AEW Dynamite Results – December 16, 2020

AEW Dynamite Results – December 16, 2020

It’s Wednesday, I’ve now seen the last 5 minutes of “The Equalizer” more times than I have seen Rocky Horror Picture Show, we are still at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville Florida and it’s time for AEW Dynamite! The announcers are Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Tony Schiavone, and we start with the entrance music of Hangman Adam Page coming to the ring.

John Silver and Alex Reynolds join him with bandannas and cowboy hats and they show how they helped Page in the battle royal.

Next out is Matt Hardy, Marq Quen, and Isiah Kassidy, the Hardy Party and we see how Matt eliminated Private party.

Adam Page, Alex Reynolds and John Silver vs Matt Hardy, Marq Quen, Isiah Kassidy

We start with Page and Quen trying up t with arm bars and running the ropes. Quen tags in Matt and they tie up and go to Matt’s corner. Matt starts working over Page in the corner. Kassidy is tagged in and it soon becomes all six men in the ring. Matt and Quen are tossded from the ring, Silver gets on Page’s back as if he’s riding horsey, and Page senton’s backward into Kassidy with Silver adding more power. Page covers Kassidy for the two count.

They run the ropes and Reynolds gets a blind tag. Dark Order both are in and hit the double hip toss on Kassidy and Page hits a running shooting star press. Silver tags in and covers for a two count. Silver works over Kassidy with kicks, posing after each one. Kassidy is able to escape rom Silver and Quen tags in and is able to take out all of Page’s team. Kassidy is tagged back in and they start working over Silver, coving him for a two count.

Silver is shoved back into the Hardy Party’s cover. Quen tags back in. Quen sets Silver on his knees and Kassidy moonsaults onto him,. Quen covers for a two count. Matt is tagged in and he works over Silver in his corner. Matt then locks in a sleeper hold. Silver starts to fade but breaks out of it. Matt tries to set up a side effect, but Silver hits elbows get his way out. Matt goes to the second rope, but Silver catches him and hits Matt with a brain buster. Silver tags in Page who takes down the newly tagged in Kassidy with clotheslines. Page is able to fight off both members of the Private Party and leaps out of the ring onto Matt Hardy on the floor. Page hits a clothesline on Kassidy and gets a two count.

Page picks up Kassidy who fights his way out and tags in Matt who hits a side effect and covers for a two count. Matt tries for the twist of fate, but is shoved into the Dark Order, then ping pongs back to take a clothesline from Page. Both men struggle to get up, but Matt tags in Quen and Page tags in Reynolds. Reynaldo is able to keep control and takes Quen down with a blow for a two count.

Pae and the Dark Order hit a quick series on moves on Quen for a two count. Silver is tossed outside the ring where Matt hits a twist of fate from the apron to the floor. Reynolds tries to fight off the Hardy Party, but Private Party hit the Gin and Juice on Reynolds, and Matt tags in to steal the pin and covers Reynolds for the three count.

Your winners: Matt Hardy and Private Party

The announcers run down the card. And reminds us that Dynamite is on after basketball next Wednesday.

Alex Marvez is in the back and asks about the New York Times saying the Dinner Debonair was one of the best performances of the year. Jericho starts to answer and MJF interrupts and takes the opportunity to put himself over and then praises Jericho as the best ever.

We get commercials followed by Cody and Brandi at home. They have a package at their door, and in the box is a pair of Gucci baby shoes announcing they are expecting.

Back in the arena, we get Cody’s Elaborate Entrance and then Arn and Brandi join him. Sadly, Arn does not have his House of Pies menu with him. He is followed by Angelico with Jack Evans

Cody vs Angelico

Angelico is able to put Cody in an arm bar immediately and Cody escapes. They tie up again and Cody gets the arm bar this time. He hits Angelico with an arm drag and they both get to their feet. Angelico gets another arm bar. Cody ties to roll through and Angelico keeps the hold. They break, and hook up again with Cody in control this time. They trade standing holds and Angelico is able to hit an arm drag on Cody.

They hook up and trade holds again. When they break, Angelico slaps Cody. They run the ropes and Cody ends it with a drop kick and a cover for a one count. They are working on the mat and we go to picture in picture. Cody arm is hurt in the corner on the small picture and Angelico works it over through the commercials.

We come back to Cody taking out Angelico with a kick to the face. Cody is able to get a power slam on Angelico for a two count. Cody hits a kick and goes for the drop down uppercut and Angelico catches him and puts him in a submission hold. Cody gets to the rope and Cody’s hands are caught so he has to bite the rope. They run the ropes, Cody hits him with a kick, then hits the back slide and holds him for a two count. Cody goes for the disaster kick and Angelico grabs his leg and spikes the knee into the mat. Angelico hits the death roll and holds it until Cody makes it to the ropes for a break.

Cody is able to reverse an Irish whip and hits the drop down upper cut. They trade a pair of moves and Cory is able to leap from the ropes for the Cody cutter and covers for the three count.

Your winner: Cody

Team Taz comes out and Taz congratulates Cody for winning and being a daddy. Starks says he’s upset that he didn’t get any congratulations. Taz says that Cage is going to beat Darby Allen. Tax says they are coming to take out Cody, and the lights go out. The lights come on and there is snow in the arena. Sting comes from the babyface tunnel with his bat and Team Taz is holding Powerhouse Hobbs back.

Team Taz retreats. It’s time for commercials.

When we get back, Miro is in th eback with Alex and Miro is no longer dying his hair white. Alex asks Miro why he attacked everyone to be fined $75,000. Miro says it is because Orange Cassidy does care. He announces that next week is the announcement of Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford’s wedding date, a mitch with Sonny Kiss next week on Dark and Bah humbug!

Eddie Kingston is coming out to the ring. He says he doesn’t care if they boo because he doesn’t care about any of them. He will address him enemies, one of which is God, who hasn’t killed him yet. He mocks Pac for going home with a neck injury. He then goes after Lance Archer, who appears when his name is said and he attacks Eddie. Butcher and Blade show up to stop him. Fenix and Penta show for the save and Pac shows u and well and everyone is fighting in the middle of the ring. Death Triangle and Lance Archer beat them down and end the segment standing tall. Pac and Archer Archer have words in the middle of the ring, but Eddie’s team leave through the crowd.

In the back Dasha is with Dustin Rhodes. She asks if he has been thinking about the Dark Order’s offer. He says that Seven was a bad idea years ago and it’s a bad idea now. He then says pone by one Dark Order will fall.

Back in the arena, The Best Friends are on their way to the ring with Orange Cassidy for the 14 man tag team match.

And I am writing this up because I am crazy. After the commercial break.

The baby faces are in the ring and it’s time for the Inner Circle to come out and allow everyone to Sing Along with Jericho. Orange Casidy is on commentary, looking like he is napping and his headset isn’t plugged in.

The Inner Circle vs The Best Friends, Top Flight, The Varsity Blondes, and Brandon Cutler.

We start with Jericho and Trent.

Pillman tags in before they lock up.
Jericho quickly takes control
Pillman is able to get in come chops and slaps and then hits a leaping kick onto Jericho, who is on the apron and it’s time for a topi onto Jericho
Jericho takes over when they get back in the ring
Griff is tagged in with a leg drop on Jericho and a two count.
Jericho tags in Sammy who gets in offense.
Dante Martin of Top Flight is tagged in.
Sammy gets in his offense on Dante.
Dante hits a HIGH leg drop and cover Sammy for a two count.
Darius tags in and he drops Sammy with a kick, covers and it’s broken up by Santana
Dante is tagged back in
Sammy drops Dante and tags in Trent as Santana is tagged in.
Everyone is in and it’s a pier six brawl! A donnybrook!
A six way hug with the baby faces.
Trent and Santana are in the ring but Ortiz grabs Trent’s leg and they attack
MJF is tagged in and Trent goes outside the ring to recover and the Inner Cirlce are attacking Trent as we go PICTURE IN PICTURE
Sammy tags in to keep up the work on Trent
Jericho tags in to keep working over Trent
Sammy and Jericho pose when we get back.
Sammy misses the shooting star press and Trent hits a shotgun drop kick.
Trent tags in Darius and hits a series of quick moves ending with a Spanish Fly on Ortiz.
Blind tag to Dante, and while Darius is kicked during his Topi, Dante follows up with another.
Each of the babyfaces tag in and get their move on Ortiz
Jericho hits the bar in Griff, s back as Griff goes to the ropes.
Hager hits a f10 and MJF tags in for the cover.
Your winners; The Inner Circle

Top Flight take out Jericho and MJF and hold the ring as the Inner Circle leave to the back, ranting all the way.

In the back Alex Marvez is with Thunder Rosa. She cuts a great promo on Britt Baker on why she will be beating Baker’s ass. Rebel shows up to get in Rosa’s face and Baker uses the distraction to hook a submission on Rosa. Bakes then asked if Rosa’s ugly face broke the camera

In the arena,. SCU is on the way to the ring and we go to commercial.

When we come back, The Acclaimed are coming to the ring. Anthony Bowens, Max Caster rapping all the way. Kaz follows it up with his own rap about the Acclaimed. I am now looking for the West Texas Rednecks to come out and remind us that rap is crap.

SCU vs The Acclaimed

Kaz and Owens start the match and Kaz hits a series of arm drags on Bowens. Daniels is tagged in and they double team him, and Daniels covers Bowens for the two count. Caster is tagged in and he and Daniels throw hands in the corner. Daniels takes Caster and works him over in SCU’s corner. Kaz is tagged in and hits a leg drop for a two count.

Kaz has control until Caster was able to pull Kaz into the ring post and then they are able to double team Kaz on the outside as we go to picture in picture. Kaz is worked over through the commercials.

We then get a rundown of next week’s card.

Coming to the ring is Joey Janela with Sonny Kiss. It’s a no DQ match, so he brings a garbage can with him.

It’s commercial time!

Kenny Omega is out next asking everyone to please rise and with MORE cleaner girls! We’re up to 4 now.

Kenny Omega (AEW World Champion) vs Joey Janela in a No DQ match

Janela attacks Omega with a garbage can, and Tony and Don Callis argue over who will do commentary. Joey keeps up the attack with brawling outside the ring. Omega hits a Kitara crusher onto a chair. Omega hits a terminator dive. Don keeps a mic and calls the match for the crowd in attendance. Omega grabs a mix and does commentary as he beats Janela with a cookie sheet.

Omega sets the garbage can on the top and hits a moonsault with the garbage can onto Janela and covers for a two count. Omega keeps beating on Janela and hits a double stomp onto a garbage can on Janela back. Omega sets up for the One Winged Angel and Janela turns it into a rana. Sonny sets up a table outside the ring and Janela places Omega on it. Janela hits a leg drop through the table from the top.

Omega is rolled into the ring, and Janela misses a moonsault. Omega hits a V Trigger, then a second, and then hits the One Winged Angel, and covers Janela for a three count.

Your winner: Kenny Omega

Callis keeps running his mouth after the match. Pac and the rest of Death Triangle come out, and he says they have unfinished business. Pac says they are here to address injustice. Fenix was in a tournament and he never lost. Callis asks if Pac was made an executive because wrestlers don’t tell the world champion what to do.

Pac says he talked to Tony Khan, and on the 30th, Omega will defend against Pac…and we’re out of time!!!

When we get back, Kaz fights his way out of the Acclaimed’s corner. Kaz hits a DDT on Caster and as Bower is tagged in, Kaz is able to tag in Daniel who cleans house. Daniels ends it with a Blue Thunderbomb and a two count on Bowens. Daniels takes a hit from Caster and then is taken to the top by Bowens. Daniel is able to hit a cross body and covers Bowers for a two count. Daniels goes over the top and holds Bowens for a two, and Bowens punches out, flinging Daniels toward the ropes. Caster holds up their boom box to hit Daniels in the head.

No, it’s not 1985. It’s a boom box to Daniels’s head and Bowens covers for the three count

Your winners: The Acclaimed

The Acclaimed rap at the Young Bucks and dare the Bucks to fight them next week. They then say it’s a mic drop…and SAYING it’s a mic drop isn’t cool. You just drop the mix.

In the back is Dasha with Top Flight asking why they attacked Jericho and MJF. They say they take on the top guys and next week, they can either fight them or run away like female dogs.

Back in the arena, Diamonte and Ivelisse come to the ring. Next out are Big Swole and Serena Deeb and we get a video showing what set up the match last week during the 45 second brawl in the back. Last out is Serena Deeb, the NWA Women’s World Champion.

Big Swole and Serena Deeb vs Diamante and Ivelisse

We start with Deeb and Ivelisse. They hook, fight in the corner, and when they run the ropes, Deeb hits a cross body on Ivelisse. Swole is tagged in and Diamante is tagged in. Swole hits a back breaker and then hits a back body drop on Diamante. Diamante draws in Deeb with an attack, allowing Ivelisse to hit a guillotine on Swole. Diamante follows it up with a German suplex by Damonte and Swole kicks out at one.

We go to picture in picture and on the small screen, Ivelisse tags in, gets a two count and works over Swole. When we come back, Serena Deeb must have gotten the hot tag and is cleaning the house. Deeb hits a Dragon screw on Ivelisse and then hits a move on Ivelisse on the ropes. Deeb hits a gut buster and locks in a figure four leg lock. Diamonte is tagged in and Diamante attacks with blows. Deeb is hit with stereo knees and a slam to the mat. Diamante covers Deeb for a two count. Deeb escapes and tags in Swole and attacks Diamante with blows. Swole misses dirty dancing and Ivelisse grabs Swole’s hair. Swole hits a tiger driver and puts Diamante into the cloverleaf as Deeb holds Ivelisse back from attacking and breaking the hold. Diamante taps.

Your winners: Serena Deeb and Big Swole.

After the match Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero attack Deeb and Swole, but Red Velvet comes from the back with a chair to even the odds. The heels are driven off and Red Velvet holds the ring.

In the back, the Best Friends say they are upset that Miro interfered in Cassidy’s match. They will be at Miro’s announcement next week.

We then get a video package on Jurassic Express.