AEW Dynamite Results – December 11, 2019

AEW Dynamite Results – December 11, 2019

We’re in Texas, Curtis Culwell Center in Garland Texas to be exact and it’s time for All Elite Wrestling. Our announcers are Good Ol’ Jim Ross, Tony Schiovane, and Excalibur and we start off hot with Jon Moxley is coming through the crowd to the ring. In the ring already is Alex Reynolds.

Jon Moxley vs Alex Reynolds

Mox hits a paradigm shift and pins Reynolds was for the three count.

Your winner: Jon Moxley

He is jumped by Reynolds’ second, Jon Silver, but hits him with a DDT. He tossed Reynolds out of the ring.

This brings out Chris Jericho and the Inner Circle. Jericho enters the ring slowly and the Inner Circle surrounds the ring.

Jericho says that he won’t jump Mox or they wouldn’t have done it already. Jericho says that Mox came to him early asking how to get over. Then, they fought, but Jericho taught Mox how to be become a superstar. Jericho says that if Mox joins the Inner Circle, no on could stop them.

Jericho says Mox can take some time and talk it over with his wife and mother, and after the holidays, he can answer them. Jericho hands him an Inner Circle and the Inner Circle leaves the ring and go back up the ramp.

When then get a video package showing why the Young Bucks will be fighting Santana and Ortiz and then a rundown of the matches coming up tonight.

Now, coming to the ring are Butcher, the Blade and the Bunny. They point out the Bunny used to be Allie, and she’s changed since she had her hair cut. Next out is Cody with the crowd chanting for him. As Cody and QT Marshall come to the ring, we get a video insert of MJF insulting Cody. .

The announcers put over the MJF is bankrolling Butcher and the Blade.

Cody and QT Marshall vs the Butcher and the Blade with Bunny

We start off with Cody and Blade. They tie up and Cody drives them back into the corner. Cody is able to take control with a drop kick and hammering Blade in the corner with strikes. They then run the ropes and Cody ends it with a slam and a one count. Blade kicks out and tags in The Butcher. QT asks to be tagged in and Cody does so. They tie up and Butcher tosses QT into the corner. QT attempts a shoulder tackle, but Butcher doesn’t move, and he is further impervious to QT’s strikes. QT runs the rope, but Bunny grabs QT’s feet. QT goes out of the ring to confront her and is hit by Blade flipping over the top rope into QT and we go to commercial.

As TNT hypes their Star Wars marathon and the match continues on picture in picture. Cody tags in and he and QT take control of the match in the tiny window and TNT wants us to buy candy and the Sea Shed Ad! IT’S THE SEA SHED AD!!

We come back to QT beign beaten down by Blade. QT ha been tossed oiut of the ring, and then tossed back in the ring for more beatin’, but he is able to hit a jawbreaker on Blade. He tries to get to his corner and is grabbed by Blade. QT escapes an enziguri, and is almost grabbed by Butcher, who is tossed out of the ring. As QT makes it to the corner, Butcher grabs Cody off the apron and sends him to the floor.

It’s time for QT to take the double team attacks as Cody struggles to get up. Butcher is able to get a twocount and Blade goes back to his corner. Butcher holds QT down with a arm bar and QT fights to his feet and tries to escape. QT is tossed into the ropes, and he hits a handspring enziguiri on Butcher. As he recovers, Butcher tags Blade in and Cody stomps on the apron to get the crowd hyped and let QT know where the corner is. Blade attempts a splash in the corner, and QT gets out of the way and tags in Cody, who cleans house with clotheslines.

Cody hits the drop down uppercut, and kicks the Butcher off the apron. Cody comes off the top and hits Blade for a two count. Cody tosses his weight belt to the crowd and leaps off the top turnbuckle for a back dive cutter for a two count. Cody keeps Blade’s leg and is kicked into the ropes while attempting the figure four and gets his eyes rakes by Bunny. Cody stumbles to his corner for the tag by QT.

QT enters and hits Blade with a punch to the face, and he then flops over the top rope onto Butcher and Blade. Blade comes into the ring, gets a kick from Cody and a Crossrodes from QT. Cody is tossed by QT onto Butcher, QT climbs the ropes for a spinning dive onto Blade and a two count. Butcher hits a cheap shot on Cody. It’s now two on QT and while he is able to fight back, Blade hits a stunner followed by a clothesline by Butcher. Butcher and the Blade hit a bad magic killer and Blade covers QT for the three count.

Your winners, Butcher and The Blade!

Darby Allin marches to the ring and offers Cody a hand up.

We go to commercial and in the small screen, Cody mopes to the back.

We come back to Alex Reynolds in his hotel room. watching the concierge service in a hotel room. Who then asks Alex if he’s tired of being a jobber yet. The concierge then talks to him about he needs to start winning and there’s strength in numbers and he should join the Dark Order. John Silver comes in and asks him what he’s doing. Reynolds say he doesn’t know. Cool little video and creepy at the same time.

Back in the arena, Big Swole makes her way to the ring as this is her first match since signing with AEW. The announcers put over the Dark Order’s recruitment. Emi Sakura comes to the ring as Hikaru Shida is watching in the crowd.

Big Swole vs. Emi Sakura

Swole calls for a test of strength greco roman knuckle lock. Swole easily has control, they go to the corner, Emi is rolled out of the corner with Swole beside her, Swole delays before kicking Emi and getting a two count on Emi. Emi gets control and tosses Swole around the ring a couple of times. Swole takes over with strikes and kicks until Emi hits a drop toe hold and then pulls Swole into a surfboard.

Emi rolls her around in the hold and then Emi tosses her into the corner. It’s commercial time and we see Emi maintain control through the commercial in the small screen. So, they want you to watch basketball, buy phones, drink wine, and eat southern food. Sounds like weekend plans.

When we come back, Swole is being dodged by Emi until Swole hits a head butt in Emi’s chest. Swole is able to get in a few strikes and a two count with Emi just barely kicking out. Swole tries to tries to set up a suplex by Emi reverses it and hits a spinning slam. Emi hits a diving crossbody in the corner and follows it up with a back breaker. Emi brings in the mike stand and the ref tries to take it away. Swole tries to get a waist lock and Emi reverses it into a stretch while using the mic stand. The ref pulls the make stand away, but the hold continues.

This breaks the hold, Swole tries to kick but it’s blocked, and Swole grabs the mic stand and does a bit of dancing. The stand is tossed and Swole hits a spear on Emi. They battle in the corner, and hangs up Swole on the second rope and hits a modified Falcon Arrow followed by a Vader bomb, and get sa two count with Swole kicking out.

Emi misses the moonsault press and Swole takes over with striker. They trade blows until Swole gets a bicycle kick and a two count. Swole tries for a rip cord, which Emi ducks and Emi hits a back elbow for a two count. Swole is able to get the rip cord and follows it with with her Dirty Dancing move and gets the three count winning the match.

Your winner Big Swole!

An OK match, but the announcers weren’t paying as much attention as they should have.

In the back, Pac is being interviewed by Jen Decker. Pac came to the company for opportunity but is being met by injustice. Pac is asking for a rubber match with Kennhy Omega he can’t be held responsible.

Kip Sabian with Penelope Ford is on his way to the ring. Joining him is the Chairman, Shawn Spears. As he comes to the ring, Tully Blanchard puts over how great a tag team is made. Next up is Hangman Adam Page, who is followed by Kenny Omega.

Kip Sabian and Shawn Spears vs. Adam Page and Kenny Omega

We start with Page and Spears tags in Sabian. Sabian starts by attacking Page. They run the ropes until Page drops him with a kick, nails a strike and tag in Omega who chops Sabian down to size. Omega hits a running back breaker and gets a two count. Page is tagged in and the toss Sabian from corner to corner following in with splashes. Sabian is able to reverse things by dodging Page. Spears rolls in and Page is able to fight them both off and he is holding his own as we go to commercial.

We are picture in picture, and Page spends most of the break getting double teamed.

When we get back to the action, it’s Page able to get to the tag and Kenny takes both people down with double sledges. Omega drops both members of the other team with kicks to the legs and then hits a double Kotaru Crusher. Kenny sets up for the Terminator dive, but it’s stopped by Ford getting on the apron, allowing Spears to hit a backstabber on Omega. Sabian comes in and hits a drop kick from the top rope and gets a two count only.

Omega starts a comeback but Sabian hits a Hurricanrana. Sabian tries a running kick on Page, but Page dodges hit, and Ford is able to hit page with a Hurricanrana. Sabian comes in to the ring by hitting a swinging neck DDT on Omega and a two count only. Omega is tossed into the corner and Ford come in while the ref is distracted for a series of lips into a back spring elbow.

Sabian follows with a Fisherman’s suplex for a two count. Sabian tries a deathly hallows, and Omega block it, hits a V Trigger on Sabian. He backs up and get s a second V Trigger and both men are down. The lights go out and when they come up, Tully Blanchard is tied to a chair by Joey Janela. Spears runs up to fight him on the ramp. They fight to the back and Omega gets up first. Omega gets a snapdragon suplex, Kenny hits another V Trigger, Page tags himself in for the buckshot lariat. and he pins Sabian for the three count.

Your winners: Kenny Omega and Adam Page.

It’s time for a Brandi Rhodes promo running down Riho, Doctor Britt Baker and Statlander.

The Family is almost complete, as they are waiting for the alien to arrive.

Back in the arena, Jericho and Jake Hager are on their way to the ring. They run off Excalibur and Tony Schiavone.

Jericho explains that he knows what a Lexicon is no matter what Excalibur says. Coming to the ring now is Sammy Guevara and we go to commercial. We get back to Sammy vlogging in the ring. Jurassic Express is on his way to the ring. Jericho says that next week is a ten minute non-title match with Jungle Boy.

Sammy Guevara vs. Luchasaurus

Sammy starts by slapping Luchasaurus, and Sammy hits Luchasaurus with kicks and strikes, moving fast until Luchasaurus gabs him and tries to toss him. Sammy lands on his feet and keeps moving quickly. It ends when Luchasaurus kicks Sammy off the top turnbuckle. They brawl on the floor with Sammy taking the worst of it. Sammy slams Sammy face first on the apron and we go to commercial.

Luchasaurus keeps control through the commercials. Sammy gets in a little offense, but it is short lived. We get back to Sammy getting in kicks on Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus attempts a slam but Sammy turns it into a DDT. Instead of pinning Luchasaurus, Sammy goes for the top turnbuckle. His misses the top rope move, but lands on his feet, attempts another flip move and missed, Luchasaurus recovers and grabs Sammy, who escapes, but Luchasaurus nails Sammy with kicks. Luchasaurus slamms Sammy to the mat for the three count.

Your winner: Luchasaurus

Jericho and Hager run to the ring and they start to brawl and it ends with Jericho and Jungle Boy brawling in the ring until Jungle Boy is able to tie up Jericho with a pin. Marco Stunt gets in the ring and counts three. Jurassic Express leave the ring for the back, and Jericho and Jake Hager stay the ring shouting after them.

We then get a video for the next PPV, Revolution in Chicago on 2/28/2020.

Excalibur and Tony are back and the PPV will be at the C2E2 convention. Jericho shouts that the pin didn’t count as they run down the card for next week. This leads to our commercial break.

When we get back, it’s our main event.

Young Bucks vs. Santana and Ortiz in a Texas Street Fight.

First are the Young Bucks and they are ambushed by Santana and Ortiz with Sammy Guevara. Brandon Cutler comes out to help.

Young Bucks vs Santana and Ortiz in a Texas Street Fight.

Brandon Cutler gets the ride through the stage and Matt is thrown off the ramp. A table is set up and Nick is stretched across it. Matt gets back on the the ramp and they are able to get a spike piledriver on Sammy, Ortiz gets a superkick, is stretched across the table and Nick climbs up the entrance portal for the swanton onto Ortiz through the table. Matt gets a two count.

Santana is brought to the ring, and SCU is at ringside. We get Matt and Santana brawling outside and inside the ring. Santana is able to escape and takes them down with his sock filled with batteries. Nick is left in the ring, and Santana and Ortiz drop a trash can over him and they beat the trash can with their battery filled sock. Matt comes into the ring to break it up wearing a football helmet.

Matt hits a series of suplexes until Santana is suplexed out of the ring through a table. Ortiz then tosses Matt out of the ring through a table. Ortiz cannonballs out of the ring into Nick and a table. It’s commercial time and the fighting continues on a small screen.

Santana and Ortiz are in control through the break and when we come back, the Bucks are beating Ortiz with a garbage can. Matt flips out fo the ring onto Santana and Nick does a splash onto the trash can on Ortiz. He pins and gets a two count as Hager pulls the ref out of the ring, and Nick accidentally kicks the ref. Dustin Rhodes runs to the ring and starts fighting with Hagar on the way to the back.

The Bucks hit Ortiz with a Buckle bomb Insigiri combo. They take out Santana with plunder and then drag Ortiz to a corner. The Bucks hit More Bang For Your Buck but there’s no ref. Aubry comes from the back and it’s a two count only. Nick is kicked out of the ring through another table at ringside. This leaves Matt in the ring by himself to take attacks.

Matt gets a street sweeper on a trash can, and as Matt is getting pinned, Nick pulls the ref out of the ring. Chairs are brought into the ring by Santana and Ortiz. Matt gets beaten down in the ring and the chairs are set up in the ring. They set up for another street sweeper, but Santana is knocked through an outside table and Ortiz gets a bulldog through the chair.

Ortiz takes more punishment and the Bucks hit a Meltzer driver on the chairs and pin Ortiz for the three count.

Your winners, the Young Bucks!

We are shown highlights as we get a face down with SCU coming into the ring and we go to credits.