AEW Dynamite Results – August 12, 2020

AEW Dynamite Results – August 12, 2020

It’s Wednesday night and we’re live, partner! We’re at Daily’s Plaza with Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, and Taz, and it’s time for AEW Dynamite! It’s tag team appreciation night!

We open up with the Young Bucks coming to the ring. As they finish their posing four masked members of the Dark Order attack from behind and the Bucks are left laying. Evil Uno comes out with Stu Grayson and the Bucks are tossed into the ring and the bell rings.

Young Bucks vs Stu Grayson and Evil Uno of the Dark Order

Nick is tossed to the corner and is worked over by both and then Stu takes over the beating. Nick is tossed out of the ring where the Dark Order minions take over the beat down until Matt leaps off the stage into the group.

Stu leaps out into Matt.

Uno covers Nick for a two count in the ring.

Stu is tagged in and the beat down on Nick ends with a two count.

Nick is able to escape a pair of bock suplexes to tag in Matt.

Matt takes out both members with a high crossbody. He takes out both Dark Order members with a clothesline and Nick tags in for some Young Buckery.

Stu goes move for move with the Buck for a bit, Uno is tagged in and Matt gets dropped by Uno for a two count.

Uno tags in Stu and works over mat on the apron.

Stu uses the second rope to choke Matt.

Uno is tagged in and Matt starts to fight his way free, but Uno stops him.

Stu is tagged in and Matt fights his way free again stopped by a drop kick from Stu.

Matt is tossed out of the ring and takes a strike from Uno.

Stu keeps beating down Matt.

Uno is tagged in and head butts Matt to keep him down.

Uno tries to fishhook Matt’s eye and Matt escapes.

Stu is tossed out of the ring AND JR MAKES THE DICK GRAYSON REFERENCE!!!

I think he just does it for me and the websit6e’s resident comic book nerd.

Matt runs Stu into the ring post and gets surrounded by Dark Order minions.

Matt goes under the ring, comes out on another side, gets in the ring and takes a cutter from Uno.

Uno blows a kiss at Nick.

Matt gets a spear on Uno and they both struggle to get up.

Stu runs in, takes out Nick on the apron so Matt can’t tag, Matt punches him in the head, but Uno stops him with a boot to the face.

Matt is able to get a Poisonrana on Stu and tag in Nick.

Nick, of course, cleans house with some work on the floor and over the barricades.

Superkicks from Nick.

Matt is tagged in and they hit Risky Business on Uno for a two count.

Uno gets hit by a swanton off the ropes and is covered, but Uno gets a foot on the ropes.

The Bucks try to press their advantage, but Uno holds them off with kicks to the head.

Stu tags in and walks across Uno and Matt’s shoulders to get a rana on Nick. Nick gets suplexed into Matt.

Dark Order hit Yin and Yang and Stu overs Nick for a two count.

Dark Order gets a brain buster and a 540 kick on Nick for a two count, broken up by Matt.

Stu is tagged in and Stu tosses Matt down the tunnel and the Dark Order minions block Matt into the tunnel.

The Dark Order try for Fatality, and Nick escapes in, gets a sunset rollup on Uno for the three count.

Your winners: The Young Bucks

We go backstage where MJF is on his way to the ring. The new guy gives MJF gum and gets praised and he’s on his way down the hall.

The announcers go down the card for tonight and hey, no notes from Britt Baker yet.

We got to recorded sequences where people are asked for their favorite tag team.

Omega and Page: Omega says it’s the Young Bucks and Page says he should have named themselves

It’s now time for MJF to come to the ring, where we have some MJF campaign signs and banners at ringside as we go to commercial.

The announcers go down the card for tonight and no notes from Britt Baker yet.

We got to recorded sequences where people are asked for their favorite tag team.

Omega and Page: Omega says it’s the Young Bucks and Page says he should have named themselves

It’s now time for MJF to come to the ring, where we have some MJF campaign signs and banners at ringside as we go to commercial.

When we get back, MJF is at his podium. He hands out a bunch of hashtags to use. He stop and yells at Nina to smile. She puts up the polling numbers and MJF is at 500% and Mox is at -1000%. Today, MJF mourns for your belief in Jon Moxley. He’s not here, but MJF will always be here. He runs down Mox and he says he wants to make Mox comfortable enough to show up at his job. MJF lays on the mat and stares at the lights and talks about how the company deserves quality leadership and Mox is not a leader.

He says Mox is a rabid dog chasing cars. Mox has caught the best car ever, the AEW title. He says if Moxley cares about the people, it’s time to fork the keys over to MJF. Would that be the car that Mox stole from Jericho? As MJF ends, Mox’s music hits. MJF sends his people to the opening in the openings to the building. Mox instead comes out the entranceway and clothesline MJF from behind. Mox hits a Paradigm Shift on MJF and he knows down the podium.

Taz is FURIOUS about this.

Mox grabs a mic and says they aren’t even until he teaches MJF a lesson at All Out on September 5th.

We get a recap of the fight between Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara. When they go backstage with Matt is not cleared for 10 days. Matt says he doesn’t die and now he sees red until he makes Sammy bleed the way he did. 8/22 is the date he’s cleared and it’s also the Saturday Dynamite. Matt will be waiting here when Sammy arrives. Matt attacks referee Mike Posey, thinking he’s Sammy and he’s pulled off of him.

Scorpio Sky kicks down the door down and comes to the ring as we go to commercial.

We come back to Cody and Arn holding a Waffle House menu on their way to the ring. The whole Nightmare Family is with Cody this week. Mike Chioda is the ref, which is damn cool.

Cody (TNT Champion) vs Scorpio Sky

They tie up with a series of headlocks and head scissors take overs. They run the ropes and Cody rolls to the outside. Scorpio holds the ropes open for Cody. They tie up again, and it ends with Cody tossing Sky out of the ring with a hip toss. Cody holds the ropes open for Sky. They run the ropes again until Cody takes Sky over the top rope to the floor and they fight outside the ring. When they get in the ring, Cody hits the drop down uppercut and Sky fights back. Cody hits the body slam for a two count as we go picture in picture.

Would you guys want me to add the Hashtag for the contests they hold during these? Let me know.

Cody controls during the commercial. It looks like Cody hit a low blow during the commercial, or a poorly films punch to the abdomen.

We get back and Cody has Sky in an abdominal stretch, Cody rolls into a cover on him for a two count. Sky tosses Cody into the corner, and when he follows up, Cody slides over and rolls Sky up for another two count. Sky drops Cody’s ribs on the top rope. Sky hangs Cody upside down in the corner and stops his midsection. Sky goes outside the ring, grabs Cody’s leg and arm and pulls him rib first into the post.

Sky hooks on an abdominal stretch. Cody escapes and leaps onto Sky who helps him out of the ring on the ramp. Sky hits a cutter on Cody, covers Cody for a two count. Sky tries to lift Cody, but his back won’t let him. Cody lifts Sky to the tippy top rope, according to Taz. They stand on the top turnbuckle and Cody gets countered when he tries for the suplex and Sky holds a pin for a two count. Sky goes for the TKO, but Cody reverses it into the cross roads for a two count.

Cody picks Sky up for a pile driver and Sky reverses it. Cody escapes and Sky gets a leaping cutter and a pin for a two count. Cody rolls to the ropes and Sky goes to the apron to leap in for a cutter, but Cody is able to block it by holding onto the ropes. Cody hits a CrossRhodes and covers for the three count.

Your winner and still champion Cody!

Another good match where the story was that both Cody and Sky were hurt and Cody was able to barely hold on to keep his title. They are interrupted by Brodie Lee on the big screen saying that Cody’s transgressions will not be forgive. The Bucks have been dispatched, Omega and Page have been dispatched, and on Saturday, he will take the new title and give the one he stole back after he beats Cody.

Shouldn’t the show start at 6:05 on Saturday?

Private Party is asked for their favorite tag team and they say The Hardys.

Back in arena, Jurassic Express are on their way to the ring. It’s time for commercials after Taz razzes JR for his age.

We come back to Adam Page on his way to the ring. Page needs to borrow money for a new lawnmower according the the graphic. I love that stuff. Next out is Kenny Omega. Omega walks over to show Jurassic Express the belt.


Kenny Omega and Adam Page (Tag Team Champions) Jurassic Express

We start with Omega and Jungle Boy and Omega forces them into the ropes.

Marco gets up on the ropes and Kenny slap him.

They tie up again, and JB trips Omega during the rope run.

JB puts Omega in an arm barand uses it for springboards and an arm toss.

JB covers Omega for a one count.

Luchasaurus tags in, they hit a double team on Omega and Luchasaurus covers for the two count.

Omega fights his way out fo the corner but Luchasaurus is able to fight back.

JB tags in and leaps onto Omega for a two count.

Omega’s acting as if he busted his nose.

Omega is able to fight back against JB, tags in Page, misses the clothes line with JB on the mat, but Page doesn’t hits him hard and covering for a two count.

Page catches JB in a leap, slams him and covers for a two count.

Omega is tagged in and gets in a strike and Page is tagged in.

JB tries to fight his way out, but slips on the ropes, Page ruins over to punch Luchasaurus as we go to commercial.

Page and Omega keep control on JB through the break.

Luchasaurus tags in during the break and when we come back, he is in control of both Page and Omega.

Page gets “goozled (a Taz-ism) and slammed to the mat for a two count.

Kaz is all alone in the stands watching the match.

Omega tags in and hits a V=Trigger onto Luchasaurus’s back and then hits a snap dragon on him.

JB runs in, escapes the snap dragon and whips Kenny out of the ring onto the floor where Marco is laughing at him.

Omega hits a snap Dragon on Marco.

“Knocked the water right out of his ass,” Taz has some great lines tonight.

JB leaps into Omega, Omega catches him and snap dragon’s him.

Omega hits a missle drop kick into Luchasaurus’s back. Omega covers for a two count.

Omega motions for Page to toss JB into the ring.

Page is tagged in and they set up to run clotheslines into both JB and Luchasaurus in the corner.

JB tries for a rana, and gets stopped, then tossed to Page who suplexes him

Luchasaurus hits a round house kick on Omega.

Page’s buckshot gets caught by Luchasaurus JR says he’s goozled two men.

JB hits a frog splash on Page and a topi on Omega outside the ring.

Luchasaurus tosses Macro onto Omega then slam Page for a two count.

JB is tagged in, Luchasaurus hits a spinning kick, JB follows with a kick to the back and Page is pinned for a two count broken up by Omega.

Omega tossed Luchasaurus out of the ring.

Omega hits JB with chops and Page tosses JB onto Luchasaurus.

Omega follows up with a tope.

JB gets tossed into the ring by Omega and Page power bombs him for a two count.

JB is hit with a Last call and Omega pins for a three count.

Your winners and still champions, Adam Page and Kenny Omega.

Santana and Ortiz are in the back letting us know they get a nice deal on the tires of the mini van. Then, they empty the Best Friends gear into the shower and pour bleach on it. We go to commercial, so I guess we don’t get to know who their favorite tag team is after all.

When we get back, Butcher and Blade say that the Road Warriors are the best tag team ever.

In the ring, the Young Bucks are with the Rock and Roll Express and FTR are with Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard. Matt puts over the Rock and Roll Express and thanks them for what they did in the ring. Dax puts them over as well.

Ricky Morton takes the mic and says the Bucks have brought back tag team wrestling. It’s Arn’s turn and he says the Bucks have made tag team wrestling something different. Arn then puts over the Express as the tag team of the century. Arm then says FTR is the best tag team in the world. Tully grabs the mic and tells the Express not to start anything they can’t finish. Tom Brady is the best quarterback because he has the most rings. As of tonight neither of the teams in the ring are the champions. Tully has heat with Arn for interfering in the match Tully’s man had with Cody.

Arn says he can do what he wants and leave the ring. Tully goes to yell at Ricky, and Ricky slaps Tully. Dax takes off his knee brace. Tully is separated from the Express. As the Bucks keep Tully from the ring, FTR attacks the Express with a spike pile driver, laying them out. The Bucks notice and come to the ring and FTR leave the ring and embrace.

Page and Omega come out, Page holding a drink.

We go to the back with Alex Marvez who is with Mike Cioda. Jericho, in the stained jacket, interrupts. Jericho reminds him that 18 years gao, Jericho saved his job. Jericho wants him to referee the match and Do The Right Thing. Mike says he will call it right down the middle. Jericho says says when he gives the signal, Call it right down the middle and Jericho might get him a job back again, this time in AEW.

Sammy is out with his signs as we go to commercial. He says that Matt can’t get him out of his head. Matt needs to relax and enjoy his night off and says Matt forgot his throne and mimics tossing a chair.

We come back to Hikaru Shida’s entrance with newcomer Heather Monroe already in the ring.

Hikaru Shida (Champion) vs. Heather Monroe

Monroe attacks Shida as soon as the bell rings. Shida is able to take over with a high knee and then a back breaker on Monroe. Shida goes for a leap off the turn buckle and Monroe is able to stop her and get in some offense and a two count on Shida. Shida is able to suplex Monroe into the turnbuckle. Shida then takes over with strike and follows with a falcon arrow. Monroe is able to roll0 through for a two count on Shida.

Shida grabs her leg and pulls it into a submission lock and Monroe quickly taps out

Your winner: Hikaru Shida

Tony goes to the rIng to talk to Shida. Still no notes from Britt Baker! Shida says she is waiting for a challenger and says to bring it on.

In the back, Jake Roberts explains how Lance Archer controls the ring and Archer beats up a bunch of people in the background. Archer asks if Jake has told them yet, and when he says he hasn’t, he rips off Jake’s shirt to show that Jake has “Everybody Dies” written on his back in sharpie.

We get hype for the AEW women’s tournament on Monday, Dark on Tuesday and Part One of last year’s All Out all on You Tube. They run down what will be on the 8/22 show on Saturday at 6 pm EST.

We get a video package of the rivalry between Orange Cassidy and Jericho as we come back to Orange Cassidy on his way to the ring. Best Friends and Inner Circle have been banned from ringside. It’s time for commercials!

When we come back, Chris Jericho is on his way to the ring, wearing the stained jacket and carrying his bat, Floyd.

Chris Jericho vs Orange Cassidy, if Cassidy loses, he pays Jericho $7,000 for his jacket.

They start with throwing hands and Cassidy is pummeling Jericho in the corner. Cassidy hits a flying shoulder block on Jericho and then clotheslines him out of the ring. Cassidy hits a cross body onto the floor and Cassidy maintains control. Cassidy rolls into the ring to break the count and keep control. He gets in the ring and climbs to the top and leaps onto Jericho, hands in pockets. Jericho is rolled into the ring and Cassidy comes off the top with a flying bulldog and a pin with a two count.

Cassidy runs in for the Superman punch and Jericho catches him with a kick. Jericho hits a back suplex and is in control now. Jericho takes over with chops and Jericho is able to toss Cassidy onto the apron and then hits the springboard kick onto Cassidy as we go to commercial.

Jericho maintains the ring, knocking Cassidy to the floor when he tries to get in on the small screen. They get back in the ring and Jericho hits stalled suplexes that takes FOREVER for him to drop Cassidy. Jericho hits a couple of short squats before dropping Cassidy the third time and then covers for a pin.

Back on the big screen, Jericho hits a Lionsault and a cover for a two count. Cassidy struggles to get up and then hits weak slaps on Jericho. Jericho grabs him for a punch, and Cassidy escapes and hits Jericho with kicks and a clothesline. Cassidy hits a high cross body from the top and covers for a two count. He then hits Jericho with a pair of Dragon Screws. Jericho recovers, whips Cassidy into the turnbuckle, and when Cassidy comes out, Jericho is able to get him into the Walls of Jericho.

Cassidy struggles and ALMOST taps. Cassidy is able to roll through and get a small package for a two count. Cassidy gets Jericho down and puts Jericho into an ankle lock. Jericho rolls over and kicks his way free. Jericho picks Cassidy up and Cassidy reverses it into a bulldog. Jericho is able to hit a Cody breaker and covers for a two count. Jericho slaps Cassidy and tells him to stay down. Jericho grabs his bat and Chioda tells him to stop. Jericho tells him to do the right thing. Chioda turns his back, and then grabs the bat from Jericho.

Jericho yells at the ref and Cassidy hits a roll up for a two count. Cassidy hits a falcon arrow for a two count. Cassidy hits a Superman punch. Santana and Ortiz come out from the back fighting with Best Friends on the stage and Jake Hager runs out on the side away from them to interfere. Hager slams Cassidy and takes off. Jericho rolls onto Cassidy for a two count.

This match continues!

The distraction is gone and Cassidy and Jericho struggle to get up. As they struggle, Jericho grabs the ref and hits mule kick into Cassidy. Cassidy is unfazed by it, rolls Jericho into small package for the three count.

Your winner: Orange Cassidy!

Cassidy rolls to the outside, selling the shot to the yam bag, and Taz calls the roll up a Mouse Trap. Good night, we’re out of time!!