AEW Dynamite Results – May 13, 2020

AEW Dynamite Results – May 13, 2020

It’s Wednesday, we’re at Daly’s Place is Jacksonville Florida, Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, and Excalibur are in the booth and it’s time for AEW Dynamite, which starts off with Lance Archer wth Jake Roberts coming to ring while beating up someone from the back. They get knocked from the ring and Lance Archer poses for the small crowd. We get filled in on Lance’s match from last week and Jake draping his snake over Brandi.

Jake says he has been asked to make an apology for last week, and he says he will do so when Brandi kisses his ass. Jake says a woman is only good for a series of traditional tasks, and as he starts to talk about what Lance will do to Cody, we hear a truck revving outside the arena.

We cut to Cody outside Daly’s Place in his truck, which he uses to burst into Daly’s Place with his truck and his fists are taped up. Cody starts to beat the crap at of Lance Archer and then as he goes toward Jake, Lance hits him from behind. They battles back and forth outside the ring. Inside the ring, Cody throws a chair at Lance who bats it away and the battle continues. Jake talks Lance into walking away, and Cody stays in the ring.

We then get a rundown of the matches tonight from our announcers. This is followed by a video package showing the big events of the tag team division.

We then come back to the Jurassic Express on their way to the ring. They are followed by Best Friends

Jurassic Express vs. Best Friends

We start with Jungle Boy and Chuck Taylor locking up, running the ropes and trading a few holds until Jungle Boy gets a roll up on Chuck for the first two count. They then trade arm drags. They then tag in their partners and it’s Trent in the ring with Luchasaurus. They tie up and Trent is able to toss Trent back twice in each tie up. They work in the corner, trade chops, and Luchasaurus’s chop takes Trent off his feet. They then trade blows, and Luchasaurus is able to toss Trent back, follow with a spinning tail whip kick and a two count.

Luchasaurus hits another series of blows, then tags in Jungle Boy who tries to leap off of each rope in the corner, but Trent reverses it into an arm drag. They climb the turnbuckle and Trent is tossed off, and Chuck tags in to take over. They attempt a double team super plex, but Jungle Boy drop kicks them away, hits a jaw breaker, Luchasaurus comes in and hits a tail whip and he and Jungle Boy hit an assisted flatliner on Chuck, knocking him out of the ring. Luchasaurus goes to the outside and Trent leaps onto him after cutting off Jungle Boy. Luchasaurus is able to catch Trent, but the Best Friends get in a kick and a double team suplex on Luchasaurus. As the Best Friends hug, Jungle Boy leaps onto them and we go to commercial.

We come back to Luchasaurus nailing Trent with chops, but when Luchasaurus tosses him into the corner, Trent comes out with a spear. Both struggle to get to the corner, and when they do, both Jungle Boy and Chuck come to the middle of the ring to trade blows. The sequence ends with Jungle Boy hitting Chuck with a clothesline, and Trent coming off the ropes to hit a running knee. Luchasaurus comes in and hits the Question Mark kick. Luchasaurus picks him up, but Trent is able to reverse it into a swinging DDT.

As everyone in the ring is recovering, Ray Fenix comes out of nowhere to hit a flying kick on Orange Cassidy. Trent takes off after him, and MJF grabs Jungle Boy, drags him out of the ring and then rams him into the ring post. Jugle Boy is tossed in the ring, and Chuck hits a spike pile driver and pins Jungle Boy for the three count.

Your Winners: Best Friends

Outside the ring, Wardlow takes out Marco Stunt, and Luchasaurus comes to protect him as MJF and Wardlow back off.

Mox is coming to the arena, and he ignores the interviewer sand knocks down the cameraman.

Back at the ring, Penelope Ford is on her way the ring with Kip Sabian. Next out is Kris Statlander, who boops the camera. Next is Britt Baker, and last to the ring is Hikaru Shida.

Four way match: Hikaru Shida vs. Kris Statlander vs. Britt Baker vs. Penelope Ford

They pair up quickly with Ford beating up Statlander and Baker beating up Shida. Ford and Statlander battle and Baker sets up Shida for the Tooth stomp on the rope. Statlander comes to save Shida and they hits Baker with a double team back breaker. Ford hits a cross body on both, and they get up immediately and everyone pairs off again, with Ford and Statlander going outside the ring.

Baker and Shida battle and the sequence ends with Baker trying to put Shida in the Lockjaw. Statlander breaks it up with a greco roman nose lock on Baker. Baker gets hoisted onto Statlander’s shoulder, but Ford come in and kicks Statlander allowing Baker to hit Statlander with a DDT. Baker tosses Statlander into the corner, and then covers Statlander for a two count. Shida breaks it up and her and Baker leave the ring.

Statlander hoists Ford onto her shoulders and drops her down face first for a two count broken up by Shida. Baker and Shida battle on the apron, and into the corner. Shida sets up for a superplex, but Statlander rushes over and powerslams both of them. Statlander than pulls Ford off the turnbuckle, carries her over and slams her onto Baker, and then Shida hits a kick on Statlander.

All four are on the mat and we go to commercial.

We come back to Shida and Statlander trading blows in the middle of the ring. Statlander sets up to hit the Big Bang on Shida, but Baker breaks it up and gets a two count on Shida. Baker hits a Destroyer on Statlander, who then rolls out of the ring/. Ford hits an awkward cutter on Baker and gets a two count. Shida then tries to hit a falcon arrow on Ford, who dodges and it now becomes everyone hitting a finishing move on the next one. Shida uses Ford to hit a suplex on Baker. They all battle again, with Baker and Statlander leaving the ring and Ford covering Shida for a two count.

Sabian grabs Shida when she tries to come off the ropes, and Ford runs in, Shida dodges, and Ford and Sabian embrace for a kiss instead of running into each other. Shida grabs Ford from behind for a schoolgirl and a two count. Shida then hits a Falcon arrow on Ford, and Statlander breaks it up. Ford is able to get up and hits Statlander with a Poisonrana, and Statlander rolls out of the ring when she is whipping into the post by Baker. Shida is able to hit a back breaker on Ford.

Outside the ring, Baker puts the Lockjaw on Statlander and Shida is able to hit a knee strike to the face and pins Ford.

Your Winner: Hikaru Shida

TONS of action in this match and hard to keep up with for writing it up, but a well done action match with Ford looking a little behind for a couple of moves.

We now go to Suge G, who talks about how he has struggled to get to the point. However, since Jericho started calling him Pineapple Pete, his life has gotten better. So tonight, no more insults, just a fight.

We come back to see that it’s Hikaru Shida vs Nyla Rose at Double or Nothing. After that, Santana and Ortiz are on their way to the ring. Next out is Kenny Omega, and Santana and Ortiz attack Kenny as he comes out of the tunnel. As Kenny is laid out in the ring, and the Damascus version of Hardy comes out. Santana goes up to attack Hardy, who bites him and tosses him aside.

Santana and Ortiz vs Matt Hardy and Kenny Omega

The match begins with Matt taking on Ortiz and then Santana joins in. Matt leaves the ring with Santana, and Kenny is taking on Ortiz. Ortiz is able to get the upper hand, and Santana is able to join in. Kenny drops them both with a low kick to their legs, and then follows it up with a Kotaru Crusher on both. Kenny tags in Matt and they whip Santana into the turnbuckle. The follow it up with Matt getting on all fours and Kenny using him as a springboard into the corner. Ortiz comes in and gets a double suplex from Kenny and Matt.

Matt is able to maintain control hitting a side effect and a leg drop on Santana, and covers him for a two count. Matt takes Santana to the corner and Kenny is tagged in. Kenny works over Santana in the corner, and Santana is able to go behind Kenny, and Kenny hits a back elbow. Ortiz jumps on the apron, and when Kenny takes him out, Santana knocks Kenny over the top rope to the floor. Kenny gets up on the apron, and while Santana distracts the referee, Ortiz pulls Kenny off the apron and we go to commercial.

We come back to Kenny in the ring with Santana getting a one count. Santana puts Kenny in a Boston crab and Ortiz is tagged in and he sits on Kenny’s back to pull his head back until Santana leaves the ring. Kenny tries to fight out, but a thumb to the eye stops it. Kenny starts another comeback stopped by another eye poke. Santana tags in and they keep Kenny in their corner. He works over Kenny,m tags in Ortiz and they hit a double Northern lights suplex for a two count. Kenny starts to power up and they trade blows in the middle of the ring. Kenny ends the battle with a snap dragon and they then both have to struggle to get to their comer.

Matt is tagged in, as is Santana. He grabs Santana and takes him to the corner to meet each turnbuckle a few times with his face. Ortiz comes in and is tossed out quickly. Matt hits a side effect on Santana for a two count. Matt tosses Santana into the corner, and while Santana tries to mount and offense, Matt is able to hang him up on the ropes and drop an elbow and cover for a two count. Matt gets up and climbs the turnbuckle to drop the knee and then chants delete.

Ortiz is able to rung in and they toss Matt out of the ring, Santana hits a Topi onto Matt, and they roll Matt into the ring. They set up for the street sweeper and Matt escapes, hitting a neck breaker. Kenny hits a cross body on Santana. Santana is tossed in, and Matt hits a Twist of Fate for a two count, and Ortiz breaks it up. All four men begin fighting, and the sequence ends with Santana hitting a cutter on Kenny, followed by a shotgun dropkick and a double team in the corner and Kenny is pinned for a two count.

Kenny is set up for the street sweeper, and Kenny is able to get out of it. Matt tags in and Santana is tossed out of the ring.

Matt puts on a butterfly submission on Ortiz. It’s broken up with Sammy Guevara coming out with a neck brace. He has a chair, but Matt nails a twist of fate on him. Matt gets Ortiz on the top turnbuckle and Kenny hits a V Trigger on him. Matt follows up with a bulldog off the top and Matt covers Ortiz for the three count.

Your winners: Matt Hardy and Kenny Omega

We go to commercials.

When we come back, Tax is with Darby and he apologizes for bringing up that he lost to Cody. Taz starts to explain why Darby lost, and Darby says Taz doesn’t get it, Darby was a successful amateur wrestler and he knows what Taz is trying to tell him. We then get more information on the Casino battle royal.

In the back, Lexie interviews Shida. Shida says she will beat Nyla,m and Nyla Rose comes in and says she has a present for Shida. She nails her with a Kendo stick and says she found it for her.

Back in the ring, MJF and Wardlow come to the ring. His opponent is already in the ring, Lee Johnson.

MJF vs. Lee Johnson

MJF charges Lee and follows it up with a belly to belly suplex. MJF hits another series of moves, posing after each knockdown. MJF then tosses Lee out of the ring. MJF beats, taunts, and finally power bombs Lee on the apron. MJF hits a shoulder breaker, locks on an arm bar and Lee taps out.

Your winner, MJF

MJF cuts a promo on Jungle Boy. He needed a warm up match, and he saw that Marco Stunt had an open contract, so he and Marco are going to have a lot of fun.

After the commercial is the match we’ve all been waiting for. PINEAPPLE PETE VS JERICHO!!

We come back to Pineapple Pete coming to the ring. Next out is Chris Jericho with with rest of the Inner Circle, who look worse for wear.

Chris Jericho vs Pineapple Pete

Jericho stalls before starting the match and he’s wearing a Pineapple Pete shirt. Pete starts by going to town on Jericho with strikes and whipping him from turnbuckle to turnbuckle. Jericho quickly hits a Judas effect and knocks out Pete, and Jericho pins him for the three count.

Your winner: Jericho

Jericho says that now that Pineapple Pete is taken out, he needs to talk about how they will take out the Elite. Hangman Page is out in the woods, and the Jacksons are home whining. Jericho gives the Elite a chance, and while everyone is reacting, they will act with a Stadium Stampede match. They will fight in a football stadium and the Inner Circle challenges the Elite. In the meantime, they will wait to hear their response.

They hold the ring as Vanguard One shows up with the Inner Circle shirt he stole from the Inner Circle. Jericho says he had warrants out for grand larceny. Vanguard One accepts the match. Jericho asks if Vanguard One considered joining. He says the offer is reascinded, as they have a sixth member, his bat, Floyd.

Jericho then uses the bat the beat down Vanguard One.

Matt Hardy comes out and the Inner Circle leave the ring for Matt to gather up the pieces of Vanguard One, mourning the loss and we go to commercial.

We come back to see that the women’s title match at the PPV is no DQ and a rundown of what is coming next week. Coming to the ring for our main event is Christopher Daniels with SCU and we go to commercial.

When we come back, Mr. Brodie Lee comes out with creepers and the title belt. He demands he be introduced as the Self Proclaimed champion.

Christopher Daniels vs Mr. Brodie Lee

Daniels tries a go behind and as chop to no effect. Lee is able to take control quickly, and Daniels tries a cross body and Lee catches and slams him. Daniels is tossed out of the ring and Lee beats him out outside the ring. He then tosses Daniels into the ring and Daniel is able to hit a Topi and an Arabian moonsault on Lee. He rolls Lee into the ring, drops and elbow and gets a one count.

Lee is able to end Daniels’s rally with a big boot. Lee starts to work over Daniels,of and when the Ref tells him to get out of the ropes, Lee intimidates the ref. Lee hits a backdrop on Daniels and then covers him for a two count. Lee is able to put Daniels in the corner, and hits stomps on Daniels. Lee takes out Daniels with a clothesline and then rolls out of the ring to stare down the other members of SCU. He returns to the ring to continue the beat down and Lee hits a sidewalk slam on Daniels for another two count and we go to commercials.

When we come back, Lee continues the beat down, and when he hits Daniels with a superkick for another two count. Daniels is able to get up counter a back body drop with a DDT. Daniels starts hitting strikes after bouncing off the ropes. Daniels is able to hit a Franenstiener and another running strike. Ten gets up on the apron, and the other members of SCU take him down. Daniels is able to get the chair Ten was using and nails Lee with it. More creepers come in, and Colt Cabana joins in to chase off the creepers.

Daniels escapes a choke slam, hits a few kicks and then an Angel’s Wings for a one count. Daniels goes for a second Angle’s Wings and Lee blocks it/ Daniels is able to hit the best moonsault ever for a two count. Daniels tries for a kick off the top, but Lee catches and slams him. Lee hits the discus lariet and pins Daniels for the three count.

Your winner: Mr. Brodie Lee

Lee reminds the ring announcer to announce him as the self proclaimed world champion, and the creeps hand Lee the belt. Mox is coming to the ring and starts taking out creepers. Lee throws a creeper to Mox as he and Ten leave with the belt.

Mox grabs the mic and says he admires the guts and seizing the opportunity but he does not suffer disrespect and fools and he will make Mr. Brodie Lee pay for what he’s done, with interest. When the dust settles, Brodie Lee’s career my be over and we go to credits.