AEW Dynamite Results – December 4, 2019

AEW Dynamite Results – December 4, 2019

It’s time for another episode of All Elite Wrestling on TNT! Your announcers are Good Ol’ Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Tony Schiavone, and this week they are coming to you from State Farm Center in Champaign, IL, less than an hour from where I grew up in Fairview, IL.

This week, will we get the Batman tie in they forgot last week? Will we see more of the new team that attacked Cody last week? What does Jericho have to say about whatever Jericho will want to talk about? We’ve got questions, so let’s see if we get answers as we go to our first introduction.

It’s the Young Bucks and Dustin Rhodes coming to the ring. Dustin is still wearing a cast. For the other team, Sammy Guevara, followed by Proud and Powerful.

Young Bucks and Dustin Rhodes vs. The Inner Circle.

Starting off are Dustin and Sammy, who lock up in a collar to elbow tie up. They then run the ropes with Dustin taking Sammy down twice. Dustin tags in Matt, and it quickly leads to everyone in the ring. We get super kicks to the Inner Circle and then a triple kick to Sammy. Matt leaps from the top turnbuckle to all of the Inner Circle, followed by Dustin and Nick leaping onto everyone on the floor.

This leads to Matt and Sammy in the ring, and Matt nails three Northern Light suplexes. Santana tries to get in and gets suplexed with Sammy. Ortiz comes in and Matt tries to suplex all three, but can’t, leading to the Inner Circle getting the upper hand. Proud and Powerful hit Matt with a Buckle Bomb and they follow it up by keeping Matt as their target until Sammy gets a two count. Santana, Ortiz and Sammy do the stalled suplex where they pass Matt off in turn, which is impressive but impractical, and when Sammy holds Matt up, Matt escapes and hits a super kick on Sammy. Dustin is tagged in as s Santana. Dustin hits a few moved and then does the drop down smack to the face to Santana. He power slams both Santana and Ortiz, and when Sammy runs in, Dustin acts like he is out of breath to draw Sammy for a power slam. Dustin is able to nail a cross body on all three of the opponents followed by a Destroyer on Santana.

Dustin gets a two count but it’s broken up by Ortiz. Dustin sets Ortiz up for the Unnatural Kick on the turn buckle, but it’s interrupted by Santana with a sock filled with baseballs to the crotch. The Bucks are knocked off the apron by Santana,leaving Dustin to get hit by the 630 Senton by for a two count. Sammy recovers by tossing Dustin into the corner, Dustin escapes and tags in Nick who takes down all of the Inner Circle with kicks. Nick gets a running bulldog on Sammy, and now it’s Bucks time as the nails a couple of tandem moves for a two count on Sammy. The pin is broken up by Ortiz, and quickly, everyone is on the floor with Matt and Sammy doing flips to the floor. The Inner Circle are first back in the ring for a triple team and a two count on Nick. The pin is busted up by Dustin. Everyone is back out of the ring except Sammy and Nick.

Sammy goes to his corner, grabs his phone to vlog during the match as he climbs to the top for a Shooting Star Press, only to meet up with SUPERKICKS from the Young Bucks. Time for Sammy to see Dustin use Sammy phone for a Unnatural kick and superkicks. This is followed by Dustin and the Bucks setting up Santana and Ortiz for the Meltzer driver and a drop on Sammy, and Nick covers him for the three count.

Your Winners, the Bucks and Dustin Rhodes!

An all action Bucks match with lots of high spots and both teams were presented as even. The announcers let us know what is coming up tonight. Next is Trent and Fenix!

Trent vs. Fenix

They tie up quickly with Trent taken Fenix down with a waist lock. They hit the ropes and Fenix takes Trent down with a drop kick. They trade a couple of holds, andf Fenix is able to escape a Dudebuster for a roll up and a two count. This leads to a reset and Trent they trade blows until Fenix is able to get a Tiger Feint kick on Trent in the corner, and Fenix gets another two count. Fenix is in control as we go to commercial.

Fenix keeps control in the small screen as Sprint says they are offering total satisfaction to try to dig out of their approaching financial collapse. This is followed by Taco Bell ads reminding me I haven’t eaten yet tonight.

Fenix tries for a tornado kick, and Trent is able to counter and they struggle to get up. Trent recovers first and tosses Fenix in an over the top suplex. They go the outside to fight on the floor. Trent wins the struggle with a spear and tosses Fenix back in the ring. In the ring, Trent hits a DDT off the rope for a two count.

Fenix recovers first, grabs Trent’s hands for a gribbed monkey flip, followed by a roll through power bomb and Fenix gets a two count on Trent. They both recover, and Fenix hooks Trent on the middle rope, and then runs the top rope, kicking Trent as he runs by. Fenix tries to follow up and gets a clothesline from Trent instead. Trent gets a two count from that move. They struggle to get up and Trent is the first to get back to his feet. He pulls Fenix up on the apron and they begin to exchange chops and other strikes. Fenix leaps to the top rope jumps rope to rope, almost loses his balance before a foot stomp on Trent’s back.

Fenix tosses Trent into the ring, heads up to the top for a leap, but Trent gets his knees up to reverse. Trent hits Fenix with a knee strike, a pile driver and ONLY gets a two count from that offense. Trent attempts a running knee, but Fenix is able to hit a leaping cutter, Fenix then hits a rolling Soulba and a muscle buster, followign it up with a cover and a three count.

Your winner: Fenix!

When we come back, Tony will interview Cody, but first, commercials for UFC.

When we return, Cody is on his way to the ring, in a suit. Tony says that Cody must be thinking about the team who beat him up from last week as well as MJF. Cory says that he has scars and can never go for the championship again. When Cody asked for help and no one is there, and he talks about how his wife, his brother and MJF have all left him in various ways.

He said he would give Butcher, Blade and Bunny a match any time if they just asked for it. He then mentions that MJF says he will never wrestle him. Cody runs down the things MJF did at Full Gear. He also says that MJF does the worst Crossroads, meaning it’s being botched on two shows now. He runs down MJF and then offers a truck, a watch, and whatever he has for a match. Including a briefcase filled with over $50k. He gives a $100 bill to a well dressed kid in the crowd to prove it’s true.

Will MJF answer the challenge? Cody leaves the ring and we go to the back for Alex Marvez to chat with Joey Janella.

Joey says he wants to make a name for himself, and he feels he’s been put on the back burner. Her tells Mox that he’ll have to kill him this time, and Mox shows up, just says “Kids” and we go to commercial.

When we get back from commercial, we are taken to a Dark Order video where they are inducting a new recruit, which includes them beating him down out in the woods.

Back in the ring, Nyla Rose is on her way to the ring and they recap her attacks on people in the back.

Leva Bates is in the wing to get a beatin’.

Nyla Rose vs Leva Bates.

Nyla immediately takes control with a kick to the face, dropping Leva on the top rope, and Nyla hits a driving knee to the side of the head. Peter Avalon tries to stop the beating and he gets his fingers twisted for his trouble. Leva hits Nyla with a book, which does nothing, and both Leva and Avalon take a choke slam. Nyla picks Leva up for a Beast bomb and a three count.

Your winner, Nyla Rose!

Nyla hits another Beast Bomb on Leva, and this brings out Shanna, who attempts to beat down Nyla. Nyla is able to lift Shanna for a walking power slam.

Simple squash match making Nyla look like a monster and we go to commercial.

When we come back, Chris Jericho is coming to the ring with Jake Hager at his side. Hager is carrying a clip board and a little bit of the bubbly, and Jericho is carrying the title belt. Jericho runs down the city, and brags about how much champagne he has sold. Jericho states he is obligated to have one more match this year, and he will have it on the 18th. He’s made a list and when the crowd pops, he says to get out of 2016, and it’s the Lexicon of Le Champion which is a list of everyone he won’t wrestle again in 2019.

The list was pretty funny.

He’s interrupted by Luchasaurus!

All three members of the Jurassic Express come to the ring. Chris explains more people and things he won’t wrestle, and Luchasaurus explains he has a Master’s Degree and he runs down Jericho. Looks like Jungle Boy will be the one who will take on Jericho, and Jericho runs him down. Jricho says that Jungle Boy coudln ‘t last ten minutes with him.

Jungle Boy says he will last ten minutes and kick his ass. Time for the brawl! Jericho escapes and starts throwing a tantrum and says the Jungle Boy will lose on 12/18.

The announcers run down the upcoming shows and Kris Statlander is on her way to the ring. Next is Hikaru Shida who is the number one contender for the title. The announcers let us know that Nyla Rose has been suspended for putting her hands on an official, which I didn’t see because I was typing this for you, the lovely people out there. Thank you for reading this, by the way, since JTR is always thanks us for inviting them into our home.

Thank you for inviting me into your phone.

Kris Statlander vs. Hikaru Shida.

Britt Baker is in the crowd.

They tie up and Shida is able to get Kris in a head scissors, and Kris escapes. They trade holds and Statlander escapes with cartwheels, keeps doing the cartwheels until she is able to boop Shida. They start to run the ropes until it’s commercial time with picture in picture and they move to fight outside the ring.

When we get back, they are battling on the apron until Shida is able to hit a running knee on Kris on the floor. Kris rolls into the ring and Shida hits a missile drop kick off the top and gets a two count They then each struggle to get a suplex, but Shida pulls Kris to the mat, Kris escapes and tries to take Shida down, but Shida is able to lock on an arm bar. Kris is able to get a rope break.

Shida climbs to the second rope and brings Kris into the ring with a suplex and a two count that Kris is able to kick out from. Shida goes for a running knee, it’s blocked by Kris and they exchange blows until Kris is able to get a clothesline. Kris follows it up with a face first Electric Chair. Kris follows up with a kick and a two count. Kris tries a scoop slam, but Shida escapes for a rolol up and a two count. Shida follows up with a running kick and another two count.

Kris is able to get up and nails a kick, a knee strike and a spinning slam for a two count on Shida. Kris si able to hit a cradle tombstone and covers Shida for a three count and an upset.

Your winner, Kris Statlander!

The lights go out! The lights come up and Awesome Kong and Brandi are coming to the ring.

Brandi says they are also a part of the Nightmare Family, and if Kris pledges herself to them, she will have a home. A member of the crowd says he will pledge and offers her hair to them. It’s commercial time as picture in picture shows the haircut.

When we get back, it’s SCU! Christopher Daniels come to the ring on his own. He’s followed by Pentagon Jr on his own as well.

Christopher Daniels vs. Pentagon Jr.

Daniels attacks Pentagon as he is coming to the ring. Time for a little revenge and the crowd chants Fallen Angel. Pentagon is able to recover and gets in blows at Daniels. Daniels goes into the ring via a clothesline and we have the bell for the match to begin. They run the ropes until Daniels gets in a spear and then starts pounding on Pentagon. Daniels is in control, puts Pentagon on the top, but Pentagon escapes and hits a kick and follows it up with a foot stomp onto Daniels as we go to commercial.

During the picture in picture, Daniels gets beaten up some more.

We come back to Pentagon still in control, kicking and striking Daniels in the corner. Daniels is able to counter when Pentagon leaps off the rope, and they both struggle to recover. Daniels is now in control with slams and strikes. Daniels gets a Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count and Pentagon kicks out as we hear about Santana and Ortiz vs the Young Bucks in a Texas Street fight next week.

Pentagon takes more strikes but is able to reverse by hitting a sling blade into a two count where Daniels kicks out. They run the ropes and Pentagon hits a back stabber for a two count. Pentagon goes for a kick and Daniels is able to dogdge and get a two count. They fight on the ramp, and it ends with both of them down trying to recover. Daniels goes for a moonsault and hits the ramp head first. Pentagon rolls him into the ring and they trade blows. Daniels is able to hit Angel’s Wings and cover Pentagon, but Fenix comes to the ring and distracts the ref by throwing in Daniel’s mike stand.

Pentagon tries to hit Daniels with the Mic stand but missed. Daniels goes outside to get it, and then hands it to the ref. As the ref tosses it outside the ring, Pentagon kicks low, hits Daniels with a package pile drive and covers Daniels for the three count.

Your winner, Pentagon Jr.!

Time for a video package about Butcher, Blade and Bunny. They are here to cut the head off the snake, to be the third Dark Faction and take us to commercials.

When we come back, Joey Janela is on his way to the ring and he’s going to be taking on the number one Contender. Mox comes down from the concession stand and the crowd erupts.

Mox vs. Joey Janela

Yeah, this should be a scientific match, right?

This match will count toward their records, which should make Mox happy.

They hook up and Mox takes Janela down. They tie up a second time and Mox takes control again, taking Janela down. Janela escapes, gets up and they run the ropes. Janela gets the upper hand for a bit and they trade chops. Mox ends the exchange with a head butt and they run the ropes again. Mox is tossed onto the ramp, and Janella hits a leaping axehandle. The battle on the ramp and we go to commercial again. During the picture in picture, they go back in the ring and Mox is in control, stretching Janela.

When we get back, they are fighting on the outside of the ring. They roll in and Mox hits a boot and sets up for a brain buster and flips Janela to the mat. Mox bows to the crowd and gets a two count. He covers again and again, but Janela kicks out of each cover. Janela gets tossed outside the ring onto the ramp, and Mox sets up for a Paradigm shift, but Janela lands on his feet, kicks Mox and hits a spinning DDT on the ramp. They return to the ring and Janela tries a top rope move, misses, Mox rolls out of the ring and Janela hits a Tope

They get back in the ring, battle on the second rope, and Janela is able to hit a crucifix on Mox for a two count. They get to their feet and trade blows in the middle of the ring, and it ends with one of Mox’s clotheslines. Janela escapes the Paradigm and drops Mox onto the bottom turnbuckle. He follows up with a leap from the top into the timekeeper’s table. Mox is tossed into the ring and Janela hits an elbow off the top for a two count.

They get on the turnbuckle again, and battle, with Mox eventually drops Janela with a Paradigm shift onto the top turnbuckle. Mox follows up with another Paradigm Shift and a three count.

Your winner, Mox.

Jericho’s music hits, but he’s nowhere to be seen. The camera goes into the crowd, and the Inner Circle is coming to the ring. We go off the air with Jericho and his team stopped to glare at Mox.