AEW Dynamite Results – August 5, 2020

AEW Dynamite Results – August 5, 2020

It’s Wednesday, it’s Daily’s Plaza in Jacksonville Florida, it’s Taz, Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone at the announce table, and everyone is in the ring for AEW Dynamite!

In the ring we have The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega and Adam Page, and FTR on one side, on the other we have The Dark Order with Brodie Lee, Colt Cabana, Stu Grayson, Evil Uno and two other member of the Dark Order and we’re off to the races!

The Elite and FTR vs Dark Order

Oh, you know it’s bullet point time as I will give the main parts of the match. 12 men? Yeah, this will be crazy.

We starts with Lee and Nick Jackson, who quickly tags in Matt for some Young Buckery

Lee tags in 9 who gets covered after some high flying Bucks stuff

FTR tags each other in quickly to work over 9

Page and Omega tags each other in to do the same thing

FTR get in with Page and Omega for a 4 on 3 vertical suplex

Colt Cabana stays out of the double, triple, whatever team stuff by the Dark Order

Stu covers Omega for a two count.

Quick Dark Order tags and a masked Dark Orderite gets a two count.

FTR works over 5 and look damn good doing it.

Page gets pulled to the Dark Order’s corner, and he gets worked out there.


All of the Elite in the ring to work over 5, and now it’s leaps outside the ring

Cash hurts Dax’s knee doing a double team move and he is taken to the back by Cash and Adam Page

The Bucks and Omega are left alone and the Dark Order press their advantage.

Colt does not help as the Dark Order work over Matt Jackson

Kenny gets drilled outside the ring by Brodie Lee

Matt isn’t able to tag as Evil Uno attacks Nick

Matt is able to fight off the entire Dark Order with his speed

ADAM PAGE IS BACK!! He gets tagged

He takes out every member of Dark Order as well with his leaps and speed

Brodie Lee stands on the apron, ready to fight

Lee and Page fight in the middle of the ring and they fight as the Dark Order recover

Colt hits a Chicago Skyline on Page and Omega is able to break up the tag

Grayson covers Page, who kicks out at two

The Bucks recover and start a super kick party

Omega and Page miss the Buckshot V Trigger, and Lee clotheslines Page and pins Page for a three count.

Your winners: The Dark Order

180 degrees for last week’s big multi man match. Lots of action, lots of fun, and a story told by the match.

It’s time for commercials!

When we get back we see the Best Friends arrive in Trent’s mom’s mini van. I don’t care if it’s dorky, I think that sort of thing is funny as long as no one’s mom is on a pole.

Tonight, our main event is Darby Allen vs Jon Moxley, and we get a backstage promo from Jon Moxley. He struggled with demons when he was younger, and people would try to talk him out of things. IN some cases, he should have listened, and in some, he woudln’t change a thing. He gets why Darby challenged him. But now he is the voice of reason, because he is worried about Darby’s health. He doesn’t want to be known as the man who ended Darby’s career, but he’s gotta do what he’s gotta do. He tells Darby that when it’s time to stay down, just stay down.

We get a rundown of the rest of the show and then we see Santana and Ortiz are on their way to the ring. They are followed by the Best Friends.

Santana and Ortiz vs Best Friends

We start with Chuck and Santana in a tie up into the corner, a break and they tie up again. Chuck gets the hammer lock and Santana turns it into a headlock. They trade hold, run the ropes and Chucks gets an arm bar take down and a tow count on Santana. Trent and Ortiz tag in and they trade arm bars. They start to run the ropes, but Trent stops them with a Meteora. Trent gets a Northern lights suplex for a one count. We then get all four men in the ring with the Best Friends in control, a hug in the middle of the ring that Jim Ross REALLY hates, and we go to commercial with picture in picture.

Ortiz and Santana keep control during the commercial.

We come back to Ortiz and Trent trading blows in the middle of the ring. Ortiz is able t6o win the exchange and Santana gets tagged in. Ortiz takes out Chuck on the apron, Trent gets tossed HARD into the buckle, nails an uranage from Santana who pins him for a one count. Trent is up and on the apron and tries to fight back and Ortiz pulls his feet out from under him so he hits the apron on the way down. They work Trent over outside the ring. Ortiz tosses him back in and Santana hits a back breaker and a pin for a one count.

Ortiz is tagged in, slams Trent and covers for a two count. Santana is tagged in and slams Trent for another two count. Ortiz tags in and they hit a double team vertical suplex on Trent. Trent is tagged for a two count again. Santana is tagged in and they try another suplex and Trent escapes and takes out Santana and Ortiz with a clothesline.

Trent tags in Chuck who slams Santana for a two count. Chuck tries to life Santana for a suplex, but Santana uses a knee strike to escape, tagging in Ortiz who misses his move. Chuck hits a soul food, a slam and covers Ortiz for a two count. Ortiz is put on the top turnbuckle, Trent is tagged in and Santana runs in to attack Trent before they could do anything. Trent is set up for the superplex and when it hits, everyone is hurt by it. Trent goes for the tag, but Santana takes out Chuck before they could tag.

Santana is tagged in and they hit a couple fo double team moves, then a sit-out power bomb followed by a kick to the face and a pin for a two count. Ortiz is tagged in and they start to set up for the street sweeper, but Chuck runs over, takes out Santana on the turnbuckle, Trent rolls up Ortiz for the three count.

Your winners: Best Friends

It’s time for commercials.

We’re back as we see MJF campaign headquarters. He shows that he is making posters and pins. MJF sees that a poster wasn’t level and he yells at the person who hung it up. MJF is leading in the polls. Polls? Huh? MJF says the campaign isn’t over until he has the title. Someone asks what will happen if Darby wins tonight.

“You mean the 125 pound emo kid? Yeah, it would suck to wrestle him,” is MJF’s response.

We go the ring where Matt Hardy has a mic.

He says he wanted to wrestle somewhere where he was respected. He can introduce the AEW fans to the Matt Hardy Multiverse. However, he listens to his audience, and they want to see him focus on being Matt Hardy. Off screen, he wants to give back such as helping Private Party. He also tried to help Sammy Guevara, but Sammy doesn’t want his help. The first time Matt showed, Sammy snuck out from under the ring to attack him, so Matt returned the favor. If Sammy doesn’t want help, he’ll get hurt.

Sammy rushes the ring, Matt says “Sammy, I knew you’d come” and they brawl. Matt gets the better of Sammy, lays him out outside the ring. Matt sets up a table and they fight again, and Matt goes into the ring post and is laid out on the table. Sammy hits Matt in the face with a steel chair, but Matt goes a hand up to protect himself. Sammy climbs onto the stage and it’s time for Sammy to flip onto him and put him through the table,a nd Matt has been Busted Open, and has the Crimson Mask.

We’ve got to go outside where Santana and Ortiz take a sledgehammer to Trent’s Mom’s minivan! We gotta go to commercial!

We’re back and the Dark Order is doing double duty tonight as John Silver and Alex Reynolds are on their way to the ring. Matt Cardona comes to the ring, followed by Cody with Arn Anderson who does not have the Denny’s menu with him tonight. The Dark Order team puts on their masks.

John Silver and Alex Reynolds vs Matt Cardona and Cody who is not defending the TNT title tonight.

We start with Cody and Silver, with Cody struggling to get a single leg take down. They go to the corner and don’t break clean. Cody pulls Silver up for a stall suplex and a one count. Cody tags in Matt who works over Silver. He hits a high flapjack and a one count. Silver takes some more damage and Alex is tagged in and it’s time for him to take some hits. Cody is tagged in and gets a few moves in before being tossed from the ring. Silver gets in a few blows before Cody is tossed back in,m and Cody is fighting while holding his ribs.

Cody tries to fight off the two, but he gets his feet take out from under him by Silver. The Dark Order team pull Cody into the ring and work him over, keeping him in their corner. Cody takes a clothesline and a one count from Alex. Alex works over Cody’s ribs in the corner. Cody is kept from tagging out, and Alex taunts Matt to get into the ring, allowing the ref to be distracted, but the Dark Order doesn’t do anything with it, Alex just drags Cody over for the tag to Silver.

Cody gets a quick surprise pin for a one count, but Silver is able to stop him with blows. They work Cody over on the small screen as we see commercials.

When the screen resumes normal size, Cody takes a two count pin from Silver. Cody escapes, but is held in a waist lock. Solver starts kicking Cody in the chest and when Silver goers off the ropes, Cody is able to get a desperation slam. He makes it to tag in Matt who takes out both Dark Order members and takes apart Silver, ending with a double under hook power bomb for a two count. Silver escapes and Cody hits him with a Cody Cutter, re-injuring his ribs. The Dark Order double team on Matt who escapes to the outside. Cody and Silver tumble to the outside. Alex comes into the ring, and Matt is able to hit Radio Silence and cover for the three count/

Your winners: Matt Cardona and Cody!

As Cody goes out the entryway, Scorpio Sky meet him and eyes the belt.

Trent and Chuck are at the van and say they don’t care what happens to them, but do NOT touch the van. If they want as rematch, they’ve got it. And when they do, they will apologize to Trent’s mom.

Coming to the ring at this time is Sammy Guevara with his cue cards. We’ll see them on the small screen through the commercial. The notes mock Orange Cassidy and put over Jericho. And we get the Master Debater pun. Thankfully, that’s when the small screen goes away.

We come back to Debate graphics direct from the CNN team.

Tony Schiavone has seen a nightmare as the guest moderator, Eric Bischoff and his spray tan come out to be the moderator. He welcomes us to the debate and the sound tonight has been sweetened more than I have heard outside of an old Scooby Doo cartoon.

First out is Orange Cassidy. Next out is Chris Jericho is Jake Hager with the stained jacket.

First question: Why do Jericho and Cassidy hate each other so much?

Jericho makes fun of Cassidy for not dressing up and Cassidy puts on a clip on tie. Jericho says he hates him because he doesn’t take anything seriously. Everyone hates Cassidy and he finds him a joke. Cassidy responds by saying nothing.

Second question: Who is the better wrestler and who is the bigger star.

Jericho runs down all of his accomplishments, and says that Cassidy the only title he’s had has been named the biggest slacker, and Jericho would have beat him up, take his money and his girlfriend. Jericho is in a $10,000 jacket and Cassidy’s denim jacket smells like old salami, Drakkar Noir and batteries. Cassidy has no response.

Third question: A question about global warming.

Jericho says it has nothing to do with this situation. Cassidy grabs the microphone and advises us as to how the rising ocean levels is a serious danger.

Jericho goes off on Cassidy again. He says that next week, he will beat Cassidy, Cassidy will leave the bsuiensss get a job at Java Juice and Jericho won’t tip him.

Cassidy says nothing.

Last question: Why does this rematch mean so much to them.

Jericho starts to talk, and Cassidy tells him to shut up. Cassidy says he doesn’t care about the debate, but he does care about next week. He cuts a promo that cuts Jericho down and then says “that’s my answer.”

Bischoff says that Cassidy won the debate. Jericho says he never liked Bischoff, and Bischoff says he knows it.

Hager attacks Cassidy beat him up and then puts his hands in his pockets and tosses him into Jericho’s Judas Effect. The Best Friends come out to chase off Jericho and Hager and we go to commercial.

When we get back, Tony is with Britt Baker and Reba. Baker says she has chosen Reba to take on Big Swole. Reba, was not ready for that and is order to get into the ring as Big Swole comes to the ring.

Big Swole vs Reba

Big Swole takes down Reba with a headlock. Big Swole jacks jaws with Baker, who has Jimmy Hart’s old megaphone and Reba attacks her from behind. Reba hits a few attacks, climbs to the top and misses a somersault on Swole. Swole hits Dirty dancing and gets the three count.

Your winner: Big Swole, who now gets to face Britt Baker.

We get a rundown of next week’s matches for Tag Team Appreciation night.

Afters the commercials is our main event.

When we come back, Darby Allin is on his way to the ring with a home made Jon Moxley mask. Jon Moxley comes from the darkness, through the bleachers and Taz can’t stand him, Mox looks at Darby like an annoyed sitcom dad and Darby keeps the mask on.

Jon Moxley (World Champion) vs Darby Allin

Mox grabs the mask and Darby slaps Mox. Mox responds with a strike to the face and Darby’s already got a bloody mouth. Darby gets a quick run around Mox, another slap and Mox takes him down with a clothesline. Mox works Darby order in the corner and tosses him across the ring. Mox slams Darby and covers him for a two count.


Darby gets in an arm drag, and drop kick and they start to brawl on the ramp. Mox is able to take control and tosses Darby off the stage into the ring post and we go to picture in picture. Mox is able to keep control, they go into the ring and Mox covers for a two count. Mox keeps control all through the commercial, cutting Darby off any time Darby gets up.

When we get the screen big again, Mox has Darby in a headlock and Darby is flipping double birds. Mox grabs his finger, gets up, picks Darby up and tosses him to the mat. Darby struggles to get up on the ramp. Darby grabs Mox’s arm and pulls him into the ropes. They tumble to the floor and Darby gets in the ring and hits Mox with a Topi They get up and Darby is first in the ring, Darby grabs Mox’s hand, tosses the protector at the top of the ring post and shoves Mox’s hand in it. Mox hits the floor and Darby flips onto him from the top.

They get back in the ring, Darby tries a coffin drop, but Mox catches him. Darby escapes and starts striking Mox. Darby hits a Code Red and a two count. They are both on the mat and the ref starts counting. Darby climbs to the top and Mox is able to recover and hits a German Suplex from the top on Darby and the ref is counting again. Mox is the first up and Wardlow comes tot he ring, and while Mox is distracted,. MJF nails Mox with the world title belt.

Darby recovers, climbs to the top, hits a coffin drop and a two count. Mox is Busted Open as he gets up. Taz loves it. Mox is staggering around the ring and Darby starts hitting him with punches, kicks and a back elbow and they are both down. Darby goes up for the coffin drop and Mox catches him and puts on the rear naked choke. Darby is able to get go a seated position and tries to fight his way free. When they are up, Mox hits a Gotch style pile driver for a two count.

Mox stomps around the ring, does the sign of the cross in the corner and hits a paradigm shift for the three count.

Your winner, Jon Moxley

In the back, MJF is furious and Mox holds Darby as we go to Saving Private Ryan.