AEW Dynamite Results – January 29, 2020

AEW Dynamite Results – January 29, 2020

It’s Wednesday night, AEW is at the Wolstein Center in Cleveland, OH, TNT is LIVE and it’s time for Dynamite! Our announcers are Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Tony Schiavone, and we start hot with a recap of the new Tag Team Champions win being shown, MJF being tossed in a pool by the Young Bucks and Jon Moxley becoming the number one contender.

Jon Moxley comes through the crowd to the ring, still with an eye patch on because he’s a pirate. Or a tough guy. Or it just looks cool. He hypes the upcoming match at the pay per view on 2/29/2020. He runs down the terrible things Jericho has done all the way back to taking Rey Mysterio’s mask. Mox says he may not be a good guy if you can’t look at yourself in the mirror. Mox lives by a code, and when he sees Jericho, he sees a coward, a bully and he hates bullies. He know he is a target and he won’t blink, he’ll take Jericho out and he’ll take the title from Jericho.

Mox knows that the Inner Circle will be looking to take him out, and he asks Jericho to come out tonight and take his beating like a man. Jericho’s music hits and Jericho comes out from the back. He heels the crowd and then he says the only think Mox has earned is a spike to the eye. He says Mox looks like a stupid version of Captain Jack Sparrow. Jericho says that Mox’s mother looks especially fetching, and Jericho told her it was his fault that Mox is in the position he’s in.

But if Mox wants to fight Jericho…

…go to hell, and Cleveland doesn’t deserve it. Jericho calls out the Inner Circle.

Mox says he’s not gonna walk into a five on one beat down. This is Mox’s home state and he’s got the whole arena with him. Jericho says they knew he would want to fight, so Santana and Ortiz brought in 5 street thugs from the Bronx. They make their way down the ramp, Ortiz comes down the ramp to get a head butt and a DDT, and Mox attacks the group and Atlas Security comes out to break them up.

Mox attacks a security guy and gives him a DDT before taking off through the crowd.

The announcers go down tonight’s card.

And we kick off with the Young Bucks vs the Butcher and the Blade with the Bunny, but first, a video from MJF. MJF and Wardlow enter through the kitchen and pay off The Bunny with a envelope full of, what was probably cash.

Back to the arena, and Butcher, Blade and the Bunny make their way to the ring with MJF and Wardlow with them. The announcers let us know that they were being paid to get revenge on the Young Bucks and we go to commercial.

We’re back and the Young Bucks are coming to the ring and MJF is at the announcers table.

The Young Bucks vs. The Butcher & The Blade.

Nick starts the match with Butcher, and Butcher is able to get in a series of strong strikes to start. Nick is able to escape and they each tag in their partners and the Bucks are able to take control. The Bucks dominate with a series of of tandem maneuvers until the Butcher comes in without a tag and clotheslines them both.

Matt is worked over by Blade, rolls out of the ring, and while Butcher sets up to take him out, Matt escapes, goes through the ring and tags in Nick. Nick and Blade trade kicks, Butcher gets a kick from Nick, but Bunny is able to grab Nick’s leg and pull him off the apron, hitting his head on the way down. Butcher then nails Nick and tosses him back in the ring. Blade celebrates and we go to commercial.

During the commercial, they work over Nick on the small screen as we see a cavalcade of fast food and candy.

When we return, Butcher is still working over Nick, and then Blade joins for a series of chops and double team moves. Blade gets a two count, broken up by Matt. Nick starts to fight his way out of danger, and finally gets a tag to Matt who takes over with strikes on Blade.

Matt leaps through the ropes to kick Butcher on the outside, doesn’t let go of the ropes and pulls himself in and hits an over the top sliced bread on Blade and then leaps onto Butcher. Matt leaps up and hits an elbow off the top for a two count. Nick is tagged in and he hits a senton for a two count, broken up by Butcher. Butcher gets a super kick, and the Bucks nail Blade with a Meltzer Driver for the pin.

Your winners: The Young Bucks

After the match, Butcher attacks the Bucks, and Kenny Omega runs down for the save and Page coming behind him with a beer to, hands it to Nick, hits a Buckshot lariat on Blade, grabs the beer back and heads to the back.

Nice story for the match told by MJF, and the match itself was a Young Bucks spotlight match.

We get a promo video for Revolution on 2/28.

Coming to the ring next is The Beast, Nyla Rose. We get highlights of her match from Dark last night putting Shanna through a table. Next up is Big Swole on her way to the ring.

Nyla Rose vs Big Swole

Big Swole takes over with kicks and strikes, followed with a low drop kick to bring Nyla down for a two count. Nyla is up quickly and cannot be knocked down by Swole, but Nyla takes her down with a clothesline. Swole hits Nyla with a glancing kick and Nyla rolls out of the ring. As Swole goes to attack, Nyla sweeps her leg, causing her to hit the apron and go to the floor.

Nyla tosses Swole into the barricade and then slams her head onto the apron. Swole tries to fight her way out and instead hits the ring post. We go to commercial without a screen in screen.

When we get back, Nyla is in control with Swole begging off. Swole dodges the attack and locks in a Chancery on Nyla. Nyla almost goes down but is able to stand and escape. Swole is able to able to hit a kick to Nyla’s head and as Nyla gets up, Swole keeps striking. Nyla tries for a choke slam, but Swole chops her way free twice. Swole is able to hit a cutter for a two count. As she recovers and attempts a sunset flip, but Nyla pulls her up, Swole is able to get a Flatliner and backs up for a running strike, but is met by Nyla who hits her with a spear.

Nyla hits a sit down power bomb (Excalibur calls it as Beast Bomb) and pins her for a three count.

Your winner: Nyla Rose

The AEW shop has a 15% discount this week. Just like Pwo Wrestling Tees. WHAT A COINCIDENCE!

Next up is Kip Sabian with Penelope Ford on their way to the ring. They show his win on Dark over QT Marshall. This, of course, means it’s time for the Cody Chandelier to light up and his is on his way to the ring with The Coach, Arn Anderson.

Cody vs. Kip Sabian

Sabian attacks quickly with a drop kick and a gut buster on Cody. Cody tries to get some distance between them, but Kip continues to press the attack until Cody is able to hit a pump kick. Sabian is knocked from the ring, and then strikes Arn Anderson.

Back in the ring, Cody is able to grab Kip with a waistlock, and when they break, Kip runs the ropes until Cody scores with a drop kick. They go outside the ring to brawl, and Cody accidentally hits Ford. As Cody is carrying her for help, Kip nails a kick and Ford is up and unhurt.


As Cody recovers, Kip and Ford kiss and we go to commercial.

Kip maintains control through the ads in the small screen. When we get back, both men are down in the middle of the ring. Cody recovers first and taken down Kip with a strike and clothesline, he hits the strikes in the corner, and while Kip is able to sweep the leg, Cody nails a power slam on Kip.

Cody gets up, takes off his belt and Ford grabs it from him from outside the ring. Kip gets up in time for a disaster kick and a two count. Ford tosses a shoe in the ring, and Cody leaves the ring to take it. The ref yells at him, Arn enters the ring and tosses the shoe to the crowd. Arn has had enough and strikes the Ref, and the Ref throws Arn out of the ringside area.

Cody goes outside the ring to tell him it’s OK, and Ford nails Cody with a rana. As Cody recovers, Kip flips onto him from over the top rope. Kip tosses Cody into the ring and as Ford and Kip go to kiss, Joey Janell pop up between them and takes the kiss from each of them on the cheek. Kip is distracted, gets hit with a flip over the top from Cody. As Cody is getting in the ring, Kip nails him with a drop kick and a swinging neckbreaker. Kip covers Cody for a two count and the announcer says ten minutes has elapsed.

He puts Cody on on the turnbuckle, they fight on the top and Kips is able to escape, springboard into the ring pulls Cody down and then tries to set Cody up for the Deathly Hollows. Cody escapes and hits a Cody Cutter. Cody then nails three crossroads and pins Kip for the three count.

Your winner: Cody

They show us the closing sequence and Cody has found his belt and tosses it into the crowd.

Cody celebrates in the ring as we see commercials.

When we get back we have a recap of Britt Baker’s interview from last week with Tony Schiavone. Tony is out to interview Britt Baker again. Oh, sorry, DOCTOR Britt Baker. Baker says last week, she was trending, and Tony, Mr. Starbucks, held the microphone. Britt says that JR is never to interrupt her again. She is upset he gets a huge paycheck while they do all the work. Britt says she will be here each week, unlike the champion. She also says she can tell Tony has gingivitis and needs to brush his teeth. She says Cleveland finally has a Baker they can trust in.

Backstage is Lexi who is backstage with the Bucks and Kenny Omega. Matt is creeped out by the Dark Order and wants to climb up the ladder for a championship. Page comes back in and shows off their titles. He gives Matt his nameplate for the tile and leaves the interview. Kenny has singed a match with all four of the Elite with Butcher, Blade and a team of their choosing.

Back in the wing, SCU comes to the ring in Kobe jerseys in Tribute to him. And, its’ time for more commercials.

When we get back, Jack Evans and Angelico, The Hybrid 2 is on their way to the ring. Jack Evans heels a man in the crowd as they get ready for the match.

SCU vs The Hybrid 2

The match starts with Angelico and Kaz hooking up. Angelico takes control with arm bars and head locks. Kaz escapes and is able to put Angelico in a headlock as well. Angelico misses a arm drag and Kaz gets a two count. Kaz brings them to the corner and tags in Sky who gets a two count. Kaz is tagged back in and they keep working over Angelica. Kaz hits a German Suplex for a two count, tags in Sky who flips Angelico and a head stomp.

Angelico gets up, shoves Sky into his corner, and Kaz comes in and they all fight for a bit. Evans tags in and the try for a double team move, but Sky escapes and does a leaping stomp onto Evan’s back. Kaz is tagged in. They hit Evans with a double back elbow and a two count. Evans is hit by a kick by Sky and Kaz hits a release back suplex for a two count broken up by Angelico. Sky gets tagged in and he and Evans trade blows until Sky is tossed to the ropes, he puts on the brakes when Angelico tries for a low bridge, but Sky gets hit by Angelico and Evans nails a high kick and Evans gets a two count.

Evans tosses Sky to the corner and tags in Angelico, and when Kaz comes in to try to help the ref is distracted. Evans holds Sky for a kick to the head from Angelico and covers for a two count. Sky is tosses outside the ring and we go to commercial with Sky being worked over on the small screen.

When we come back, Evans is still working over Sky. They are trading forearms in the middle of the ring, and Sky is finally able to get a suplex on Evans and struggles to get the corner. Angelico comes in tot cut him off, but Sky is able to tag in Kaz who takes over the ring. He hits baseball slide drop kick on Evans. Kaz is able to take both opponents on, and when he pins Angelico, Evans leaps into the ring onto Kaz to break it up. Sky comes in the ring and all four men are fighting.

Sky flips out of the ring, Angelico hold Kaz up and Evans does a leaping stop onto Kaz. Angelico gets the two count, but Sky knocks Angelico’s feet off the ropes to break it up. Sky and Evans fight outside the ring. Inside the ring, Kaz takes control until Sky gets to their corner. Kaz tags Sky in and they hit SCU Later on Angelico for the three count.

Your winners, SCU

We now go to the Dark Order, and Evil Uno says that Christopher Daniels has angered the Exalted One and someone he cares about will have to pay.

Pac has a black and white video and he sends out a series of threats to different member of the AEW roster, Kaz and Kenny Omega. Next week, Pac is coming for blood.

We come back to the announcers who set up next week, Cody getting ten lashes, Mox vs Ortiz, and Britt Baker will will take on Yuka Sakazaki, and a 8 man tag with the Elite vs. the Butcher, the Blade and the Lucha Brothers. We go to commercial before our main event.

Coming first to the ring is Private Party. They are followed by Darby Allen who skates to the ring. Their opponents are next, Santana and Ortiz come out first and then Le Champion, Chris Jericho comes to the ring with Jake Hager and Sammy Guevara.

AEW Champion Chris Jericho & Santana & Ortiz vs. Private Party & Darby Allin

Jericho looks to start the match with Darby Allen. Jericho slaps Allen and then slaps himself and attacks Jericho. Darby the n hits a series of kicks and arm drags and Jericho runs to his corner and hugs his partners, tagging in Ortiz, and Allen tags in Cassidy, who is manhandled by Ortiz until he is able to get in a high kicks and tag in Quin.

They double team Ortiz until they get a one count on Ortiz. Quin stays in and Ortiz is able to mount some offense, taking over before tagging in Santana. Santana hits a scoop slam and then tags in Jericho. All three work over Quin in the corner and Ortiz is tagged in. He stops Quin from tagging out, Santana comes in and as they attempt a double team,Quin is able to flip them into each other and Cassidy is tagged in.

Cassidy rolls Ortiz up for a two count. Cassidy is able to nail Ortiz with a crucifix for another two count. Cassidy leaps onto the shoulders of Ortiz and gets a victor roll for a two count. Otiz makes to his corner and tag in Jericho, but Cassidy doesn’t see it. Cassidy knocks both Ortiz and Santana to the floor, but Jericho is able to hit a springboard drop kick onto Cassidy, knocking him to the floor and sending us to out final commercial break. The three of them work over Cassidy outside the ring during the break.

When we get back, Cassidy is trying to fight his way out from Jericho, Cassidy is able to get a one count, but Jericho hits a clothesline for a two count. Jericho tags in Santana, who keeps Cassidy from tagging out. Santana hits a back breaker on Cassidy and then a two count. Cassidy gets slammed and Ortiz tags in, hits an assisted senton, Jericho comes in for a Lionsault and Ortiz follows up with a head butt and a two count, broken up by Quin. Santana is tagged in and they set up for a move, but Cassidy is able to use the back of Ortiz for a rana.

He follows up with a kick to Ortiz, and they both struggle to make it to their corners.

Darby Allen is able to hit moves on all three of the Inner Circle. Darby ends the sequence with a Destroyer on Santana for a two count. Darby then locks in a cloverleaf pin which is broken up by Jericho from the outside. Quin comes in to take out Jericho. Ortiz comes in to attack Quen, and Cassidy hits a Crucifix bomb on Ortiz. Ortiz recovers and hits a DDT on Cassidy

Darby takes control with strikes on Ortiz, who tags in Jericho. Allen hits a backward leaping moonsault on Jericho for a two count. Darby hits Hagar outside the ring, tags in Casidy and hits a coffin drop on Hager, and Cassidy hits a swanton on Jericho for a two count. Cassidy talks to the ref about it being a three count, giving Jericho time to hit the Judas effect and get the three count.

Your winners: The Inner Circle.

The Inner Circle starts to head to the back, but then comes back in to attack Private Party and Darby Allen. Sammy Guevara grabs Darby’s skateboard and uses it to attack Allen in the ribs and then in the throat. As they set up for more attacks, Mox comes to the ring with a baseball bat and takes out everyone but Jericho, who escapes to the back. We go to credits and we’ll see you next week!.