AEW Dynamite Results – July 29, 2020

AEW Dynamite Results – July 29, 2020

It’s Wednesday, it’s Daily’s Plaza in Jacksonville Florida, it’s time for AEW Dynamite. Our announcers are Jim Ross, Taz, and Tony Schiavone and we start with Le Champion on his way to the ring. We’ve got the 10 man tag and the Inner Circle is on their way to the ring. They are followed by the other five man team.

Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, Jake Hager, Santana and Ortiz vs Trent, Chuck Taylor, Orange Cassidy, Luchasaurus, and Jungle Boy

That’s right, we’re just going to bullet point the main story of this match.

We start with Hager and Cassidy and after Cassidy showing his avoiding Hager for a bit, all ten men get in the ring.

Lots of spots where people leap out of the ring onto the Inner Circle.

Sammy leaps into the middle of the babyfaces alone and takes a whole lot of enrichment.

Finally it becomes a match again with the Inner Circle cutting the ring in half and making Trent take the punishment.

Luchasaurus is the one who tags in to take out the Inner Circle.

Luchasaurus and Jake Hager plow into each other again

Everyone comes in to take out the person who just came in

Cassidy stops Jericho from using the bat on Luchasaurus and we have Sammy and Luchasaurus in the ring

Matt Hardy’s music plays!

Matt comes out from under the ring and tosses Sammy into Luchasaurus, who takes him out with a roundhouse kick and pins him for a three count.

Your winners: Luchasaurus, Orange Cassidy, Jungle Boy, Trent and Chuck Taylor

After the match, Matt is waving at Sammy and yelling “Welcome back” as we go to commercial.

When we get back, we get a rundown of the matches coming up tonight. Then, my cable decides that I am not supposed to watch the show or anything else, so I reboot my cable box and we are back in time for Warhorse to come out for his match. He’s rocking as headbanger gimmick. Cody comes out with Arn Anderson and his Perkins menu.

Cody (TNT Champion) vs Cody

They tie up with Cody getting a go behind until they go into the ropes. They tie up again and Cody works a arm bar. They go the corner, Cody gives a clean break, and Warhorse uses it to attack Cody. He whips Cody to the corner, Cody does and up and over, but Warhorse reverses and rolls Cody up with a jack knife for a two count.

Warhorse gets a arm drag and takes Cody to the mat. Cody forces his way up and escapes and they run the ropes. Cody goes to the outside for advice. In the ring, Cody takes Warhorse down with a headlock. They get up, crisscross on the ropes and Warhorse takes Cody down with a clothesline. Cody rolls to the outside as we get commercials with picture in picture. During the commercial, Cody takes a beating from Warhorse, but it’s a slow series of moves. Cody is able to take control with a drop toe hold and he works over Warhorse in the corner.

Cody gets a two count after a suplex from the top and he follows it up with push ups. A typical heel move that he’s been doing a lot lately. Cody hits a body slam on Warhorse for another two count pin.

We get back and Cody has Warhorse in as it down calf crusher. Cody slaps on a figure four, and Warhorse reverses it for Cody to break the hold. Warhorse takes over with a shotgun drop kick and attacking Cody in the corner. Warhorse drops Cody with back elbow strikes and a clothesline. Warhorse takes forever to get to the top, and Cody rolls out of the ring. Warhorse hits Cody with a double stomp outside the ring, rolls him in for the flying elbow from the top and a two count.

Cody is able to reverse and jack knife Warhorse to the mat and a two count. Cody goes back to the leg and Warhorse gets him in a cradle for a two count. Cody goes for a sunset flip and Warhorse reverses for another two count. Cody runs at Warhorse in the corner, but Warhorse gets his feet up. Warhorse misses a leap, and Cody kicks his leg and goes for a figure four. Warhorse fights the figure four, but Cody is able to slap it on and Warhorse taps out.

Your winner and still TNT Champion, Cody

As Warhorse goes to shake Cody’s hand, two members of the Dark Order attack Warhorse out of the ring and attack Cody. Matt Cordova runs from the back to save the day and he tosses them out of the ring to pose and show he’s with Cody now.

Commercial time.

We’re back for Tony to talk to the Inner Circle, as they interrupt Tony telling us about All Out on September 5th. Jericho is furious about what has been going on, and they will be drawing lines in the sand. Sammy is mad about Matt Hardy making him lose the match. Jericho will give a rematch between Jericho vs Cassidy. And when Cassidy loses, he will give Jericho $7,000 for his jacket. Next week, he is challenging Cassidy to a debate with a spacial moderator.

Then, we go to a contract signing earlier today for FTR to sign with AEW. Arn Anderson has been invited by FTR as a tag team specialist. Arn looks over the contract and they discuss the rules of their matches including having a tag team rope. They will also get a tag team appreciation night on August 12th. Adam Page shows up with drinks to celebrate.

Jim Ross goes over a recap of what happened with the Dark Order last week.

Now it’s time for the Dark Order to come to the ring. Mr. Brodie Lee and Colt Cabana come to the announcer’s table to give commentary on this match. We then go to commercial.

We come back to Adam Page on his way to the ring. Next out in Kenny Omega, but Page attacks the Dark Order as Omega comes out.

Adam Page and Kenny Omega (tag team champions) vs Evil Uno and Stu Grayson

We start with Omega and Page talking and Uno attacks Page from behind. He pulls Omega to their corner and start working him over. It ends with Grayson getting a one count on Omega. They get up and Grayson keeps controls with kicks and whipping Omega into the ropes but Omega reverses it and takes out Uno on the outside. Omega tags in Page. They double team Grayson, and Page gets the running moonsault and covers for a two count.

Page tags in Omega and Uno runs in to get double teamed by Page and Omega. Page and Omega give each other a double high five. Grayson is able to get the best of Omega, tosses him to the corner where Uno tags in and Omega rolls to his corner to tag in Page. Page works over Uno, hits Grayson with a clothesline. Page leaps onto Grayson with a cross body over the top rope. Uno tosses Omega into the barricade and they toss Page into the ring.

Uno covers Page for a two count. Uno and Grayson work Page over in the corner. Grayson hits a snap mare followed by a knee stroke and a one count. Grayson covers again for another one count. Grayson keeps Page from tagging and Uno is tagged in. Uno works Page in their corner. Uno tries to lift Page but fails and tag in Grayson. Uno lifts Page and Grayson kicks him in the back, Page is dropped and Grayson gets a two count, broken up by Omega.

Grayson keeps control as we go picture in picture.

When we get back, Omega has tagged in and hits the rolling front suplex followed by a moonsault on Grayson. He covers for a two count. Grayson back into the corner and Uno tags in. Page gets a blind tag and the Dark Order set too early to flip Omega, leading to kicks from Omega and a Uno gets a spinning punch to the face and a suplex from Page.

Omega tags in and they both nail Grayson in the corner. Grayson avoids a V Trigger and Omega tosses him out fo the ring, and looks shocked at what happened and Grayson almost takes out the turnbuckle camera. Uno takes over and attacks Omega, climbing to the top. He hits a splash on Kenny and a two count.

Grayson tags in and Uno tosses Omega to Grayson, who power clams him for a two count broken up by Page. Grayson works over Page in the corner. When they both go to work over Omega, he starts to fight his way out, but Grayson gets a high knee and a suplex. Grayson hits a moonsault on Omega and Uno hits a cannonball on Page. Grayson covers Omega for a two count.

Omega escapes from Uno’s grasp and tosses him into Grayson. Uno hits Omega with a neckbreaker. Uno takes out Page with a massive punch, but Omega is able to get a snapdragon on Uno. Grayson leaps onto Omega, and Page takes out Grayson with a clothesline. Omega hits a V-Trigger on Uno for a two count. Uno gets set up for the Buckshot V Trigger and Page covers him for the win.

Your winner and still champions and Page and Omega.

Lee tells Cabana to go to the back as members of the Dark Order are then bawled out by Lee after Cabana leaves. Lee lays out Uno and then grabs a mic. Lee asks in Page things it’s funny. Lee says it’s nice the Omega showed up, and Page has pissed him off for the last time. Members of the Dark Order show up and surround the ring. FTR show up with another ice check, as do the Young Bucks and they are able to keep the Dark Order at bay.

Tony now has a note from Britt Baker, who has something to say about Big Swole. She knows Big Swole wants to get her hands on her, and Baker will give her a shot at her, but only if she beats an opponent of her choice.

We go to commercial.

We come back to a taped promo Diamante ready to prove herself in the coming match and Shida.

We go live and Diamante is already in the ring, and Hikaru Shida comes to the ring. Shida is happy to see someone we can’t see at ringside.

Hikaru Shida (champion) vs Diamante

Shida goes for a handshake and it met with a slap. They trade blows in the ropes. Diamante takes Shida down with a slap and they battle on the mat until the leave the ring. Shida drapes Diamante on the barrier and hits a knee lift. Shida tosses Diamante into the ring. She climbs to the top sand hits a missile drop kick and covers for a two count.

Shida keeps Diamante down with strikes and Diamante is able to battle to her feet and they trade blows in the middle of the ring. They trade tosses to the rings and then Shida hits a knee strike, knocking Diamante to the outside. Shida is on the top, but Diamante is able to grab Shida and drop her on the ropes. Shida is in the corner and Diamante takes her down with chops and stomps. Diamante hits a jawbreaker on Shida and covers of a two count.

Diamante stops Shida with a mule kick. Diamante tries to stack Shida up, but they go into the ropes. Shida holds Diamante in a delayed vertical suplex for a two count. Shida hits a running knee and covers for a three count.

Your winner and still champion, Hikaru Shida

We then get the rules of the tag team women’s tournament, which is a Deadly Draw where the tag teams are random. We go backstage with Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero. Vickie say sit doesn’t matter who their partner is, the trophy is theirs. Nyla takes a color and it’s purple. Nyla is told someone has also chosen purple and it’s Ariane.

Now, it’s time for MJF to come to the ring to give his state of the industry address. After the commercials, of course.

We’re back with MJF at a podium with Wardlow behind him. He says people are shocked to see him two weeks in a row. He explains he’s never spotlighted two weeks in a row because Someone is afraid of being upstaged. He said that when they started wanted a paradigm shift an d now he gets to do whatever he wants. Because he comes from a land of Titans. He says that is why Jon Moxley is not his champion.

He says it’s time to talk about the bad side effects of having Moxley in charge. He doesn’t get wrestling, instead they get gymnastics. He’s not supposed to cosplay as another wrestler and that’s a Stone Cold fact. He says everyone wants to talk about ratings. MJF says he gets better numbers minute to minute than Moxley. His talent outweighs Moxley’s tenure. He will transform this brand into the pinnacle of professional wrestling. MJF is challenging Mox for the title at All Out.

A FANTASTIC promo. Go out of your way to watch this one.

Next week, we have a 12 man tag with two referees. Oh Lordy. We get a rundown of the other matches for next week.

It’s time for commercial and then the main event.

We come back to Darby Allen’s music, but he doesn’t come out to his music. Mox, however, comes to the ring through the cheap seats. We go to the back where Taz wonders where Darby is. He puts over Brian Cage as a muscular monster. He gives the mic to Ricky Starks who cuts a promo about who he is better than Darby. Nice promo.

As they walk to the ring, Darby hits them with a coffin drop the top and Mox joins the fight.

Darby Allen and Jon Moxley vs Brian Cage and Ricky Starks – Tornado tag team match.

Cage and Mox fight outside the ring

Darby and Starks fight their way into the ring.

Darby leaps onto Cage who doesn’t catch him, Cage picks him up and Mox hits a suicide dive onto Cage.

Mox grabs a garbage can and hits Cage as we go to picture in picture.

Cage dominates Mox during the commercial

Starks and Cage work over Mox in the ring.

Darby returns and takes out Cage with a drop kick from the top and he and Starks fight on the apron

A nice spot where Cage is carrying Mox, Darby leaps onto Cage and Cage drops them both to the mat.

Back from commercial, Starks covers Darby for a two count.

Mox comes into the ring and tosse4s a chair at Starks

Mox and Cage fight.

Each person gets a move on an opponent until everyone is on the mat.

Mox gets a pile driver on Cage for a two count and then an arm bar.

Starks breaks the arm bar Mox has on Cage and pins Mox for a two count.

Mox gets down power bombs on a trash can for a two count broken up by Darby

Darby is about to get tossed to the buckle by Cage, but Mox catches him and they double team to drop Cage with a coffin drop from the top turnbuckle

Mox hits a suicide dive on Starks and Darby pins Cage for a two count.

Darby slams the garbage can on Cage’s bicep

Darby gets a skateboard with tacks on it. He nails Starks with it Mox locks Cage in an arm bar on the apron and Darby leaps onto Starks with the skateboard

Darby pins Starks for a three count.

Your winners: Jon Moxley and Darby Allen

Darby points at Moxley as we find out next week, it’s Mox vs Darby Allen and we’re out of time!