AEW Dynamite Results – May 20, 2020

AEW Dynamite Results – May 20, 2020

It’s Wednesday night, we’re in Jacksonville Florida at Daly’s Plaza, and it’s time for AEW Dynamite! Our announcers are Excalibur, Jim Ross, and Tony Schiavone, and it’s the go home show before Saturday’s Double or Nothing Pay Pert View.

THe show begins as a Limo shows up and it’s time for the Inner Circle to be interviewed by Alex Marvez. They say they are coming to attack the Elite and as they walk by, Ortiz takes Alex’s tie pin and say it is a problem worth something as he carries it off. In the arena, we get a rundown of the matches tonight and a good look at the people at ringside.

We start off hot, with 10 from the Dark Order with Mr. Brodie Lee, who has the world title, as well as other members of the Dark Order. Lee grabs a microphone to address the viewers at home. He asks the crowd to be quiet because the adults are speaking, and he asks 10 to take a knee. Lee explains that he relates to the viewers at home because he is a man. The difference between the old Dark Order and the new Dark level is that he operates at an elite level and he is a Lion. Saturday, he has to win in order to pay off the loyalty and love of his followers. He tells 10 it is his moment to shine and he is a knight of the Dark Order and he is to hurt Jon Moxley for him.

As Mr. Brodie Lee and his men leave, Mox comes in from the outside and makes his way to the ring.

Jon Moxley vs 10

Mox attacks first with a high knee, and ends his attack with a shoulder capture suplex. He then drops 10 with a modified brain buster. Mox stomps on 10 and chokes him in the corner. While Mox is arguing with the ref, 10 attacks him from behind and follows it up with a pump kick, knocking Mox to the outside. 10 keeps up the attack outside the ring, ending with a drop on the apron and rolling Mox into the ring. Mox gets up but is brought down again with a modified bulldog and 10 covers for a 1 count. 10 drops an elbow and covers for a two count.

10 runs into a back elbow by Mox, and 10 is able to hit a spinebuster on Mox. Mox escapes a fireman’s carry and scored a stunner. We are told that 10 used to be Preston Vance as Mox nails him with a Gotch style piledriver. Mox goes in the corner to shout at Mr. Brodie Lee via the camera. He comes back for a paradigm shift and a pin for the three count and the win.

Your winner: Jon Moxley

Mox goes out of the ring, brings in a pair of chairs and puts 10’s arm in one of the chairs. Mox cuts a promo that Lee is trying to punk him out, and he gives Lee 10 seconds to bring back the title or he’ll break 10’s arm. Lee appears on the screen behind him, and says Mox does not make the shots. All Mox had to do was ask for his belt, but now, it’s personal. Everyone needs to make sacrifices, so he and the Dark Order are leaving.

Mox says he’ll see him Saturday and slams the second chair into the one on 10’s arm.

The announcer hyped the special on Friday night and the PPV.

MJF with Wardlow comes to the ring, much to the chagrin of Tony and to lead us into commercials.

As we come back, Marko Stunt is announced and comes to the ring by himself.

MJF vs Marko Stunt

Marko tosses his shirt at MJF, who ignores it. MJF mocks Stunt and allows him to try to slam him, and when he fails, MJF slams Marco. MJF allows Marko to strike him, and when they have no effect, he grabs Marco in a bear hug. Marco escapes by clapping his hands and battering MJF’s ears. Marko attempts a leap over and grabs the legs to bring MJF down, but MJF grabs Marko, and tosses him over the top with a belly to belly suplex.

MJF smacks Marko around, then makes Marko slap himself and shoves one of Marko’s fingers in his nose. Marko is able to slap MJF and get in a kick before MJF levels him with a clothesline and attacks Marko. Marko is left draped over the rope and as MJF talks to the ref, Wardlow chokes him by shoving his neck down on the rope. MJF continues the assault, and props Marko on the top turnbuckle. Marko is able to shove MJF off, leaps off the top and flips MJF into the turnbuckle, face first.

Marko is able to get kicks in on MJF and when MJF goes outside the ring, Marko tries to slide into him. MJF attempts to trap Marko in the apron, but Marko ducks down, causing MJF to hit the apron with a howl of pain. MJF tries to charge into him, but Marko dodges, and MJF hits the ring steps.

Marko runs to leap into MJF, but MJF nails him with a strike. MJF follows up with a shoulder breaker and he locks Marco into the Salt of the Earth and Marko taps.

Your winner: MJF

MJF asks for a microphone and says Marko lasted longer than anyone thought he would, so he would let one of his rats give him a kiss. Then, he remembered so one would ever kiss his lips. Wardlow pulls up Marko and MJF says he can kiss his ring, and pinches Marco in the face. This brings out Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus for the save.

We got a video update of Cody and Lance Archer last week, and the announcers hype the match at Double or Nothing as Jack the Snake Roberts comes out and we go to commercial.

When we come back, Arn Anderson is on his way to the ring where a table is set up and Tony is there to moderate the discussion.

Jake starts and says it’s almost surreal as they have never been in the ring together. Jake says people have dreams and people have nightmares, but they aren’t real. Lance Archer is destroying everything in front of him. Cody has sacrificed his brother just so he doesn’t have to face Lance Archer. Lance is ready to rip the heart out of Cody. Jake then asks Arn if they let him out of the home this week, since we haven’t seen him, and he’s looking thick.

Arn says that Jake almost made him believe him. Arn says it would have been a dream match if they fought. Arn says if they told someone a pissant could pull a freight train, people would believe it because they are credible. Arn says he can see the evil coming off of Jake, and it used to frighten people. People used to be scared of Jake, but that’s all a distraction, what needs to be paid attention to is the evil in his eyes.

Jake says he’s been to hell and back, and he’s not scared of Arn. Arn says he wants to talk about Mike Tyson presenting the title, and Tyson gets free reign. Arn asked if Jake will throw his snake on Tyson? Jake says he promised Archer gets the first shot at Tyson. Jake was hoping Brandi would present the belt. Arn then says Cody says he doesn’t want to win for the money or prestige, Cody will do it because he has to. He’s a leader in the company who has made the company the product it is. Arn says he’s a vicious pr***, and the last thing he wants to say is he hopes the DDP yoga makes him limber, because he will hit a spinebuster on Jake and shove his head where the sun doesn’t shine.

The table is shoved aside and the Refs make sure they stay apart from each other.

We are told about the Casino Ladder Match and we get a training video of Darby Allin. Very cool silent video ending with Darby setting the ladder on fire and we go to commercial.

We come back to Pac saying that if you thought you were safe from the Death Triangle, you were wrong. He says Rey Fenix will destroy Orange Cassidy.

Back at the arena, the Best Friends come out for Orange Cassidy’s match and Cassidy sends the others to the back. Fenix comes out of nowhere and attacks another kick, but Cassidy steps back and avoids it and walks to the ring. Fenix follows without incident.

Orange Cassidy vs Rey Fenix

Rey attempts kicks, but Cassidy dodges them and puts his hands in his pockets. Rey tosses him into the corner, and Cassidy dodges all of Rey corner attacks. Cassidy is able to take down Ray and slingshot him into the corner, Rey leaps to the top and attempts a leaping attack which Cassidy dodges. Cassidy hits a shotgun drop kick, knocking Rey out of the ring.

All with his hands still in his pockets.

Rey gets back in the ring, and they run the ropes. It ends with Cassidy hitting an arm drag for a two count, Rey reverses with a crucifix for a two count, and then Cassidy reverses with another crucifix for a two count. They run the ropes again and Rey ends it with a double foot stomp on Cassidy’s back. Rey picks up Cassidy for a slam, and Cassidy reverses it into a two count. Rey follows up with a kick and a leaping leg drop for a two count. Rey traps Cassidy’s arms and starts working him over with headlocks and strikes as we go to commercial for picture in picture. In the small picture, Cassidy is tossed out of the ring and Rey maintains control.

When we get back, Cassidy is fighting back and Rey is able to literally beat him down. Rey tries to hit a clothesline, but Cassidy grabs his arm, walks him to the middle of the ring and then starts hitting Rey with a rapid series of palm strikes. Rey leaves the ring, and Cassidy hits a Topi. He tosses Rey into the ring, climbs to the top and hits a diving cross body. Cassidy leaps onto Rey again, they spin and Casidy drops Rey for a DDT and a two count. Cassidy climbs to the top again and Rey leaps up and hits an uppercut. They battle on the top, and Cassidy tosses Rey to the mat and leaps down to hit a diving DDT for another two count.

Cassidy pulls Rey up and dumps him on the apron. They battle on the turnbuckle again, and Cassidy puts hands in his pockets again and nails Rey with a head butt, but Rey tosses him to the mat and covers Cassidy foe s two count. Rey picks up Cassidy for the muscle buster, but Cassidy reverses it for a two count. Rey goes for another attack and Cassidy reverse it for another two count. Kip Sabian comes out and sets up a ladder outside the ring and sits on the top of it.

As Cassidy and the ref are talking to Kip Sabian, Rey hits a low blow, a cutter and rolls up Cassidy for the three count.

Your winner: Rey Fenix

SCU without Daniels comes out and knock Sabian into the ring of the ladder, and as they brawl, Jimmy Havok joins the battle. Colt Cabana comes out as do the Best Friends and everyone get involved. The sequence ends with Cassidy being launched into everyone out on the floor. We go to commercial with Cassidy and the Best Friends around the ladder.

After the commercial we have the Women’s tag team match, with starts before the bell as Nyla Rose swings he Kendo stick at Hikaru Shida, who grabs it. Britt Baker runs at them and is unable to limbo under it, and Kris Statlander steps on it. Statlander and Shida attack Rose and they then go after Baker, who drops out to the floor and we get a bell and the match starts.

Nyla Rose and Britt Baker vs. Kris Statlander and Hikaru Shida

Rose is wrapped in the ropes by Statlander who then nails Rose. Rose escapes and hits a shoulder block on Statlander and then works her over in one coerne and then the other. Rose slams Statlander and then hits a leg drop on her. Rose goes for the tag with Baker, who drosp down to the floor to avoid taking the tag.

We go to commercial and Rose continues the beat down and then forces Baker to take the tag.

When we get back, Statlander fights her way out of Rose’s corner and gets the tag to Shida. Shida stacks up Rose and Baker in the corner and takes them both out with a knee. Shida leaves Baker on the apron and nails her with a running knee from the outside. Back in the ring, Baker blocks a suplex, but Shida strikes her to break down the resistance and Shida is able to get the suplex and a two count.

Statlander is tagged in and they work over Baker. Rose runs in to nail them, and they dodge so that Rose hits Baker. Statlander and Shida pick up Rose and toss her into Baker AGAIN.

Statlander drags Baker out to the middle of the ring for a two count. Statlander is able to lift Baker and slam her down for a two count, broken up by Rose. Rose then takes over, taking Statlander to the corner, but Statlander is able to put Rose up on her shoulders, and drops her face first. Shida is tagged ion and hits a middle drop kick and running knee and a two count. Shida tries to suplex Rose, but Rose reverses it an drops Shida. Shida hits a series of blows on Rose, but Rose is able to clothesline. Statlander comes in and drops Rose for a two count.

As this is going on, Baker is takesn out for a knee injury. Rose is able to grab Shida and drop back onto her for a two count. Rose picks up Shida and hits a beat bomb and covers for the three count.

Your winners: Nyla Rose and Britt Baker.

After the match, Rose gets a table from under the ring and sets it up while Shida is prone on the mat. She hoists Shida onto the Table and Statlander grabs Rose when she climbs the corner. Shida records and grabs Rose and superplexes Rose through the table.

In the back, Alex Marvez is with Jon Moxley. Moxley says everything comes down to violence. It’s going to get back at Double or Nothing, and this Saturday, Brodie Lee is going to sleep and he will wake up with a suit and a bunch of guys in gimp masks. It’s commercial time now.

We comes back to Shawn Spears News where Spears is at a news anchor chair where he says that Dustin Rhodes has retired. He mocks Dustin’s addiction from the past. He then says it’s a travesty he doesn’t have a match, so he challenges Dustin Rhodes to a match at Double or Nothing.

Back to the announcers, they run down Saturday’s card and Dustin vs. Shawn Spears has been booked.

We come back to a video package showing the battles between Matt Hardy and the Inner Circle over the last few weeks.

Sammy Guevara is first to the ring on his own as we go to commercial.

We come back to Broken Matt Hardy on his way to the ring. To9ny says it is Damascus is on his way to the ring.

Sammy Guevara vs. Matt Hardy

They battle into the corner and Matt retains the upper hand. Matt whips Sammy into the corner and then out of the ring. Matt slams Sammy head on the apron and then the steel steps. Matt continues to beat down Sammy outside the ring and then holds Sammy head against the ring post as Sammy screams in pain. Matt continues the beat down and Sammy gets in no offense.

When they enter the ring, Sammy avoids the Twist of Fate and nails Matt with a kick to the head. Sammy takes control with strikes and kicks in the corner. Sammy tries for a leaping cutter of the top turnbuckle and Matt catches him, clubs him down to the mat and gets a two count. Matt picks Sammy up and as Sammy tires to fight his way out, Matt fights back. Matt picks Sammy up for a Razor’s edge, and Sam my escapes and rolls Matt out of the ring. Matt starts to look under the ring and Sammy does a twisting Topi and they fight outside the ring as we go to commercial

When we get back, Sammy slams Matt to the mat. Sammy tries a standing moonsault and Matt rolls out of the way. Matt starts beating him down, takes him to the corner and slams Sammy’s head into each turnbuckle multiple times. Matt nails a running clothesline and then hits a side effect and covers for a two count.

Sammy gets up and hits Matt with a side slam and a two count. Sammy tries to pick Matt up and Matt escapes and hits a cutter. Sammy rolls out of the ring, and Matt rolls him back ibn and covers for a two count. Matt goes for another twist of fate and Sammy shoves him into the ropes. Sammy nails him with a series of three kicks, and covers Matt for a two count. Sammy climbs to the top and ,misses a shooting star press. Matt hits a twist of fate and covers Sammy for a two count.

While Sammy is down, Matt takes off Sammy’s boot and bites his foot. Sammy gets up and hits a knee strike to Matt’s face and covers for a two count. Sammy goes to the top ropes and hits a leaping backward cutter on Matt and cove4rs for a two count. Sammy goes to the top and tries another shooting star press, but Matt gets his knees up. He covers Sammy for a two county, then pulls him up for another Twist of Fate for a cover and a three count.

Your winner: Matt Hardy

Matt goes outside the ring and gets a chair. On the screen, we see Jericho and the Inner Circle has Kenny Omega and nails him with the bat. The Young Bucks leap out of the stand for the save, and as they fight, Matt Hardy arrives and everyone is fighting on the football field. As the Elite look as if they are losing, Adam Page shows up and evens the odds Everyone is up and the Elite and the Inner Circle and at a stalemate as we go to credits and the Inner Circle head for the showers and Page wanders off.