AEW Dynamite Results – June 17, 2020

AEW Dynamite Results – June 17, 2020

It’s Wednesday, we’re at Daly’s Plaza in Jacksonville Florida, and it’s time for AEW Dynamite! We go to the arena where Jim Ross, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone and there no recap because we’re off to a hot start with Kenny Omega coming to the ring where Adam Page is waiting as is the Natural Nightmares, QT Marshall and Dustin Rhodes.

Kenny Omega and Adam Page (Tag Team Champions) vs. the Natural Nightmares

We start with Dustin and Kenny in the ring. Allie is not at ringside for this match with QT. They hook up, run the ropes and Kenny tries for an early One Winged Angel, which Dustin escapes. They trade a few attempts at holds, hitting their heads on a corner maneuver, until Dustin hits a Hurancanrana. Kenny escapes the next move and Dustin goes to the corner to shake off Kenny’s knee strikes. Kenny and Dustin both tag out to Page and QT. Page hits QT with chops and slaps and QT is able to hit a drop kick. Page follows up with a kick and a tag to Kenny.

Kenny hits a double sledge onto QT and then works over QT. QT is able to hit as modified Falcon Arrow and tag in Dustin, who continues the attack until he pins Kenny for a two count. QT is tagged in and they hit a double leg sweep on Kenny for a two count.

As the match goes on, Britt Baker is sending notes to the announce team.

QT hits a side drop onto his knee and covers Kenny for a two count. Dustin tags in and keeps working over Kenny. Kenny starts fighting his way out, but Dustin hits a back drop. They battle in the corner and Kenny is able to hit the Kotaru Crusher. Both men go down, struggling to get to their corners.

Page is tagged ion first, QT is tagged in next and Page works over both QT and Dustin. He ends the sequence with an over the top rope drop onto Dustin and a low clothesline onto QT for a two count. Page tags in Kenny, who hits You Cannot Survive for a two count. Page tag in and they keep QT in their corner to work him over. Dustin gets up on the apron, and Page runs over to knock him down. QT gets a flurry of offense ending with a leaping kick to bring Page down and they both struggle to get up.

They both make the tags and Dustin is in control with clotheslines and the drop down slap and a bulldog. Kenny gets a power slam and Page comes in to get a power slam of his own. Dustin climbs to the top and hits a moonsault onto both Kenny and Page. He tosses them out of the ring and Dustin hits them with a Senton and a QT special. QT tosses Kenny back in the ring and hits a diving uppercut. QT tries a diamond cutter on Kenny, who turns it into a snapdragon suplex. Dustin comes in and hits Kenny with a Destroyer, Page hits Dustin with a clothesline, and QT hits Page with the Diamond Cutter.

Allie comes out to cheer on QT and misses his moonsault on Kenny. Kenny tags in Page and they run into QT in the corner repeatedly ending with a German suplex and a two count, broken up by Dustin. Page tags in Kenny and power bombs QT. Kenny hits a V Trigger to QT for a two count as Page leaps onto Dustin outside the ring. When QT gets up, Page and Kenny hit Last Call on QT, and Kenny covers him for the three count.

Your winners and still champions, Kenny Omega and Adam Page

They go over the lineup for the rest of the night, and we go to commercial.

Anna Jay is up next so we get a quick video package to introduce her to us again. She comes to the ring and we are told she was signed in April. Next out is Abadon, who was first out on Dark a few months ago who comes to the ring like the monster in The Ring.

Anna Jay vs. Abadon

Abadon takes down Anna Jay and starts a hail of blows . Of blows on her,. Anna is able to work her into yhe corner, but Abadon takes down Anna again and works her on the ropes. She hits a step up enzguiri and covers Anna for the three count.

Your winner: Abadon.

The Dark Order music hits and Mr. Brodie Lee comes out with the Dark Order. Evil Uno gives Colt Cabana with an envelope at ringside. Colt opens it and reads the paperwork within. The Dark Order helps Anna Jay get out of the ring as we go to commercial.

When we come back, MJF and Wardlow are on their way to the ring. Billy Gunn comes out with his sons Austin and Colton.

MJF vs. Billy Gunn

MJF bails out of the ring and when he comes in, he tries an arm drag and it does nothing. Billy responds with a hip toss. MJF hits an eye poke to even the playing field. MJF runs the ropes and Billy hits a big boot and a two count. Billy pulls MJF up and hits him with a thumb to the eye in revenge. MJF decides to walk to the back, but Billy catches up with him and carries him back to the ring. MJF grabs Billy’s head to yank him into the ropes, which again does nothing, but MJF thought it worked and struts away.

As he’s bragging, he backs into Billy, nice comedy bit, and Billy hits a kick to the gut and goes for the Famouser, but MJF dodges it and hits Billy with a pair of chop blocks. MJF starts working over the knee strikes on the injured leg and we go to commercial.

MJF continues the attack on picture in picture.

We come back to MJF still working Billy’s leg while taunting Jurassic Express at ringside. Billy is able to move out of the way, and MJF hits the mat, tailbone first. He grapevine’s Billy leg and Billy kicks him off into the turnbuckle. Billy starts knocking him down with strikes and a tilt-a-whirl spin. Billy isn’t able to follow up and MJF puts him the calf crusher and uses the ropes causing a fer brerak.

MJF argues with the ref giving Billy time to recover. MJF is able to get in a kick, tries to use the Famouser and Billy hits him with the Famouser instead. Billy goes for the pin and Wardlow gets up on the apron. Billy pops Wardlow in the face, but gets the ring to MJF. Wardlow hits Austin and Bi;lly goes out to toss Wardlow into the barricade. Billy comes in the ring and MJF is able to hit Billy with his loaded right hand and cover Billy for the three count and the win.

Your Winner: MJF

After the match MJF and Jurassic Express start jaw jacking, a fight breaks out and we’ve got as locker room clearing pull apart!

In the back, Alex Marvez is in the back with Le Sex Gods. Jericho says they had to attack Orange Cassidy because he interrupted the Inner Circle twice. They beat him to a pul and they will do the same thing to the Best Friends this week, ecause Le Sex Gods and blood brothers.

Back at ringside, Tony is with Britt Baker and he announces that Shida will fight Penelope Ford at FyterFest. Britt is upset, says they are on a friendship time out and she calls for Reba to take her out of there. However, Big Swole is behind the whirl and takes her out of the arena.

No time to catch our breath because Cody with Arn Anderson is on his way to the ring for his TNT Championship match and we go to commercial.

When we get back, Cody lets us know that last week, when he was getting beat down, no one came to help him. He then gives the mic to Arn Anderson. Arn says that no one came to help him was interesting. He says that with age comes maturity and wisdom. They both know he can beat Jake Hager, and timing is everything. The timing isn’t right at this point, and he’s got a great opponent for him.

Absolute Ricky Starks has a video introduction where he says this is his perfect chance to get his foot in the door. He comes to the ring and we’ve got out challenger.

Cody (TNT Champion) vs Ricky Starks

They circle each other and Ricky is able to lock in an armbar. They then run the ropes, ending with Cody dropping for the upper cut. Starks is able to hammer Cody with blows and Cody stops it with a drop kick. Starks starts to get up and Cody grab him and holds him up for a kick to the…um..midsection. Starks goes out of the ring and Cody hits a tope on him and throws him back in the ring.

They work the ropes until Starks tosses Cody ribs first into the ropes. Starks legs drops Cody on the apron and pulls Cody into the ring for a one count as Hager is watching in the back. Starks keeps working Cody over in the ropes, and Arn moves Cody off the ropes. Starks hits a spinning DDT and a two count on Cody. Starks keeps working over Cody and locks him in a chinlock. Cody is able to pulls his hands away and Starks nails Cody with an elbow.

Starks tosses Cody to the turnbuckle, and they crack heads in the corner. Cody is able to recover enough to hit a big boot, a power slam and a two count on Starks. Cody tosses his belt into the crowd and tries for Cross Roads, but Starks avoids it and they hook up instead. Cody is able to lift Starks and pancakes him down and covers for a two count.

Cody goes to the top and Starks joins him. Starks hits a super plex the hurts both of them. They get up, Starks hits a high cross body and they go out of the ring. They get in the ring at the same time, and trade blows. Cody misses a disaster kicks and Starks hits a spear for a two count. They trade rolling pins and reverses until Cody is able to hit the CrossRhodes. Cody covers Starks for the three count and the win.

Your winner without bleeding: Cody

Cody shakes Starks’ hand before heading to the back and we head to commercial.

We come back to a newly named tag team Superbad Squad, Kip Sabian and Jimmy Havok with Penelope Ford. And then, here come the Young Bucks and Matt has his ribs taped.

Superbad Squad vs The Young Bucks

Bullet Point Time:

Matt starts with Havok and Havok goes right for the ribs.,

Nick gets a blind tag and double team Havok and Sabian comes in to get kicked and dropped

Bucks hit the stereo dive on the Squad.

Butcher and Blade jack jaws with the Bucks,

Nick and Kip are in the ring, but Kip gets dropped and tags in Havok

The Bucks hit double team moves on Havok as Matt is tagged in

Butcher and Blade jump the rail and getup on the apron.

Havok hits Matt with a wet floor sign and covers Matt for a two count.

The squad works over Matt as we get ads for Popeyes, beer, and tax prep. I got to take care of those taxes on my day off. Wait, when do I get a day off?

When we get back, Matt in in the ring and Havok is working over one of his fingers. The squad pull Matt into their corner and double team him.

Matt is put on the ramp and as Butcher and Blade come to attack, FTR come from the back to make their presence felt

Kip tags in and they keep working over Matt.

Havok is tagged in and keep the double teaming on Matt.

Havok puts Matt in a small package for a two count.

Matt gets in some offense and puts Havok in a sleeper hold while on the top turnbuckle.

Kips tags in and goes for a Hurricanrana and Matt blocks it and is able to power bomb Kip.

He crawls to the corner and tags in Nick

Nick takes out the Squad with a flurry of moves.

Nick puts on a sharp shooter on Kip and Matt drops on Kip when he gets close to the rope

Havok comes in with a mallet and is stopped by the ref, and Ford takes advantage of rht distraction to hit Nick with the wet floor sign.

Kip tags in Havok and he hits a fisherman’s DDT for a two count, broken up by Matt

Kip tags in and hits an assisted DDT for a two count.

Kip misses a double stomp, is bleeding from his ear and takes a superkick.

Tags on both sides and Matt hits a series of Northern Lights suplexes.

Nick tags in and drops on the prone Havok. They hit risky business for a two count.

Matt is tagged in Nick was going foir More Bang For Your Buck, but doesn’t start with with FTR and Butcher and Blade at ringside. Giving Havok time to get out of the hold and toss Matt into Nick.

Havok rolls up Matt for a two count with a handful of tights.

Kip hits a diving foot stomp and a two count.

Matt is able to hit a suplex on both members of the squad

Nick is tagged in and we get the superkick party,.

Nick hits a Kamagoyey on Kip for the three count.

Your winners: The Young Bucks.

Butcher and Blade come in and we’ve got all four teams fighting. And it ends with stereo mind breakers and FTR and The Bucks are standing tall.

We go to a pre-tape with Taz who says he hears Mox making noise and causing trouble last week. Tax says that being miserable was HIS gimmick. Brian Cage sasy Mox brought the coming beating on himself.

We go to commercial.

When we come back, Mox is in a black void and he cuts a promo on Brian Cage interspersed with Mox’s attacks on people. The only thing that keeps Mox’s demons at bay is hurting people in the ring. He says he will bring Cage into the deep water.

We get a run down of next week’s matches.

Reba is able to find Britt Baker in a dumpster and Baker fires Reba. She then rehires her. Baker tells her to text Tony to come help her. Baker then tells Big Swole she will pay for this. There will be lawsuits, there will be fines!

Back at the arena, Matt Hardy is coming to the announce desk. He says he is unkillable Matt Hardy.

Main Event time as Le Sex Gods come to the ring and Sammy poorly signs Jericho’s entrance and we go to commercial.

We come back to the Best Friends without Orange Cassidy on their way to the ring.

Le Sex Gods vs Best Friends for the #1 contender spot.

The Best Friends attack as the bell rings and they are brawling outside the ring and the ref has no control,l over things. Best Friends are in control with the attack. When things finally get in the ring, Chuck hits an over the top moonsault snap mare on Sammy for the two count. Jericho tags in and Chuck stars beating him down.

Jericho is able to hit Chuck with a back elbow and a kick out fo the corner for a pin and a two count. Chuck is put in the corner and as Jericho distracts the ref. Sammy chokes him. Sammy tags in and nails Chuck with a drop kick and then poses for a pin and a one count. Sammy then puts Chhuck in a headlock and tag in Jericho. Jericho hits a suplex and then knee drops.

Chuck is able to get up and Jericho hits a drop kick and then covers Chuck for another two count. Chuck tries to fight out and Jericho drops him with an elbow, but misses the Lionsault.

They struggle to their corners and Trent and Sammy are tagged in. Trent hits a brutal series of chops on Sammy. Trent knocks Jericho off the apron. Sammy misses on a leap into the corner. Sammy is able to follow up with a kick, but Trent grabs his trunks and hits a back suplex. Trent hits a kick onto Jericho outside the ring, and Jericho drops his bat. Jericho grabs the bat and hits Trent in the midsection as Trent leaps out of the ring and we go to commercial.

Le Sex Gods beat down Trent during the commercial.

We come back to Jericho standing over Trent. Jericho hits Trent with a series on knees to the gut and a standing suplex. Jericho covers Trent for a two count. Sammy tags in, they hit Trent with a double shoulder tackle and then pose for the camera. Sammy runs to attack Trent in the corner, and Trent hits a double foot stomp on Sammy and tags on Chuck.

Chuck pops Jericho, knocking him off the apron, then this Sammy with a Falcon Arrow for a two count. Chuck drags Sammy into position and then leaps with a moonsault off the top. He misses, but lands on his feet, hits Sammy with a Liger Bomb for a two count broken up by Jericho. Chuck tosses Jericho out of the ring. Trent tags in and they hit Sammy with Soul Food. They go t=for the Best Freinds hug and Jericho nails Trent to break it up. They take out Jericho with knee strikes and Trent tries the spinning DDT that Jericho counters.

Sammy hits Chuck outside the ring with a Topi and Trent is locked in the Lion Tamer. Trent gets to the rope for a break and Jericho argues with the ref. Trent nails Jericho with a clothesline. Sammy comes in and hits Trent with a kick to the face. Sammy goes to the top top and Trent helps him land on his Spanish Gods. Trent and Sammy battle on the rope, Chuck comes over for the assisted superplex and covers for a two count broken up by Jericho.

Chuck tosses Jericho out of the ring and Trent and Sammy go into the ropes where Jericho rakes Trent’s eyes. Sammy rolls up Trent with a handful of tights for a two count. Chuck attacks Jericho outside the ring. Chuck grabs a chair to attack and Jericho cuts him off and their brawl continues. In the ring, Sammy hits Trent with the bat and hits a shooting star press for a two count only. Sammy tries for a GTH and Trent escapes. Sammy is tripped by a cameraman and Trent hits a back package drop and covers for the three count.

Your winners: Best Friend

We then see that the cameraman was Orange Cassidy. Jericho tries to beg off and Cassidy attacks Jericho. We end with Cassidy standing tall with a match with Jericho for Fyter Fest and we are out of time!!