AEW Dynamite Results – March 28, 2020

AEW Dynamite Results – March 28, 2020

We are on a studio is Jacksonville, Florida, and it’s time for AEW Dynamite. Our hosts are Jim Ross, Excalibur and Taz.

We start with Cody explaining that we all need to stand together. He explains that people need to live with science, but not in fear. The first person he asks to help is Matt Jackson. He then asked Adam Page to help as well. He then explains that he and Kenny Omega have their own differences. He says that they all need get over his differences for Blood and Guts next week. He needs the Elite to be Elite.

Matt Jackson and Kenny Omega come to the ring and Kenny takes the microphone. He says it’s not in an arena but friends talking to friends, and everything they built could fall apart. They don’t even know if there will be a show next week. He says he wants to go out as they came in, as the Elite. Matt then speaks and says that it’s just the three of them. Nick is out indefinitely, and Page is nowhere to be seen.

Page comes out with a beer and Matt asks him will he be with them. Kenny says that all they can do is gives the best show they can, hit the lights, hit the pyro and let’s start Dynamite.

The announcers run down the card for the night. JR sends us to a video package about the Death Triangle’s feud with The Best Friends.

We come back to Tony Schiavone with MJF, and MJF says he doesn’t have to wrestle since the winner’s purse isn’t enough for him, and he’ll watch the under card Talent get their ring time with Sean Spears. They trade money and Tony asks if they are gambling on the matches. MJF is shocked, SHOCKED that he would make such allegations, and then asks if he’d like to be in on the action.

Back in the ring it’s our first match. Orange Cassidy joins the announcing team.

Best Friends vs The Lucha Brothers

We start with Ray Fenix and Trent. They tie up quickly and go into the corner and break. They lock up a second time and go into the corner again. They trade blows in the middle of the ring. Ray wins the strike, and then they run the ropes and Trent wins that exchange by leaping and driving his knees into Ray’s chest. Chuck is tagged in Chuck drops Ray onto his back for a two count. Chuck tags in Trent and double team with a stalling back drop and then Trent gets a two count. He works Ray over and then tags in Chuck who hits a drop kick and gets a two count.

Trent is tagged back in and he hits a double axe handle on Ray and Ray starts to fight his way out. He gains the upper hand and stays in the ring, but when he is tossed into his corner Pentagon gets a blind tag. He enters and they double team Trent. Pentagon gets a two count on Trent. Pentagon is wearing a Venom inspired mask, which pops me as a comics fan. Pentagon beats down Trent and then tags in Ray and they double team him. Pentagon knocks Chuck off the apron, Orange Cassidy wakes up to pay attention, and Trent leaps between the ropes onto Pentagon. Ray follows up with a leap of his own, and Chuck comes in for a clothesline, and all four men on the floor as we go to commercial.

All four men brawl on the outside of the ring on the small screen, and when they screen gets big again, Ray and Trent are in the ring and Ray covers for a two count. He tags in Pentagon who hits a brutal kick and gets a two count. Trent gets up and tries to fight his way free but Pentagon was able to maintain control. Pentagon tries for a pump handle slam, and Trent reverses it. Trent is able to reverse an arm drag and hits a tilt a while DDT. He is able to get the tag to Chuck and Pentagon tags in Ray.

Chuck hits a series of clotheslines, and a tilt a whirl back breaker on Ray. Pentagon comes in Chuck is able to get a rising knee strike on him and then a Cutter on Ray. They go in for the hug, but the Lucha Bros hit them with thrust kicks after the ref says no hugging. Out of the ramp, The Bros set up to give an assisted DDT and Cassidy gets up from the announce position. The Bros stop and while they are distracted, Trent tosses them off the ramp, and Cassidy hits them with a leap of faith. Chuck hits a pile driver on Pentagon for a two count.

Trent is tagged in and he starts to set up Pentagon for Strong Zero, but Ray interferes, breaking up the move. Pentagon pins Trent for a two count as Ray attacks Chuck in the corner. Pentagon hits a low blow on Trent, and then the Bros hit the assisted package pile driver and get the three count.

Your winners, The Lucha Bros.

Tony brings Best Friends over for an interview. Chuck challenges the Lucha Bros to a street fight in the parking lot on the next show.

We got right into the introductions for our next match, interrupted by commercials

Penelope Ford with Kip Sabian vs Riho vs Kris Statlander vs Hikaru Shida

It’s a four way dance, and it starts with Ford going after Riho. Shida and Statlander attack Ford, and Kip Sabian pulls Shida and Statlander out of the ring. They take him out and Ford tries to follow up, but missed her dive. As they fight, Riho dives onto them. Back in the ring with everyone but Ford, and Riho takes down Shida, but Statlander is able to stop her. Shida and Statlander team up onto Riho, but when Shida tries to steal the pin, Statlander goes after her.

Shida is able to get an inside cradle on Statlander, but it’s only a two count. The leads to Ford coming into the ring, some battle, and Riho and Ford were able to get a suplex on Shida. Ford and Riho are in the ring now, then Riho gets in a series of blows, stopped by outside interference by Sabian, and Ford is able to take control. Ford tries to take down Riho, but Riho tries to pull Ford down into a pinning predicament. Sabian gets on the apron to grab Ford’s hands to stop it, and the ref break them up. Ford tries to drop down, but Riho has escaped and launches off of the prone Ford to hit Sabian with a high knee.

Shida and Statlander come in and they become the focus of the match with Statlander able to take down Shida. Statlander then slams Riho onto top of Shida. Ford sneak in and hits a backward Rana from the ropes, taking Statlander out. It looked like Statlander landed on her head and she rolls out of the ring. Ford goes for a back handspring onto Shida, but Shida stops her and hits a Falcon Arrow on Ford for a two count. Shida hits a running knee strike on Ford and covers Ford for a three count.

Your winner: Hikaru Shida

Tony is at ring side with Colt Cabana who says it’s all weird. Colt says Ford would have done better if Sabian wasn’t interfering, and Sabian comes over to put in his 2 cents, and Colt ends up slapping him, and Sabian leave with Ford as we go to commercial.

Back in the studio, we go to a taped interview between Tony and Mox. Tony asks what it’s like not to be medically cleared. Mox says he goes where he wants, but he will go for a drive. But when Blood and Guts happens, he’ll be in the inner circle’s blind spot. Mox then drives off in Jericho’s super expensive car.

Back at the ring, we get the next match.

Butcher and the Blade without the Bunny vs Jurassic Express without Marco Stunt

MJF pays off Blade before the match starts. We start off with Blade and Jungle Boy. They tie up and Blade is able to force Jungle Boy into the corner and Jungle Boy is able to grab Blade for a flip and a pin for a two count. They then run the ropes, and it ends with Blade nailing Jungle Boy with a kick. Jungle Boy is able to fight his way into his corner and tags in Luchasaurus. They hit a double teamed swinging DDT and Luchasaurus covers for a one count.

Luchasaurus works over Blade, and tags in Jungle Boy. Blade rolls out of the ring, and then gets next to the barricade with Butcher to stop Jungle Boy from a leap onto him. When they walk out from the barricade, Jungle Boy leaps into the arms, and hey toss Jungle Boy into the barricade, They work over Jungle Boy outside the ring, and when they roll him in. Butcher is tagged in and they work Jungle Boy over in the corner. He then drags Jungle Boy across the ropes and tags in Blade. Blade keeps up the attack, and gets a two count after a clothesline. Butcher tags in and they go small screen through the commercials.

The beat down continues through the commercials and when we go full screen again, Blade still has control over Jungle Boy. Blade hits a tilt a whirl and gets a two count afterward. Jungle Boy is able to reverse a move, hit a clothesline and struggles to tag in Luchasaurus, but Blade is able to cut him off and they keep beating him down. Jungle Boy is tossed out of the ring, Butcher tosses him back in for Blade to get a two count. Jungle Boy is finally able to fight out of the opposite corner, leaps over Blade, rolls to his corner and Luchasaurus is tagged in to clear the ring. Luchasaurus ends the sequence to moonsault over the ropes onto Butcher outside the ring. He then beats down Blade in the ring, hits and Extinction Event and Butcher breaks up the tag at two.

Jungle Boy comes in to even the fight and he and Blade tumble outside the ring. Luchasaurus and Butcher come face to face and trade blows. Luchasaurus is able to stop Butcher with a kidney kick and was setting up for a choke slam when Blade comes in to break it up. They double team Luchasaurus, ending with a modified Magic Killer and Blade covers for a two count, broken up by Jungle Boy. Butcher takes out Jungle Boy and MJF calls for them to hit Full Death. The distraction allows for Luchasaurus to hit a head butt, and tail whip and they team up to hit a finishing move on Blade. Luchasaurus covers for the three count and Jungle Boy botches a leap out of the ring onto Butcher.

Your winner: Jurassic Express

We go to commercial and I feel like a goober for not knowing the name of Jurassic Express’s finishing move because the announcers were talking over each other.

When we come back, the Dark Order is here. Evil Uno and Stu Grayson enter the ring with a Microphone. Uno asks the production team to focus on his eyes. He says that the Exalted One will bring the Dark Order to a higher level, and he hopes they see what he sees. He promised he would bring in the Exalted One and he never lies.

Uno stated the Exalted One is near, but he is cut off by SCU. Daniels says it’s all lies. He hasn’t made any of the people’s lives better, he’s wasted our time and we are sick of it. It’s all lies and there is no Exalted One. He cuts off the music and starts a video of the Exalted One.

The Exalted One introduces himself and in a very short time, you will be up to speed on who he is. He says the new rule of the Dark Order is that they do what they want, when they want. If they come to your door, you open the door or he will kick the door open. He brings down his hood and it’s Brody Lee. He says Christopher Daniels is unsafe. Daniels is not the first out of touch old man who doesn’t believe in him, but he will be the last.

We come back, and Brody Lee is there, and all three of the Dark Order take down SCU and it’s time for commercials.

Back in the Arena, Tony Schiavone is with Jack Roberts and Lance Archer. Jake speaks for him, and they laid the gauntlet at Cody’s feet and got nothing in return. Jake has a record that will make Cody say Holy Crap. It’s one thing to stay out of their way, but to ignoring them is like spitting in their face. He tells Cody to shut him up if he can, and it’s time for Cody to stand up and meet The Man.

They are there for a specific reason, and it wouldn’t be personal, but now it is and they will get his attention. Tony then gives us a video package introducing Lance Archer at a ring in the woods, and he is told to Try or Die. We see Lance take out a bunch of smaller opponents from around the ring until they are all laying at his feet. Really great video package.

We get a rundown of the next Dynamite, whenever it is. Nick Jackson is out with an internal injury and not cleared to travel, so tonight’s match to see who gets the advantage is of VITAL IMPORTANCE.

The Inner Circle is Jake Hager, Santana and Ortiz with Sammy at ringside and Jericho on Commentary. The Elite is Cody with Arn Anderson, Matt Jackson because Nick is not cleared to travel, and Adam Page with Kenny Omega instead of a drink.

When Jericho comes out, Sammy sings along, terribly, to his song and forgets a lot of the words. It’s just great stuff here.

Jericho’s commentary is gold. You NEED to see this segment just for that.

Inner Circle vs The Elite.

We start with Cody against Santana, who doesn’t come out of his corner until Cody turns his back. He beats down Cody until the run the ropes, and Cody is able to hit a power slam on Santana. Santana takes control again and tags in Ortiz, and they hit a double team move. Cody and Ortiz trade blows. Ortiz tires to hit a suplex and Cody reverses and slams Ortiz. Cody tags in Matt and then Matt holds Ortiz for Cody to tag in and hit a punch from the top rope.

Cody tags in Matt after a small argument between Matt and Page. Matt slams Ortiz onto the mat, and when he gets up, Page runs in and hit the big boot to the face of Ortiz. When Matt comes back,. Ortiz gets an eye poke and tags in Santana, who stops Matt’s attacks briefly. Matt gets away and hits a spear on Santana.

I think we’re in bullet point territory folks:

Page tags himself in.
Santana is able to take control and works over Page in the corner.
Page is able to reverse and nails Santana with a clothesline.
Santana misses with his move and Page hits a pump handle over the top slam.
Cody is tagged in, and is clotheslined out to the ring. Everyone comes into the ring, and we go to commercial with Jake Hager tagging in.
When we come back, Jake is holding Cody up in a stall suplex. He trades him off to Ortiz who then drops Cody for a pin and a two count.
Cody is tossed out of the ring for a beat down by Ortiz, and Matt attacks Ortiz.
Cody is rolled back into the ring and Santana is tagged in who puts Cody into an odd submission hold on the mat.
Santana releases the hold and then rolls Cody over for a two count.
Jake Hager tags in who starts a ground and pound. He follows with a snap mare and then puts Cody is a wrist lock. Cody struggles to get to his corner and Jake shoves him into his corner.
Ortiz is tagged in and hits an inside cradle on Cody for a two count.
Cody is dragged back to the corner and Santana tags in and the Elite come in to break it up. ‘
The Inner Circle uses the distraction to gang up on Cody, Ortiz comes in without a tag, and Cody hits a surprise Crossroads on him.
They struggle to tag, and Ortiz tags Hager in first and he grabs Cody. They struggle together and Cody dumps Jake out of the ring.
Before Cody can get to his Corner, Hager is back in, Santana takes out the Elite on the apron and Cody is dragged back to the Inner Circle’s corner as we go to our final commercial break.
On the small screen, everything has broken down and everyone is in the ring, when the ref takes control, Cody is stuck in the Inner Circle’s corner.
We back to Cody getting his feet up when Jake tried a Vader Bomb and Cody struggles to his corner.
Page gets Cody’s tag and Page clears house.
He this a sliding lariat on Santana for a two count, broken up by Santana.
Cody attacks Ortiz outside the ring and tosses Ortiz into MJF. Wardlow starts to get involved, but Arn nails him with the clipboard.
Matt is tagged in and hits a series of Northern Lights suplexes on Ortiz
Hager comes in and Page comes in to help Matt suplex Hager
Page and Matt set up to hit the Indytaker but Hager grab Page and drops Page onto the apron face first.
Ortiz gets a small package and pins Matt for a three count.
Your winners and getting an Advantage in Blood and Guts: The Inner Circle.

Jericho interrupts the highlights with his reason for why they won. Jericho bans all fans from all events until he says so. NO FANS ALLOWED.

Jericho’s promo is GREAT here.

The Inner Circle has never had any problems, never drank at ringside. All they have done is win. And when it comes time for Blood and Guts, they will dominate as well. Sammy asks if Brandi wants to hit him up. They are interrupted by some buzzing noise.

Matt says they aren’t outnumbers and a drone drops into the ring. Matt says he made a phone call to a friend who owes him a favor. And, in the rafters is Matt Hardy!!!