AEW Dynamite Results – May 11, 2022

AEW Dynamite Results – May 11, 2022

IT’S WEDNESDAY NIGHT AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS! We are live in the hometown of MJF, Long Island, NY!

Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Quarter Final Match Dax Harwood vs. Adam Cole 

Really solid match! Lot’s of back and forth and really hard hitting. Shades of an old Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels match of course. Dax really selling a rib injury. Each man does a sharpshooter but it was the sharp by Cole to Dax that really puts the nail in the Coffin of a pretty good match.

Winner – Adam Cole


We see a hype video for tonight’s main event between Darby Allin vs. Jeff Hardy.

CM Punk vs. John Silver of the Dark Order

We are joined by the AEW World Heavyweight Champion “Hangman” Adam Page who will be on commentary during this match. Punk comes out wearing an Islanders jersey. Man, they don’t like him in Long Island! Silver actually put up a decent fight against Punk. Got to get the hometown boy some love and hope right? Punk hits Silver with Page’s Buckshot Lariat!

Winner – CM Punk


Hangman comes down to the ring and gets in Punk’s face. Punk says when he wins at Double or Nothing, he wants a handshake. Punk says it’s not personal, it’s business. Hangman flips him off right in his face. And leaves.

Tony Schiavone in the back with Jamie Hayter, Rebel, and Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. They talk about their matches in the Owen Hart Tournament.

Tony Nese vs. Danhausen 

It’s Danhausen’s AEW in-ring debut! And it lasted all of 15 seconds! Tony knocks him to the corner hits him with a knee then pins him.

Winner – Tony Nese 

Mark Sterling tells Nese to continue hitting Danhausen which he does a couple more times. Then Hook’s music hits! He comes out and the crowd goes nuts! Nese and Mark leave. Danhausen extends his hand and Hook SHAKES it! Are we getting Hookhausen?!

It’s contract signing time! We see Wardlow come out with no music and handcuffed again. His video says, Boo Wardlow. Hilarious! We then get a fake Dark Side of the Ring video package narrated by Jericho who says MJF paid a lot of money to do it. They also get Taz, Jake the Snake Roberts talking good things about MJF. He then arrives also wearing an Islanders jersey. He gets an amazing pop! He brings up Cody Rhodes and asks the fans if he can talk about 2024 when his contract is up. They say no and he says so does the guy in the back but whatever. He says Wardlow will have to be whipped Ten times with his belt and will face Sean Spears in a Steel Cage with MJF as the special referee. Just like Cody a few years ago! Wardlow gets uncuffed so he can sign. He decimates the security and MJF leaves.  Very funny segment!

FTW Championship Ricky Starks vs. Jungle Boy 

This match had potential but it was a little slow. There were a few high spots. The crowd I don’t think was that into it until the end. Swerve comes out to stop Starks from leaving. In the ring, Jungle Boy goes for a pin but the ref is with Swerve. Then the ref comes in and Ricky hits his finisher and pins Jungle Boy

Winner – AND STILL FTW Champion Ricky Starks 


Christian and Luchasaurus come to the ring. Then Keith Lee comes out and Power House Hobbs. All three teams stare at each other.

It’s the Jericho Appreciation Society victory speech. They gloat about how much Eddie Kingston, Santana and Ortiz suck. Jericho brings up Kingston’s wife. Then Jon Moxley comes out then Bryan and Yuta and Regal. Then Eddie, Santana, and Ortiz come out. Jericho tries to escape but Regal punches him. Segment over.

Owen Hart Foundation Quarter-Final Tournament Match Women’s Bracket Jamie Hayter vs. Toni Storm

Decent match. The crowd really wasn’t into this one either. Very slow match. Jamie was in control then Toni pulled it out and picks up the win and advances in the Tournament!

Winner – Toni Storm 


We see a hype video for Scorpio Sky vs. Frankie Kazarian for the TNT Championship. Then Frankie is talking and Sammy Guevara interrupts.

We get a rundown of matches for Double or Nothing. It’s official Hookhausen vs. Tony Nese and Mark Sterling on the Buy-in for Double or Nothing.  We also get a rundown of matches for Rampage and Dynamite but now it’s Main Event time!

Owen Hart Foundation Quarter-Final Tournament Match Darby Allin vs. Jeff Hardy 

This is now an anything goes match! It’s a battle of the face paint! Darby brings out a bunch of chairs and sets them up. He gets dropped on the steps by Jeff. Looked rough! Hardy brings out a ladder. They battle in the ring while in the Picture in Picture commercial.  They battle outside a bit. Darby is laying in the setup of chairs. Hardy sets up the ladder in the ring. He climbs to the top but Darby gets up. Darby now climbing. Mocks Jeff and does a Swanton off the top onto Hardy and they land HARD on the chairs….OUCH! Both men miraculously in the ring. Darby goes for a coffin drop to Jeff on the apron but he barely moves. Darby hits hard. Sting checks upon him. Darby is laying on the steps which is standing sideways on the outside. Jeff climbs to the top and does a Swanton but Darby moves. That looked like it hurt a lot! Back in the ring, Darby goes for a coffin drop and hits it. Jeff kicks out at 2 and rolls Darby up. And advancing to the Semi-Finals…

Winner – Jeff Hardy 


They show the updated bracket. Darby and Jeff shake hands. The Undisputed Elite come out to the stage and stare the Hardys down. And with that, we will see you next week!