AEW Dynamite Results – August 22, 2020

AEW Dynamite Results – August 22, 2020

Light the fuse, it’s AEW Dynamite on a Saturday night!

It’s Jim Ross, Taz, and Tony Schiavone as your announcers at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville Florida. There’s no time for introductions as Private Party and FTR are in the ring already, and FTR has Tully Blanchard as their manager/coach on the floor and this match is underway!

Private Party vs FTR

No sooner do we get a hookup when quickly, Cash drags Marq back to the FTR corner, and all four men are in the ring and we go split screen. We get a recap of FTR attacking Ricky Morton for the slap he gave Tully last week on split screen, and the referee takes control of the match, making sure that we go back to just two men in the ring.

When they start up again, Cash is working with Marq. Cash holds him in a headlock until they run the ropes. They trade takedowns until Marq gets a drop kick on Cash. Dax comes in and gets a drop kick, and then Isiah comes in so that they can hit stereo drop kicks, and FTR rolls to the outside to collect themselves. They chat with Tully, tag on the outside. Marq and the ref say it’s not good enough, so Dax rakes the eyes while the ref isn’t looking, keeps working over Marq until he gets the tag. Cash sets up on the ropes for Dax to toss Marq into his waiting feet.

Cash gets in some blows and then tags in Dax who tries to take over but misses the elbow drop. Marq is able to take control long enough to tag in Isiah. They hit quick moves, tagging in and out quickly until Isiah is holding Cash by the arm, Marq leaps over Isiah to land on Dax’s arm. Marq lands an enzuigiri after an atomic drop by Isiah, Isiah holds Cash so that Marq can come off the ropes for a leap over double stomp. Cash gets rolled over for a two count from Marq.

Marq puts Dax in an arm bar and then transitions to them backing into FTR’s corner. No tag, but Marq fights his way out with elbows and punches. Cash drops and rolls out of the ring. Marq rolls out of the ring and FTR gets out of the way. FTR are up on the apron first and take down Marq with a series of double team moves ending with a double clothesline. Dax tags in, blows a kiss at Isiah and hits Marq with a drop kick.

Marq is holding himself up on the ropes, Dax hits him with a chop and Marq fights back with a kick, enraging Dax who wraps him up in the ropes, leg over him to choke him on the middle rope. Cash is tagged in. Dax brings Marq to the mat with a drop toe hold and Cash follows up with a low kick. Dax stomps on Marq and then picks him up and drags his face along the ropes. He tosses Marq into their corner for chops. Dax keeps Marq from getting away and ends the attempt with an elbow to the head. Dax holds them both. Dax and Cash gets kicks. Marq down on the mat with a headlock.

Marq is able to struggle to his feet and escapes with an arm drag. Dax grabs him and they battle in the middle of the ring until Cash is able to tag in. Marq is taken down with a clothesline and Cash rolls him up for a two count. Cash taunts Isiah and then locks on another headlock on the mat. Marq struggles, gets up and is able to hit Cash with a back suplex. As he is about to tag in Isiah, Cash is able to tag in Dax, who comes in and cuts him off at the last second.

Marq is tossed out of the ring. Dax tags Cash, who attempts to leap off the apron onto Marq, but misses and goes into the barrier instead. Marq gets in the ring, followed by Cash. Cash tags in Dax, but this time Marq is able to make it to his corner for the tag. Isiah, who has been in the ring all about 45 seconds, is finally in and cleans house. Clotheslines on FTR, followed by a series of forearms to Dax, a cutter to Cash who was on the apron and tumbles to the floor, and both Cash and Dax get kicks. Isiah leaps up and over Dax and covers him for a two count.

Dax and Isiah are up and struggling to get control. Dax tries to drop Isiah on the ropes, but Isiah uses it as a slingshot. Dax runs Isiah into the corner, and Marq is tagged in and Dax is able to roll through and pin Isiah. Maq comes off the ropes for a cross body and a pin, but only a two count. As Dax and Marq are recovering, Cash pulls Isiah off the apron and Isiah hits with a sickening thud. Dax tries for a hold, but Marq is able to reverse it and stacks Dax for a two count. Marq is able to get a small package on Dax for a two count. Marq keeps Dax down, rolls back to belly for a two count, Dax forces his way up, reverses it and hits Marq with a backslide for a two count.

Cash is tagged in, they run the ropes, and Cash hits Marq with a spinebuster and a two count broken up by Isiah. Three of the four are on the mat, and Dax is the only one up, but Isiah dumps him on the outside. Isiah goes to leap onto Dax, but Tully pulls Dax out of the way so that Isiah hits the floor. Cash grabs Marq and tosses him into the ringpost from inside the ring. Dax gets up on the apron, tags in and Marq is hit with the Goodnight Express. Dax covers Marq for the three count and the win.

Your winners: FTR

We get an update on what is coming up tonight and that MJF may have lawyered up.

We catch up with Mox, who is in the back. Mox says the campaign of MJF is interesting. He says if MJF wants the good stuff, talk to his wife who will give a two page list of what Mox does wrong. People who talk about themselves all the time rub him the wrong way, because where he comes from, the toughest guys don’t have to say much. It makes him wonder what MJF is hiding. He says MJF is talented, thinks he’s the man to lead AEW into the future. Mox says he won’t last 25 years. I want MJF to fulfill his potential. One day he will become a world champion, but it won’t be September 5th. He lists off the things he will do to MJF, and he will be in his glory and MJF will look for a way out and find out what he has been hiding.

We get the rest of the rundown of the matches tonight. But now, we have commercials.

We come back to MJF in a neck brace. He says the homicidal maniacs all pale in comparison to Dictator Jon Moxley. And, because she listened last week, Nina is behind MJF, smiling as if this is the best thing ever. MJF describes how Mox attacked him from behind, and now, well look at him! MJF says that one day, he wanted to have a family, but he won’t be able to play with his kids because he’s mangled.

He says that the paradigm shift is an abomination, but even saying it is too much and he doubles over in pay. Nina is still smiling. MJF’s lawyer, Mark Sterling, takes over, and says that the paradigm shift is a dangerous move, and may be deadly. If Mox can attack anyone, who’s next? Wardlow? Gum guy? Nina and her beautiful smile? That’s why they put up a petition to ban the move, and it got five MILLION signatures. They have drawn up a contract that the paradigm shift is banned from the championship match at All Out. If Jon doesn’t sign it, he will be sued for everything he has, will have or ever thought of having. They will fax it to him to be signed.

And Nina is still smiling.

Back to the ring for our 8 man tag match for this week, made just to make me use bullet points to keep up. Everyone is already in the ring, so we have, on one side, The Nightmare Brothers and the Jurassic Express, and on the other side, Butcher and the Blade and the Lucha Brothers.

The Nightmare Brothers and the Jurassic Express vs Butcher, Blade and the Lucha Brothers.

We don’t even get the ring announcement before the heels attack, running the babyfaces out of the ring.

The Lucha Brothers are over the top rope onto all of the babyfaces on the floor.

QT gets a few chops and then gets tossed into the ring

Butcher and Blade are in the ring and start the beatdown of QT.

QT is able to fight his way free in over the worst handsprings into and out of the ropes I have seen in a long, long time.

Rather than tagging out, QT looks to keep fighting and is stopped by Butcher.

QT is slumping on the ropes to get kicks from the Lucha Brothers

Blade is tagged in and they hit a back body drop on QT, allowing him to tag in Dustin.

Dustin cleans house and works over Blade

Dustin stops at the ropes and is dragged out of the ring to get attacked by Butcher and the Lucha Brothers.

Dustin is rolled back in and Blade tags in Butcher

Butcher hits a mean looking Irish Whip on Dustin into the corner.

Pentagon is tagged in and works over Dustin’s leg and we go to commercial with picture in picture.

The beat down continues during the commercial both inside and outside the ring.

Any attempt at a comeback for Dustin is cut off quickly.

Blade tags in and Dustin hits the spinning power slam.

They struggle to get up, when both get up, we are back from commercial. Pentagon is tagged in, as is Luchasaurus.

Luchasaurus takes everyone out, and Jungle Boy runs across the ring to hit a spear through the ropes onto Blade, then he comes back in and hits another spear to the floor on Fenix.

Jungle Boy back in and a Topi onto the other side fo the ring taking out Butcher and Blade.

Luchasaurus hits a roundhouse kick on Pentagon and then choke slams him, followed by a standing moonsault and a two count.

Butcher takes down Luchasaurus with a shoulder tackle.

Luchasaurus is up and it’s time for everyone to come in, hat a move and then take the next move from the next person.

After this, it’s Jungle Boy taking a kick from Pentagon, who sets up for the package piledriver, but he and Blade get into an argument instead

Pentagon knocks Blade back into Jungle Boy who rolls him up for a three count.

Your winners: Jurassic Express and The Nightmare Brothers.

After, the heels continue their argument.

Eddie Kingston comes out with a microphone and berates both teams. He said they should be champions (Butcher and the Blade?), but they keep failing because they are divided. He asks them to come with him and everything they want will be theirs. They hug in the middle of the ring and Eddie winks at the camera.

It’s time for us to see what went on earlier today with Dr. Britt Baker, Penelope Ford and Kip Sabian. We go to the free weights room, where Britt stops everything because she sees that Kip and Penelope are making out. He says that exchanging saliva is the top cause of cavities, but she is going to help. She offers them free dental care for a year as long as they help her with Big Swole. Big Swole signed a contract for a match with Britt, but it doesn’t say what kind of match.

Britt says it will be a handicap match and she is inviting Penelope to join their team against Big Swole. Britt also throws in that Reba will do their makeup for a year for free. Reba is shocked by this. Penelope agrees and we go to commercial.

When we get back Tony is in the ring and goes over the Orange Cassidy vs Jericho match from last week, and since it was so big, let’s bring Cassidy out. Cassidy comes out with the Best Friends. Tony congratulates Cassidy who says….nothing.

Jericho’s music hits and business is about to pick up. Jericho comes out. Alone. Holding a bottle of something that is probably alcoholic because he looks like he’s been sleeping on a barroom floor. Jericho says he knows Cassidy is a man of few words, and he wants to get some words in. He congratulates Cassidy and reminds us he’s only been pinned three times since Dynamite started. Jericho says that while he’s embarrassed, he’s proud of Cassidy because he’s learning from Jericho. Jericho continues to put Cassidy over. He gives Cassidy a toast and before he does, he says they each have a win over each other.

So they need another match to see who’s the better man. Jericho wants to take things to another level, and since he invented the match with a ladder and a briefcase. So, he says they will have a mimosa mayhem match since Cassidy has orange juice and he has the Bubbly. Jericho then shows a video package to explain the match. At All Our on September 5th, 80 gallons of orange juice will be mixed with 500 cases of the bubbly at ringside. The only way to win is pinfall, submission or being tossed into the mimosa tank.

Does Orange Cassidy accept? Cassidy gives a thumbs up and the match is on!

Jericho says he wants the whole Inner Circle to toast him. They surround the ring, and then get up on the apron. Jericho raises his glass, the others pour their out and Jericho says “Get ’em boys”.

The Best Friends and Orange Cassidy take the beat down, and it ends with Bubbly being poured over Cassidy. It’s once again, time for commercials.

And somewhere, Nina is still smiling.

We come back to the Dark Order coming to the ring, Members 3 – Alex Reynolds, 4 – John Silver , and 5 – Alan Angels. They are followed by The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega, The Elite

The Dark Order vs The Elite

We start with Nick Jackson and 5 trading arm bars and then trade moves on the ramp

Matt gets a blind tag and the Bucks take out everyone with drop kicks

Matt does his repeated northern lights suplexes

Nick is tagged in, he tags in Omega and they triple team 5, bringing in the rest of the Dark Order

Stereo planchas by the Bucks onto 3 and 4 outside the ring while Omega works over 5

Omega tries for “You can’t escape” but 4 grabs his leg from the outside, stopping the moonsault, knocking him onto the floor

One member of the Dark Order holds a chair to Omega’s head while another kicks it.

A chair is placed on Omega’s chest and 5 leaps from the ring to stomp on it.

Matt tries to help, but is caught, held in the pile driver position and 5 leaps from the ring to help spike him onto the floor outside the ring.

Kenny is tossed into the ring for 5 to get a two count.

Omega continues to be worked over in the ring on the small screen as we hear about some fast food and upcoming TNT shows.

As we come back, 5 misses a double stomp from the top, and Omega is up and throwing a clothesline.

Omega struggles to his corner and tags in Nick, who starts kicking the Dark Order all around the ring. He ends the sequence with a backstabber to 5, who was on the middle rope in The Elite’s corner.

Matt is tagged and they hit 5 with a bulldog drop kick combo

Nick is tagged in and they bring in Omega for a series of running attacks on 5 in the corner.

This must be met with the Dark Order doing the same thing to Omega

Omega takes a series of double team attacks, ending with a back suplex and a member of the Dark Order rolling over him to grab his legs for a pin and a two count.

Omega is surrounded by the Dark Order. One member hits a suplex on him as the other two guard the ring from the Bucks coming in.

Omega pops up for the suplex and it’s time for everyone to get a snapdragon or a V Trigger until Omega tag in Matt

The Bucks try to set up for a Meltzer Driver, but instead get caught and take pile drivers from the Dark Order

5 is tagged in, hits a stomp on Matt from the top, covers Matt for a two count, broken up by Omega.

Omega starts pounding on 5 until the ref calls him off and send him to his corner, allowing one of the Dark Order to choke Matt

Matt fights his way free, 5 goes for a moonsault and instead gets a Superkick from the Bucks

5 gets an assisted Indy Taker from the Bucks and a One Winged Angel from Kenny, and Kenny covers for the three count.

Your winners: The Elite

Kenny loses his temper, and keeps beating down 5 until the Bucks come back to calm him down.

Backstage, Alex Marvez is interviewing with FTR and he explains the Gauntlet Match on Thursday’s Dynamite. He asks what they think about the match and why they are with Tully. FTR says they want to learn from the best, and Tully says they will step over the threshold to be the best. Adam Page shows up with a drink and starts jacking his jaw at them. FTR explains why they had to take out Ricky Morton, and fake their injury. FTR try to get in Page’s head, saying that if the Bucks make it to the title match, he will be right back in their shadow.

Commercial time

We come back to Darby Allin’s music, and he is on his way to the ring. Taz runs Darby down as Will Hobbs is already in the ring.

Darby Allin vs Will Hobbs

Darby attacks Hobbs before the bell, knocking him out of the ring. Darby hits a spear through the ropes onto Hobbs. They get in the ring for the bell and Hobbs catches Darby, who was trying for a cross body. Hobbs tries tossing Darby behind him, but Darby lands on his feet and hits a chop block on Hobbs. Hobbs grabs the ropes and Darby tries to whip him across the ring, but Hobbs keeps a hold on the rope. When Darby tries to run off the ropes, Hobbs is able to hit him with a back body drop.

Hobbs picks up Darby and tosses him to the mat. Hobbs picks Darby up and works him over in the corner as Taz keeps bad mouthing Darby. Hobbs drops Darby in the middle of the ring and covers for a two count. Darby gets up to chop his way up, but Hobbs knocks him down again. Hobbs hits a spinebuster and covers for a two count. Darby gets out of a running power slam with a jawbreaker, and then a springboard off the second rope.

Darby hits a coffin drop from the top, covering Hobbs for the three count.

Your winner – Darby Allin

Taz grabs a mic and says team Taz has a new member. He says the new member is named Darby as well, and his bigger and better than him. Ricky Starks comes from the back with Darby’s face paint on the opposite side with a skateboard as well. He mocks Darby saying he’s mopey and he likes jumping on a man’s back and shredding him open because life is a joke.

Brian Cage comes in the ring, blindsiding Darby with the FTW belt. Starks comes in the ring and trash talks Darby. GREAT intense, emotional promo here. Cage holds up Darby and Starks nails him with a skateboard. Starks climbs to the second turnbuckle and hits a coffin drop on Darby. They stand over Darby as we get info on the next two matches on the show,

Sammy Guevara comes out with his cards to give a message to Matt Hardy. Halfway through, the writing changes to red and Sammy isn’t looking at his cards. The cards say that he’s sorry Sammy is an idiot, he is about to be BROKEN and to consider him (Sammy notices on this card) DELETED! Matt nails Sammy in the back with a steel chair! Matt grabs the Delete card and then beats down Sammy screaming delete

We’re back to Matt beating down Sammy with a chair again. Taz asked for someone to stop Matt Hardy without any irony at all. Sammy then gets tossed off the stage through a table. Matt goes under the ring and grabs the same type of chair Sammy threw at him. Refs come from the back to stop the madness! Matt yells it’s not over until Matt ends him, which means he’s a big fan of Sparky here on PWInsider!

And somewhere, Nina is still smiling.

Now, we go to the NWA Women’s champion, Thunder Rosa. She says that the fans have been asking for it, She introduces herself and she’s here to put the women’s division on the map. On All Out, she is here for the championship and challenges Hikaru Shida. I will be commenting on why its disappointing that the women’s division of AEW has to bring in someone from the outside to make their championship match at the PPV have any interest at all.

It’s time for the finale of the women’s tournament, which means Veda Scott is at the announcer’s table to join with the team, and Congratulations to her for this!

Coming out for the match are Ivelisse and Diamante. Next out are Brandi Rhodes and Allie, the Nightmare sisters with the Nightmare Brothers coming to the ring with them.

The Nightmare Sisters vs Ivelisse and Diamante for the Women’s Tag Team Tournament Championship

Brandi and Ivelisse start off, and Brandi locks in a waist lock that Ivelisse gets out of with a knee to Brandi’s face. They lock up again and they trade arm bars. Brandi gets a roll through for a pin and a two count. Ivelisse takes over with slaps and kicks, then tags in Diamante. They hit a double hip toss and Brandi kicks out at one and tags in Allie. Allie gets in minimal offense before she’s hit with a hip toss and an arm bar. Diamante is tossed from the ring, which means it’s time for us to go to commercial.

The match continues on the small screen and Allie maintains control on Diamante through the commercials. Diamonte is fighting to get free, but it’s cut short by a pump kick from Brandi who follows up with a two count. Allie tags in and gets a two count. When we get back, Allie has Diamonte on the top and Diamonte is able to fight her way free. She is able to hit a tornado suplex on Allie, and they are both slow to get up. Diamante tags in Ivelisse and as Brandi gets tagged in,

Ivelisse runs over and takes out Allie on the apron, and they take down Brandi with strikes and clotheslines. She hits Brandi with an atomic drop and then a face plant into the mat. Brandi is up and taken down again with a clothesline, and a pin for a two count. Ivelisse can’t believe that Brandi kicked out. Ivelisse tags in Diamonte and they go for a double arm bar, but Brandi pulls them so that they run into each other.

Side note, this looked awful.

Brandi clubbers Ivelisse, spears Diamonte and tags in Allie. Allie hits the Rabbit Hole and covers for the two count, broken up by Ivelisse. Brandi comes in as well, to take a kick and get tossed out of the ring by Ivelisse. Allie is first up and strikes Diamante, picks up Diamante, who escapes and tosses Allie to the ropes. Allie stops short of the ropes and comes back to take a back elbow from Diamonte.

Ivelisse is tagged in and as they set up for something, QT Marshall gets up on the ropes. Ivelisse clocks him hard and he falls to the floor. Brandi comes in, gets in a kick and a double undertook, but Ivelisse is able to back drop her over the ropes into QT. Diamante is able to get a cazadora on Allie, Ivelisse gets a snap mare on Allie, rolls her up and covers for the three count.

Your winners of the match and the tournament, Ivelisse and Diamante!

Madusa is out for the presentation of the Tournament Cup, and Ivelisse and Diamante grab their flags from the officials and hold them up as we are told about the next episode of Dynamite on THURSDAY this week.

After these commercials, we get the TNT championship match.

First out is Mr. Brodie Lee who comes out alone. Next out is Cody with Arn Anderson and his menu from IHOP. Thank goodness we don’t get the entire Cody entourage out with him this week. Cody is wearing a black weight belt this week. Is that foreshadowing?

Cody (TNT Champion) vs Brodie Lee

Cody is out fast with kicks and punches until Lee is able to stop him with a drop kick. Cody is tossed over the top rope and Lee follows to brawl outside the ring. Lee is in control on the outside, taking Cody from pillar to post, or in this case, from barricade to barricade. Cody hobbles back to the ring and Lee follows. Lee slams into Cody in the corner and then hits a series of suplexes on him. Cody escapes out the back of a power bomb, but Lee hits a kick and a slam on Cody. Cody kicks out at two.

Cody isn’t able to get up, so Lee helps him by picking him up for a power slam. He slams Cody again. Lee picks Cody up for the discus clothesline, covers him for the three count and the win.

Your winner and NEW TNT champion, Mr. Brodie Lee

Lee looks like a monster here, just destroying Cody, who got in no offense. The Dark Order comes to the ring to celebrate and Tony Schiavone is there to get an interview. Lee says no one believed in him, and now, he is a problem for AEW.

Dark Order is at the top now and the championship gives the power. Cody is taken out on a stabilization board. Lee tells Tony to get out of the ring. Cody is given oxygen and a neck brace by the EMTs. Cody weakly gives a thumbs up. The Dark Order then swarms, and attacks Arn Anderson, They then grab the stretcher and dump Cody onto the ring entrance. Cody is hit by a black bag.

The Dark Order keep security from coming to help and when the Nightmare Family come to help, they are taken out by the Dark Order. They allow Brandi to cover him until Anna Jay is invited by Lee to attack, and she chokes out Brandi.

She’s a damn Jezebel!

Lee dumps out the black bag onto Cody. It’s the old TNT belt that Lee stole a few weeks ago and we go to Transformers.

And somewhere, Nina is still smiling…..