammy sends Allin into the steps and the railings at ringside. Sammy grabs a ladder under the ring. Sammy sets the ladder up between the apron and the rail and puts Allin across it. Guevara nails a brutal frog splash on Darby, who’s laid out on the ladder. The ladder did not budge as we go to commercial.

We are back and doctors are still checking on Darby. Sammy attacks and throws him in. We are now officially underway. Smamy gets a 2 count. Seven foot stomps by Guevara. A series of uppercuts in the corner by Guevara. Chops by Guevara as he sets Darby for a superplex. Allin counters by knocking Guevara off the position and pulls off Guevara’s boot. Darby headbutts the exposed ankle. Sammy with a kick with his booted foot and hits a springboard cutter for 2. Allin with a kneebar. Sammy tries to punch his way out, finally he’s successful. The two exchange forearms. Spinning backfist by Guevara. Kick to the face by Guevara for 2 as we go to commercial.

We are back and on the outside of the ring, Sammy goes headfirst into the rail. Allin misses a lope suicida. Guevara rolls Allin back inside. Sammy to the top hits a 450 for 2. Allin blocks a whip into the ropes. Knee to the gut by Guevara, Allin hits a cutter and a Last Supper for the pin.

WINNER: Darby Allin (advances to the semi-finals). He’ll meet Cody in the semi-finals.

We are with Matt Hardy at the Compound. His words must be documented. He reminds us of his challenge to Chris Jericho to face him in the Elite Deletion. He has not heard an answer. Instead we got the Bubbly Bunch, which his essence, Damascus could tell Jericho’s essence lives in fear. Hardy mentions that the God that is Spanish, Sammy Guevara was the only one with the courage to mention Hardy’s name. Therefore, the invitation is extended to him as well. As Jericho appears to be afraid of Broken Brilliance, it is time for mere mortal, Matt Hardy, to speak.

A reserved Matt Hardy. He reminds us that he’s known Jericho for 20 years. Matt says it’s nothing personal. Matt understands that Jericho wants to break the pillars of the foundation of AEW and create chaos. Matt Hardy will protect that foundation for the good of the future of AEW.

Taz breaks down Kenny Omega’s V-Trigger and Snap Dragon Suplex. I like these segments as it really helps get over the impact moves.

Alan Angels vs. Kenny Omega

Angles with a leg kick, Omega walks it off. Lockup, go-ehind takedown by Omega, he grabs a front facelock. Angels reverses it into a hammerlock. Omega reverses it and grabs a headlock. Shoulderblock by Omega, Angels escapes the Snap Dragon attempt and grabs a waistlock. He misses a kick and Omega with a chop. Another chop by Omega. Kick to the midsection by Omega, Angels with one of his own and hits a senton on a bent over Omega. He goes for another but Omega gets his knees up. Backbreaker by Omega. Down goes Angels from a chop. Forearms and elbows by Omega. Angels muscles Omega into the corner. Omega reverses a whip and nails a clothesline. Angels drops Omega on this neck on the tope rope. He trips Omega and ground and pounds him. Spin kick by Angels. He puts together a nice combo on kicks until Omega blocks one and hits a snap drgaon. V Trigger by Omega for 2. Power bomb and another V Trigger, Omega gets the pin.

WINNER: Kenny Omega

We get a video package on Scorpio Sky. He talks about his dreams of being a pro wrestler as a kid. Around 2008, he suffered a back injury, which turned out to be an L2 & L3 disc trouble. Doctor told him he’d need surgery but never wrestle again. He talks about the setbacks coming up, always being told he’s good but not good enough to “make it”. He talks about forming SCU in December 2017. To be continued.

We are reminded of Dustin Rhodes’ promise to win the TNT Championship and, more importantly, his vow to retire if he can’t beat his quarterfinal opponent, Kip Sabian.

Jimmy Havoc vs Orange Cassidy

This should be interesting, to say the least. Havoc attacks right away and stomps Cassidy down and chokes Cassidy with his jacket. Havoc with chops after ripping off Cassidy’s shirt. Havoc tosses him out of the ring and crotches Cassidy on the guardrail. Suplex on the floor by Havoc. Havoc with a chop against 2 different posts. Cassidy ducks before the third chop but Havoc stops himself and slaps the back of Cassidy’s head. Back in the ring, Havoc stomps the left hand. Rear choke by Havoc. Uppercut in the corner by Havoc after it seemed Cassidy might get the edge for a moment. Rolling fireman takedown by Havoc for 2. Acid rainmaker and an armbar by Havoc, Cassidy reaches the ropes. Joint manipulation by Havoc. Havoc bites both of Cassidy’s hands before shoving them in the pockets.

Cassidy ducks a lariat and his a running dropkick. Suicida and a tornado DDT by Cassidy for 2. Cassidy tries a suplex but Havoc forces him into the corner and sets up a superplex. Cassidy hooks the legs, forcing Havoc off. Cassidy with a lazy splash for 2. Havoc starts laying in the punches and Cassidy with his pattended weak chops, mocks Havoc. Havoc misses an Acid Rainmaker and Cassidy with a Superman punch. Penelope Ford goes to the apron to distract Cassidy but Chuck pulls her leg and she lands in a split. Kip Sabian flies over the top, taking Best Friends out. Cassidy rolls up Havoc for the pin.

WINNER: Orange Cassidy.

Havoc and Sabian stomp out Cassidy until Best Friends make the save. Two week now Havoc and Sabian work together.

We now hear from MJF, from his home on Cape Cod. These are tough times, mainly because MJF fans haven’t seen him on TV. He promised himself he wouldn’t cry. On a earlier appearance on Dynamite, while gambling, MJF suffered a painful hangnail, requiring surgery. He reminds us that he’s better than you, and you know it.

Lee Johnson vs. Wardlow

I’ve already typed the result that you see below. Kneelift by Mr. Mayhem. Press slam, Johnson escapes. He can’t escape the 2nd press and Wardlow nails a powerslam. Suplexes by Wardlow. Johnson slips out of another suplex but Wardlow quickly gets the edge back. He throws Johnson off the top turnbuckle and hits a kneelift. F-10 by Wardlow for the pin.

WINNER: Wardlow

A Hiesman Hopeful, who fell upon hard times, applies to join Dark Order. You should join them as well. He’s meeting with Brodie Lee. The unseen prospect tells the Exalted One he’s 6’2” and 260. Brodie Lee offers him a spot in the Dark Order. The prospect wisely accepts the mask.

Justin Law vs Brodie Lee

Immediate chops and a corner beatdown by Lee. Superkick by the Exalted One. Vertical and then T Bone Suplex by Lee. Chops in the corner by Lee. Running elbow by Lee. Marko Stunt appears to want a rematch. Discuss Lariat and Mr. Brodie Lee gets the pin

WINNER: Brodie Lee

Backstage, Best Friends challenge Jimmy Havoc and Kip Sabian

Brodie Lee vs. Marko Stunt next week.

Time for the Bubbly Bunch. Guevara is lifting weights, Ortiz and Sammy are both cheering up Jake Hager. Hager says sadness is for ugly people. Hager appears to have been let back into his house. Jericho wants to dance. Santana and Ortiz want to do a flim flam video. Jericho says the winner gets a bottle of Hand Sanitizer. We get a Flim Flam dance off video. Jericho declares Sammy the winner and then throws the sanitzer at his smart phone.

We will have comments from Jon Moxley next week.

Kip Sabian and Dustin Rhodes with some pre-match comments before their big tournament match

Kip Sabian w/Penelope Ford vs. Dustin Rhodes w/Brandi Rhodes (TNT Championship Quaterfinal)

Dustin offers a handshake, Sabian refuses. Lockup, armtwist by Dustin. Dustin takes Kip down with an armbar. Sabian escapes and grabs a headlock. They counter each others strike attempts until Dustin hits an uppercut. Armdrag takedown into and armbar by Rhodes. Chops in the corner by Dustin. Elbow by Rhodes. Rhodes charges but Sabian connects with a kick. Forward roll by Superbad afgter an enziguiri. Ford assisted Sabian in the corner. Sabian gets a 2 count. Elbow by Sabian for 2. Front facelock by Sabian as we go to commercial.

Rhodes misses a charge and runs his knee into the top turnbuckle. Sabian with a kneebar. Rhodes goes down from his injured knee. Sabian stomps the knee. Forearms by Sabian followed by a dropkick. Rollup by Dustin for 2. Sabian drapes the knee across the ropes and comes down with a knee. Dustin tries a bodyslam but his knee gives out and Sabian gets a 2 count. Surfboard by Sabian into an armbar. Dustin slaps out of it. Sabian misses a dropkick and Rodes rolls him up for 2. Kneelift and a discus clothesline for 2 by Sabian. Rear chinlock by Sabian. Snap mare by Sabian and a kick to the back. Out of nowhere spinebuster by Rhodes. Clothesline by Rhodes followed up by an uppercut. Reverse atomic drop into a bulldog by Rhodes. Snap powerslam for 2 by Rhodes. Tornado DDT by Sabian. Sabian with ground and pound. Brandi and Penelope get into it with Brandi spearing Ford. Destroyer by Rhodes and he gets the pin.

WINNER: Dustin Rhodes (advances to the semi finals and will face Lance Archer)

We go to credits